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S3 Ep16: NSW beef producer and Cattle Australia director, George King

New South Wales beef producer George King’s views expressed in an opinion piece on carbon published on Beef Central back in March attracted an extraordinary level of reader comment.

George King

Mr King, who also joined the board of the new Cattle Australia board representing the grassfed cattle industry in December, sat down with Weekly Grill podcast host Kerry Lonergan last week to chew the fat.


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  1. chris henggeler, 30/05/2023

    S3 Ep16: NSW beef producer and Cattle Australia director, George King
    Thank you, Mr. King, for elaborating on certain political aspects when viewed through the lenses of people who on a daily basis manage the productivity of the land.
    Whilst I register 100% agreement with the notion, that the onus rests on land-managers, to more effectively communicate to the community at large about practical realities that we learn about, I do not agree with your opening comments about you not being a scientist!
    Progress in science builds on on new and/or contrarian theories that are supported by observation, logical hypothesis and theory, and replicable findings. (Not only on specialised credentials. – It may be worth noting that in nature specialisation often precedes extinction!)
    Yes, we do need reductionist science and critical questioning to keep us honest, but let us also take more seriously the contributions of the many “free-range scientists” like yourself and so many other regenerative land-managers.
    In matters as complex as ecology, it remains a fool’s errand to exclude skilled (and other) human inputs from any scientific analysis of the whole.

    Carbon discussions will probably not dissipate that soon. Therefore, as free-range scientists, we might as well continue to tease out the science from the politics, compare notes and share ideas.
    On the carbon-front, therefore please find here a link to a Northern Australian perspective:

  2. Rob Atkinson, 30/05/2023

    George King is a breath of fresh air.
    It is imperative that our industry utilities George’s ‘knowledge and hands on’ approach to debate so many of our current challenges.
    As governments and green groups ratchet up their ideology on climate, carbon, methane, land and livestock management, George is well credentialed to speak on our behalf.

  3. Michelle Finger, 29/05/2023

    How sad it is when common sense & reality is considered “contrarian” among the upper echelons of the beef industry, but I’m confident George King​​ more accurately represents majority of producers.
    THANKYOU, & ignore the bullies George, we are all behind you!

  4. Andrew Lytton-Hitchins, 27/05/2023

    Brilliantly said and discussed George! I couldn’t agree more with what you say. What else is possible with all this?

  5. Dixie Nott, 27/05/2023

    Good interview both of you, George and Kerry. Intelligent debate is always refreshing. Best of luck on Cattle Australia, George. I hope you can do the job you nominated for, there, for the rest of us.
    Dixie Nott

  6. Michael Vail, 26/05/2023

    George ! Outstanding !!

    And spot-on too.

    I wish there’d been more of a focus on Carbon-in-Soil sequestration at depth, and the fact that Carbon is essential for all Fauna and Flora life on Earth; and we may need more of it !!

    Regardless 👏👏👏👏

  7. John Carter, 26/05/2023

    George King is doing us all a service with this podcast. He is spot on.

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