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Vic dairy farmer fined $40,000 for animal cruelty

A northern Victorian dairy farmer was fined $40,000 in the Shepparton Magistrates Court recently for animal cruelty to his dairy herd during two separate periods in 2017 and 2018 at his property near Invergordon…Read More

Beef Central, 27/04/2021

New Zealand to adopt mandatory pain relief for dehorning

The New Zealand beef and dairy cattle industries will adopt mandatory pain relief in dehorning of young cattle from October this year. Changes to government legislation will prohibit the disbudding of calves without appropriate pain relief from October 1, leading to the approval this week of an analgesic product for use for the purpose…Read More

Beef Central, 16/05/2019

Automatic calf drafter taking shape + VIDEO

Cattle producers are being invited to complete an online survey to understand how auto-drafting technology might be used on farm and where they see the most benefit…Read More

Beef Central, 01/05/2019

‘Days of loading cattle on your own are finished’: ramp safety push

Five deaths and 56 hospitalisations in three years are the sobering statistics behind an industry push for urgent improvements to livestock ramp safety standards in Victoria…Read More

James Nason, 23/04/2019

Australian producers adopting pain relief: Cattle vet president

Australian Cattle Veterinarians president Dr Alan Guilfoyle says there has been a noticeable uptake in the use of pain relief products for cattle by Australian producers in the past few years…Read More

James Nason, 24/09/2018

Pain relief product Tri-Solfen gains approval for calf use

Manufacturer Animal Ethics Pty Ltd has received approval from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to extend the use of its Tri-Solfen pain relief product to include beef and dairy calves…Read More

Beef Central, 07/07/2018

Measuring well-being is vital to improving livestock welfare, forum hears

Understanding what constitutes well-being and then ensuring it can be properly measured are the keys to driving improvements in the well-being of farm livestock, according to an international group of experts who met in Australia last week…Read More

Beef Central, 12/06/2018

Cattle crush maker says producers flocking back to Australian-made

With more than 500 cattle crushes on back order, an Australian manufacturer says locally-made cattle crushes are clearly returning to popularity despite being more expensive than their imported counterparts…Read More

James Nason, 04/06/2018

Are cattle left or right hoofed?

If people are left or right-handed, are cattle left or right hoofed? And if they are, would it have any implications for cattle handling or yard design?..Read More

James Nason, 13/04/2018

Five ‘tactical’ reasons for NSW producers’ $170,000 yards investment

Cattle producers Marcus and Louise Richardson had five tactical reasons for recently investing $170,000 in a new set of steel cattle yards to replace 50-year-old timber yards on their property north of Albury in southern NSW…Read More

Beef Central, 14/07/2017

Video stresses value, safety in well-designed cattle yards

A well-designed set of cattle yards goes a long way to preventing a lot of injuries to both people and livestock, a new case-study based video released this week by Workplace Health & Safety Queensland points out…Read More

Beef Central, 28/06/2017

Top Kelpie sells to $12,000 at National Working Dog sale + VIDEO

Kelpies sold for up to $12,000 in a record-breaking National Working Stock Dog Futurity and Sale at Murrurundi, New South Wales, at the weekend…Read More

Terry Sim, 27/06/2017

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