Cotton seed fuels case for feed yards at Kununurra

Cotton seed may be a by-product of the expanding northern cotton industry but it could create even more economic value than the fibre itself, some of the region’s most experienced agricultural stakeholders believe…Read More

James Nason, 26/07/2022

FMD: Breed and weight are critical to cattle survival in Indonesia

The textbooks state that FMD, while highly infectious, has a low mortality rate in adult cattle. While this statement is technically true, in the Indonesian experience at least, it is very misleading, write Dr Ross Ainsworth…Read More

Dr Ross Ainsworth, 25/07/2022

$7m climate fund injection into livestock methane supplement

West Australian climate technology company Rumin8 has announced it has received $7 million in investment backing from domestic and international climate impact funds. ..Read More

Beef Central, 18/07/2022

Dalby’s Soya Feeds changes hands for first time

After 35 years, Darling Downs soybean industry pioneers, Greg and Margaret Bailey, have sold their Dalby-based manufacturing facility Soya Feeds to Queensland animal nutrition business, Smarter Nutrition…Read More

Emma Alsop, 15/07/2022

Australia to roll out a national sheep and goat EID system

Australia’s federal, state and territory governments have decided to roll out a national sheep and goat electronic identification system, Minister for Agriculture, Murray Watt confirmed today…Read More

Terry Sim, 21/07/2022

QLD strengthens efforts over emergency animal disease threats

With close to half the national cattle population within its borders, Queensland has strengthened prevention and preparedness efforts in response to the detection of lumpy skin disease and foot-and-mouth disease in Indonesia…Read More

Beef Central, 21/07/2022

Industry ramps-up awareness, producer info tools in response to FMD threat

The Integrity Systems Company has today released a set of information to better equip Australian livestock producers, in the face of the growing threat of Foot & Mouth Disease incursion from Indonesia…Read More

Beef Central, 08/07/2022

Genetics project to lift performance of northern cattle herd

A new project to boost the efficiency and marketability of the northern cattle herd by accelerating genetic improvement has kicked off in the Kimberley and the Pilbara…Read More

Beef Central, 15/06/2022

Livestock industries playing catch up with probiotics for animal health

Probiotics for gut health in humans is now commonplace, but a group of agricultural researchers say the impact of intestinal health on livestock production is still relatively misunderstood despite recent technological advances…Read More

Beef Central, 23/06/2022

Autumn drenching makes for mixed bag of fodder crops

With rain drenching large parts of Queensland and New South Wales well into Autumn this year, the outlook for winter fodder crops is proving to be a mixed bag – with many producers struggling to plant on-time…Read More

Eric Barker, 14/06/2022

Fast action needed on national livestock gene bank, with FMD on the horizon

The faster Australia establishes a livestock genetics gene bank, the safer the future of the nation’s animal industries will be, according to University of Sydney Professor of Animal Production Simon De Graaf…Read More

Terry Sim, 22/06/2022

Paddock-ready technologies to shine in NSW ‘Big Tech, Big Ideas’ event

Livestock producers in NSW have a fantastic opportunity to hear from agtech founders and see demonstrations on the latest paddock-ready technology at the upcoming ‘Big Tech, Big Ideas’ field day and conference…Read More

Beef Central, 11/06/2022

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