CSIRO research overturns myths about beef’s impact on human protein supply

Red meat is often criticised as having a very large footprint, taking up land that could be used to grow crops for human food, or eating grain that humans could be eating instead – however CSIRO research shows Australian beef production is efficient at converting both low quality protein in grains that humans can eat, as well as protein in grass that humans can’t eat, into high quality protein for human nutrition…Read More

Beef Central, 09/12/2021

Nation’s richest beef competition benchmarks breeding

Australian beef producers have the chance to validate their cattle breeding objectives and cash in on almost $55,000 in prize money, with entries now open for the RNA’s prestigious 2022 Paddock to Palate Competition and 2023 Wagyu Challenge presented by JBS Australia…Read More

Beef Central, 09/12/2021

Cattle Baron and The Great Aussie Cattle Quiz – two great Christmas gift ideas from Beef Central

New stock of Beef Central’s popular board games, ‘The Great Aussie Cattle Quiz’ and ‘Cattle Baron’ have arrived, and will make an ideal present to put under this year’s Christmas tree. Early orders are strongly advised, as Australia Post has warned of possible parcel delivery delays closer to Christmas. ..Read More

Beef Central, 25/11/2021

Does this plant product pass muster in terms of labelling clarity?

Australia’s current food labelling regulations would suggest it does…Read More

James Nason, 08/12/2021

Cultured meat producer reports breakthrough in ‘realistic’ steak production

Israeli lab-grown meat technology developer MeaTech says it has produced a beef sample for the first time combining cultured muscle and fat cells, produced in a realistic ‘structured, marbled steak form’ using 3D printing technology…Read More

Beef Central, 08/12/2021

“Fake meat” manufacturers face meat definitions Senate Inquiry

“Fake meat” manufacturers have told a senate inquiry they support clarity in labelling to prevent consumer confusion in the marketplace, but say they still need to use terms like beef, pork and chicken on their plant-product labels…Read More

James Nason, 07/12/2021

ACCC position on plant-based labelling under scrutiny at meat inquiry

How the ACCC arrived at a conclusion that the use of animal terms and images on plant-based protein product labels would be unlikely to mislead consumers or constitute a breach of Australian Consumer Law was the subject of Senator questioning at yesterday’s RRAT public hearings into meat definitions…Read More

James Nason, 07/12/2021

CSIRO grilled over email exchanges with plant-based protein company

Email exchanges revealed through Freedom of Information searches have raised questions from senators about perceived conflicts in the CSIRO’s roles as an independent taxpayer funded research agency and an equity holder in a large commercial plant-based protein company…Read More

James Nason, 07/12/2021

The Business of Beef: Capital Allocation and Yield Compression

As 2021 enters its final month, what lessons can drawn from some of the Australian cattle industry’s most profitable producers? Two key themes in particular have emerged from recent discussions Bush Agribusiness has held with its clients around the country – capital allocation and yield compression…Read More

Ian McLean, Bush Agribusiness, 06/12/2021

What impact will African Swine Fever have in 2022?

The spread of African Swine Fever has decimated pork production across the world in recent years and has largely been credited for a surge in demand for Australian beef. The disease is expected to have an impact next year…Read More

Eric Barker, 06/12/2021

NT cotton gin takes shape in cattle country

Construction of the Northern Territory’s first cotton gin is well under way, with the facility on track to start operating in July next year…Read More

Guest Author, 06/12/2021

Beef Central’s beef quiz – November 2021

Test your industry knowledge with our November 2021 beef and cattle quiz…Read More

Beef Central, 06/12/2021

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