Aussie BBQ Beach provides a unique Tokyo showcase for Aussie beef and lamb + pictures

Stuck in the middle of bustling Tokyo is a small slice of Aussie beach culture, offering a unique location to showcase the quality and consistency of Australian beef and lamb to Japanese consumers and trade contacts…Read More

Jon Condon, 06/10/2022

Victorian farmers declare country roads maintenance crisis

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) is calling on both sides of politics to commit funding certainty for regional road maintenance declaring the terrible condition of country roads has reached crisis levels.  ..Read More

Beef Central, 06/10/2022

Meat Business Women conference to reconnect the industry

AMERICAN animal scientist and autism advocate Dr Temple Grandin heads up the speakers at the Meat Business Women Conference in Sydney on Wednesday 26 October…Read More

Beef Central, 06/10/2022

MIJ carcase camera playing critical part in Wagyu genetic progress

Widespread adoption of the Meat Image Japan objective carcase grading camera is helping underpin rapid genetic progress in Wagyu cattle in Australia. A contingent of 40 industry stakeholders taking part in the 2022 AWA Wagyu tour of Japan this week were given a comprehensive update on the MIJ camera and new developments…Read More

Jon Condon, 05/10/2022

Marbling fineness, fatty acid profiles new frontiers for Wagyu breeding

UP to A$600 value differences are being seen in the Japanese wholesale meat market between Wagyu carcases of the same weight and marbling score, but differing only in the fineness or coarseness of the marbling they display. This presents another future potential area of genetic selection – and profit – for Australian Wagyu breeders…Read More

Jon Condon, 05/10/2022

Cattle Australia green light removes barriers to representation, says CCA board member

Yesterday’s vote to launch Cattle Australia as the new peak industry council for Australia’s grassfed cattle industry later this year means there are now “absolutely no barriers” for grassfed cattle producers to participate in national industry representation and policy setting for their industry…Read More

James Nason, 05/10/2022

Northern cattle trains coming back on track with more loading available

North Queensland rail yards appear to be coming back on track after several loading facilities between Townsville and Cloncurry were locked earlier this year…Read More

Eric Barker, 05/10/2022

Cattle Council members back transition to Cattle Australia

THE results of this morning’s Special General Meeting held by Cattle Council of Australia to determine the peak grassfed cattle industry council’s future have been announced, with members backing the transition to Cattle Australia. ..Read More

James Nason, 04/10/2022

JBS to exit US plant-based protein venture

Processing giant JBS has decided to exit its plant-based protein venture in the United States, closing its plant in the Colorado city of Denver…Read More

Beef Central, 04/10/2022

Asparagopsis supply to cost between $132m and $1.6b, study finds

A new study has looked into the capital requirements of commercially producing the methane- reducing feed additive, red seaweed asparagopsis…Read More

Beef Central, 04/10/2022

Electric utes won’t deliver hay this year, NSW Farmers

While Australia’s first electric ute is set to come on the market later this year, NSW Farmers says the vehicles will be unviable for most producers…Read More

Beef Central, 04/10/2022

Applications open for climate-smart farming scholarship

Farmers For Climate Action has announced the opening of a new scholarship, which will offer 20 primary producers a series of courses – worth about $3,000 each…Read More

Beef Central, 04/10/2022

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