Opinion: Livelihoods depend on governments we can trust

While more than a decade has gone by since the last Federal Labor Government left visible scars on the northern beef industry, some within the ALP still appear comfortable making knee-jerk decisions without speaking to the people who are actually affected by them – a worrying sign for the northern agricultural sector…Read More

Will Evans, CEO, NTCA, 12/05/2022

Cattle Australia update: Where to from here?

Andrew Macaulay, Independent Chair of the Restructure Steering Committee, outlines findings from the recent public consultation period provides an update on the next steps in Cattle Australia’s development…Read More

Andrew Macaulay , 10/05/2022

Opinion: A fresh start for the grass-fed cattle industry

In this submitted opinion article, Grass-fed Cattle Restructure Steering Committee chair Andrew Macaulay provides an overview of the consultation process where producers and other invested stakeholders can have their say on the proposed new cattle industry representative organisation Cattle Australia…Read More

Andrew Macaulay, Independent Chair of the Grass-fed Cattle Restructure Steering Committee, 17/03/2022

Ukraine: The ramifications for Australian agriculture and our nation

The unfolding emergency in the Ukraine has deep implications for a heavily trade exposed Australia, AgSecure principal Andrew Henderson writes..Read More

Andrew Henderson, 04/03/2022

68 million more reasons to buy Australian Beef

The Federal Government’s $68 million investment in agricultural traceability will make Australian beef a more sought-after product, both overseas and at home, Cattle Council of Australia President Markus Rathsmann says…Read More

Guest Author, 25/01/2022

Positive steps underway towards new, stronger peak industry council: Rathsmann

Cattle Council of Australia chair Markus Rathsmann outlines how plans to transition to an adequately resourced, united and democratically elected Peak industry Council for the beef cattle sector by 1 July 2022 are progressing, and the role a voluntary levy is set to play in funding the organisation’s activities into the future…Read More

Guest Author, 24/01/2022

‘Replacing meat with highly processed food would repeat the health disasters of the 1970s’

Wading through decades of nutrition research led orthopedic surgeon Gary Fettke and his wife Belinda to discover how health concerns over meat consumption have been falsified by statistical manipulation, misinformation, and biased promotion, and underlined the propaganda war designed to create a fear of meat and  drive its replacement with highly processed plant products. ..Read More

Dr Gary Fettke, 10/12/2021

Opinion: Optics not ethics driving banking’s social conscience

It might seem ironic to some that banks these days have a set of principles they hold potential customers to when deciding whether or not to lend to them – or even to keep them as a customer…Read More

AgForce CEO Michael Guerin, 16/11/2021

Opinion: Defining beef’s challenge

There is a narrative around the beef industry that policy decisions and regulations that happen to us are someone else’s fault. We need to accept responsibility for these decisions if we are going to address the problem, writes ABSF chair Mark Davie. ..Read More

Mark Davie, Australian Beef Sustainability Framework chair, 01/11/2021

Carbon pathway must create opportunity: Cattle Council

Australia’s climate targets present significant opportunities for beef producers, which must not be overlooked by our national leaders, Cattle Council of Australia directors Markus Rathsmann and Olivia Lawson write in this guest post…Read More

Guest Author, 19/10/2021

Op-ed: No further loss of rural property rights for inner-city emissions

Imagine then a situation where you buy a fully roadworthy new car, only to be told a month later by the government that the car model is now illegal to drive. That is exactly what happened to thousands of farming families who bought agricultural land for grazing and were then told by the government that it couldn’t be touched and had to be locked up…Read More

John McKillop, Chair, Red Meat Advisory Council, 07/10/2021

Opinion: Our climate future is in our hands

In the lead-up to the Farmers for Climate Action virtual conference this Friday, Professor Mark Howden, Vice-Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, shares his perspective on why If the world stays on its current high emissions trajectory it will be terrible news for agriculture…Read More

Mark Howden, ANU, 15/09/2021

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