Skin Deep Issues: Understanding LSD and Australian relationships with Indonesia

The current situation in Indonesia is already having a huge impact on Australian producers in the north, and underlines an ongoing failure by Australia to understand how Indonesia, and Asia in general, works, writes Dr Michael Patching in this opinoin piece for Beef Central. ..Read More

Dr Michael Patching, 06/09/2023

Opinion: CN30 was a poor decision and should be replaced with Climate Neutral

The way Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and the Australian Government are approaching cattle methane does not align with how the natural world functions, writes farmer and Carbon Grazing principle author Alan Lauder. ..Read More

Alan Lauder, 30/08/2023

Opinion: Yawning gap between retail and livestock price information disadvantages producers

A lack of collection of retail price data means producers have no information on what consumers are paying and what should be a fair price for their livestock, writes NSW producer Andrew Dunlop in this opinion piece…Read More

Andrew Dunlop, 04/07/2023

Opinion: The Carbon Dioxide ‘problem’ will be gone in ten years

The green policy is illogically limiting the amount of food available to civilisation in an environmentally destructive way, and the mathematics of their policies are even more concerning, NSW cattle producer George King writes in this contributed opinion piece. ..Read More

George King, 09/06/2023

Chris Howie: Season changes and pricing follows

As the season has changed so has the feel around pricing, Chris Howie writes in this month’s wrap of cattle and sheep market trends from around Australia…Read More

Chris Howie , 04/04/2023

Opinion: Guilt-free animal protein

As protein producers, we have 98 percent of the population who we should be engaging with…Read More

George King, 23/03/2023

Sun sets on Cattle Council of Australia

FORTY-three years of history as Australia’s national grassfed cattle producer representative body formally ended with a simple vote of the members of Cattle Council of Australia present at its final annual general meeting this morning…Read More

James Nason, 12/12/2022

He’s an outspoken advocate for balance in livestock science. Now he is under attack.

Despite his work with the livestock industry to reduce environmental impacts, Professor Frank Mitloehner has recently been singled out for attack in “coordinated hit pieces” by the New York Times and Greenpeace…Read More

James Nason, 24/11/2022

Opinion: Why an immediate vaccine supply for lumpy skin disease is vital

Northern Australian cattle producer, LSD AUSVETPLAN writing group member and former CCA president Markus Rathsmann warns that more work is needed to develop pre-incursion strategies to minimise the risk posed by an outbreak of lumpy skin disease, and why an immediate vaccine supply for LSD is needed…Read More

Markus Rathsmann, 07/11/2022

Opinion: Why Cattle Australia will not be a ‘rebadged’ Cattle Council

The key to achieving what we need is greater democracy, and Cattle Australia will deliver this – Once it becomes the new peak industry body, it will have a model where any Australian grass-fed cattle levy-paying producer can join, vote, and run to be on the board, writes Cattle Council of Australia president Lloyd Hick…Read More

Lloyd Hick, president, Cattle Council of Australia, 01/09/2022

Opinion: Former president warns against ‘rebadged’ Cattle Council

The new Agriculture Minister needs to intervene to ensure the grassfed cattle industry reform process gets back on track to deliver the united, democratically elected and properly resourced peak body grass fed producers need, writes former CCA president Markus Rathsmann in an opinion piece today…Read More

Markus Rathsmann, 31/08/2022

Animal activists forbidden from using illegally obtained video footage for campaigns

The High Court of Australia has provided some overdue guidance in relation to whether animal rights activists are entitled to use hidden cameras to expose alleged cruelty on farms and other facilities in NSW…Read More

Trent Thorne, Hamilton Locke, 12/08/2022

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