Opinion: Protect consumers by protecting beef

If using the beef name and image didn’t help the alternative protein industry attract investors and sell their products, they simply wouldn’t do it, writes CQ cattle producer, food manufacturer and AgForce cattle board director Mark Davie, in outlining three major issues he believes truth in labelling in legislation must address…Read More

Mark Davie, 20/05/2021

Opinion: Our brand is our Industry

There should be no free ride for manufactured plant-based protein products trying to piggyback off the reputation of Aussie red meat, writes Red Meat Advisory Council chair John McKillop…Read More

John McKillop, Red Meat Advisory Council, 29/04/2021

Cost recovery must also include cost efficiency: Cattle Council of Australia

Cost recovery is not a new concept for cattle producers, who are used to paying their way, but critcially, cost efficiencies also need to be explored as part of any assessment of effective regulation, writes Cattle Council of Australia president Markus Rathsmann in this opinion piece in response to Department of Agriculture proposals to increase cost recovery measures for livestock exporters…Read More

Guest Author, 23/03/2021

Opinion: The low hanging fruit putting our industry at risk

As we strive to promote and protect our industry, there are people putting it at risk, people within our very industry, writes Stephanie Coombes…Read More

Stephanie Coombes, 05/02/2021

Opinion: Running cattle industry leadership on smell of an oily rag can’t end well

The grassfed cattle industry is a major component of Australia’s $72.5 billion per year red meat industry, but is overseen by a representative and policy setting body that by comparison runs on the smell of an oily rag, with an annual operating budget of a just a couple of million dollars…Read More

James Nason, 07/12/2020

Opinion: Unaccountable, unelected bodies dictating environmental policy at ag’s expense

Farmers and graziers have every right to expect that they can glean as much good policy from our system of government as any other group…Read More

Joanne Rea, Property Rights Australia, 10/09/2020

‘It is paramount the UN ensures a discussion on livestock that is based on facts’

The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef responds to recent claims contained within the United Nations (UN) ‘Act Now’ campaign, specifically regarding the “Eat Less Meat” initiative…Read More

Ruaraidh Petre, GRSB executive director, 12/08/2020

An open letter from Tom Stockwell to the PM

The Federal Government should be hailing the recent Federal Court decision which declared the 2011 live export suspension unlawful, as a guiding principle for good governance for its Ministers in future, instead of protecting bad decisions and under performers, writes cattle producer and former Northern Territory Cattlemens’ Association president Tom Stockwell in an open letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other Government Ministers today. ..Read More

Tom Stockwell, 17/06/2020

Meat and blockchain is a team game

In his third article on the emergence of data rich disrupters in the meat industry, former Australian Meat Processor Corporation executive chair Peter Noble delves into opportunities blockchain technology is now presenting for Australia’s red meat industry…Read More

Peter Noble, 16/03/2020

Is blockchain a hidden source of efficiency for the meat supply chain?

In his second article on the emergence of data rich disrupters in the meat industry, former Australian Meat Processor Corporation executive chair Peter Noble looks at why the emergence of blockchain is a development the red meat supply chain cannot ignore…Read More

Peter Noble, 13/03/2020

An e-commerce giant ventures into red meat retailing

In the first of a series of articles on data rich disrupters emerging in the meat industry, former Australian Meat Processor Corporation executive chair Peter Noble draws attention to web giant Amazon’s recent entry into red meat retailing, and lessons Australia’s red meat industry can learn from France’s Languedoc wine growers…Read More

Peter Noble, 12/03/2020

Opinion: Leading a beef fightback

Strategic communications expert and former agricultural journalist Cameron Morse says the beef industry needs to do more in the communications arena to promote its environmental credentials, and why the best time to start is right now…Read More

Cameron Morse, 09/03/2020

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