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Recruitment: Why seek a career in the meat and livestock industry?

With another wave of year 12 school-leavers about to make career-path choices, it’s timely to offer a few thoughts about what makes the red meat and livestock industry a desirable, engaging and satisfying place to work. Now, more than ever, there are so many reasons to make choices that will lead to a career in the red meat supply chain. Here’s just a few…..Read More

Beef Central, 08/12/2023

Recruitment: Five key steps in writing an effective job description

The summer months is a peak period for job transition across the meat and livestock industry, so with hiring season approaching, it’s worth remembering that when recruiting for a new position, an effective job description is essential to attract the right candidates…Read More

Beef Central, 01/12/2023

Recruitment: Designing bonuses which are smarter – not higher

A recent study conducted by business advisors PriceWaterhouseCoopers reinforced the idea that financial incentives to staff can deliver significant motivational value – but only when designed in a particular way…Read More

Beef Central, 24/11/2023

Recruitment: job ads down, applications up – talent market in ag remains competitive

The latest SEEK employment trends data for the Australian agriculture sector shows that job ads have decreased by 9.6pc across all categories bar one, compared with last year. However applications are up, compared to the five-year average. 78pc of candidates are currently actively looking or monitoring the market, the highest level in four years…Read More

Beef Central, 17/11/2023

Recruitment: Three keys to creating a positive environment for new employees

It’s imperative that employers invest in the right induction process, to ensure that after making the effort of finding the right new staff member, they are rewarded with a long-term employee who is loyal and happy with their workplace. Here’s some tips to make the transition to the new workplace as seamless as possible. ..Read More

Beef Central, 10/11/2023

Recruitment: Five common productivity myths busted

There are lots of common myths and mistaken beliefs that can prevent you and your employees from being more productive at work. Here’s just five…Read More

Beef Central, 03/11/2023

Recruitment: Igniting interest in a career in meat processing among school leavers

Expansion plans at a number of beef processing plants across eastern Australia had added even greater challenges in an already constricted labour market. One solution being explored at JBS Dinmore this week was a roundtable event with local school principals and staff, looking to inspire young school leavers to seek a career in the processing industy ..Read More

Beef Central, 27/10/2023

Recruitment: Creating a positive team culture on-farm

A new group formed to push for an overhaul of the health system in remote parts of Australia is hoping it can help solve one of the biggest barriers to attracting and retaining staff on cattle stations…Read More

Beef Central, 13/10/2023

Recruitment: Could a health system overhaul help attract and retain more station staff?

A new group formed to push for an overhaul of the health system in remote parts of Australia is hoping it can help solve one of the biggest barriers to attracting and retaining staff on cattle stations…Read More

Eric Barker, 06/10/2023

Recruitment: Five top reasons to hire for ‘cultural fit’

When selecting job applicants to interview, employers consider factors like skills, experience and educational background which are easy to quantify based on a resume. However it is essential that they also consider throwing ‘cultural fit’ into the mix…Read More

Beef Central, 29/09/2023

Recruitment: Securing the right employees can hinge on your job ad message

It’s heading towards that time of year when new objectives are determined and goals are set by employees – both personally and professionally. For many, this may mean moving ahead in their current line of work or for some, a complete career overhaul…Read More

Beef Central, 22/09/2023

Recruitment: Smaller ag businesses at greater risk due to skilled candidate shortages

A recent survey of Australian agribusinesses found a marked difference between large-enterprise businesses and small to medium-sized businesses in how challenging they are finding attracting skilled candidates in the current environment…Read More

Beef Central, 15/09/2023

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