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Recruitment: More ag jobs added to Australian apprenticeship priority list

The push for more agricultural jobs to be recognised as apprenticeships was made this week on the back of the Federal Government expanding the Australian Apprenticeship Priority List…Read More

Beef Central, 27/01/2023

Recruitment: Reaching out to ‘passive’ job candidates

Sometimes the best hires aren’t the ones actively looking for a job. Welcome to the world of opportunity in ‘passive’ job seekers…Read More

Beef Central, 20/01/2023

Recruitment: New season sparks big ag jobs placement drive

Beef Central’s first week back after the Christmas/New Year break has seen an avalanche of jobs listings posted on our AgJobs Central recruitment platform…Read More

Beef Central, 13/01/2023

Recruitment: Attracting and retaining quality staff in extensive northern beef

As a northern Western Australian station manager and a member of the Kimberley & Pilbara Cattleman’s Association, Shane Dunn is keenly aware of the challenges of staff retention – particularly within remote northern beef operations…Read More

Beef Central, 16/12/2022

Recruitment: Agtech skills will be fundamental within future ag careers

Education in agtech will be key to the next generation of workers looking to secure a career in agriculture, a new report says. Within ten years, 30pc of ag roles will be automated, and a further 11pc will be technology-augmented, with an increasing emphasis on innovative artificial intelligence and wearable devices…Read More

Beef Central, 09/12/2022

Recruitment: Should your business consider scrapping staff performance reviews?

Not long back, one of the largest companies in the world stopped using performance reviews across its 330,000 employees. It begs several questions: Are performance reviews worthwhile, or is there something more effective? With all the time it takes to prepare and conduct them, are they actually assisting you to improve your business?
..Read More

Beef Central, 02/12/2022

Recruitment: Hiring during times of business growth

A recent MYOB business enterprise survey revealed there is a hunger among smaller businesses to grow their enterprises and employ more staff. Here’s some food for thought regards recruitment when scaling-up any red meat supply chain business for growth…Read More

Beef Central, 25/11/2022

Recruitment: Young processing industry employees discover ‘There’s more to meat than meets the eye’

A new generation of young graduates and school-leavers are discovering that the red meat industry can provide a challenging and rewarding career path, in an increasingly diverse range of fields, a gathering of NSW Northern Rivers community and business leaders heard last week…Read More

Beef Central, 18/11/2022

Recruitment: Managing transition when a key staff member resigns

Any agribusiness manager will likely face a key employee’s resignation at some time. The impact can be all the greater if it happens to be your ‘hero’ staff member. Here are seven key things to understand during the transition stage…Read More

Beef Central, 10/11/2022

Recruitment, WH&S: Surge in farm workplace injuries

Here’s some recent listings on our Jobs Central recruitment page: Assistant Manager, Ambalindum NT – Hewitt Cattle Australia Cattle property Farm Hand, SA – via DroverAg Experienced Livestock Farm Hand,..Read More

Beef Central, 04/11/2022

Recruitment: Explosion in jobs listings as 2023 season draws closer

There’s been an explosion in new jobs listings across the beef supply chain this week, as the 2022 season starts to wind-down and attention starts to focus on the new year – now only nine weeks away. Beef Central’s recruitment platform has listed almost 40 new positions this week, ranging from property management to helicopter pilots, feedlot managers and mill managers, farm-hands and general station roles…Read More

Beef Central, 28/10/2022

Recruitment: professor gives five reasons for ag worker shortage

Workforce has emerged as one of agriculture’s biggest constraints as employers across the supply chain struggle to staff their operations and reach full production…Read More

Eric Barker, 21/10/2022

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