Ag minister granted powers to veto carbon projects, starting next week

The Federal Government has announced changes to carbon farming legislation, giving agriculture minister David Littleproud the power to reject new projects…Read More

Eric Barker, 01/04/2022

Carbon project pioneer Henbury Station sells for $32m

Prominent NT cattleman Tim Edmunds has paid $32 million walk-in walk-out, including 3500 head of cattle, for Central Australia’s Henbury Station – once the site of a pioneering carbon farming project which collapsed spectacularly in 2013…Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, 28/03/2022

Carbon market participants refute ‘sensational’ accusations

Recent accusations against Australia’s carbon market regulatory framework have been “sensationalised and risk undermining a world leading framework for carbon credit generation and review” the Carbon Market Institute claims in a statement issued this week.
..Read More

Beef Central, 28/03/2022

Aggregators remain confident after carbon price crash

Australia’s carbon market is starting to stabilise after a major government intervention triggered credits to halve in value in a matter of days…Read More

Eric Barker, 17/03/2022

Federal Govt promises $54m for on-farm soil carbon testing

The Federal Government has announced a new $54 million package to facilitate soil carbon projects on agricultural land…Read More

Beef Central, 16/03/2022

Southern producer testing the market for low carbon cattle trading

A southern producer has been testing the market for low carbon cattle trading – displaying his operation’s carbon footprint on pens at this year’s weaner sales…Read More

Eric Barker, 08/02/2022

Debate fires up over proposed changes to carbon farming rules

Debate has fired up over proposed changes to carbon farming regulations, which could give Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud power to knock back new projects…Read More

Eric Barker, 02/02/2022

Why the price of carbon credits has tripled in the past year

After years of hovering around the same price, the value of Australia’s carbon credits has skyrocketed – tripling in the past year…Read More

Eric Barker, 20/01/2022

Opinion: Carbon Farming and its impact on grazing land value

CBRE valuer Simon Altschwager scrutinises the pros and cons of carbon farming and impact on land value..Read More

Simon Altschwager*, 23/11/2021

Will slaughter cattle with sustainability credentials attract price premiums?

Will there be premiums on offer for slaughter cattle with sustainability credentials? The topic came up during questiontime in MLA’s ‘Impact through sustainability innovations’ webinar held yesterday..Read More

Jon Condon, 26/10/2021

Weekly property review: Smart operators seeking out carbon potential

A spike in interest for properties with carbon projects, or the potential for them, is perhaps the biggest hint so far that it may just be a matter of time before capturing carbon is calculated more seriously into the value of Australian grazing land…Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, 01/09/2021

Processor JBS commits to net zero emissions target by 2040

JBS, the world’s largest animal protein producer, has committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across its worldwide operations by 2040. The move is a first across the global meat and poultry sector…Read More

Beef Central, 25/03/2021

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