Wagga sale 25 March 2019: Prices strengthen

Cattle prices strengthened again following on from the previous week, due to damp conditions and limited supplies…Read More

Leann Dax, March 26, 2019

Spike in buyer confidence sees 85pc clearance on AuctionsPlus sales

Buyer confidence on AuctionsPlus spiked this week, achieving an overall clearance of 85pc, which can be attributed to recent falls and more rain forecast for parts of Queensland. Heifer prices rose sharply in all weight categories, while young steer prices were mostly down on the previous week…Read More

Beef Central, March 23, 2019

AA Co steer disposal rides renewed wave of buyer confidence

AA Co’s drought-driven sale of 5000 young steers from its desperately dry Barkly Tableland properties today produced a better-than-expected result, enjoying a market lift of 15-20c/kg over recent comparative rates, and up to 25c/kg in places. A changing buyer mood following recent rain and prospects of more in coming days from Cyclone Trevor was clearly evident. ..Read More

Jon Condon, March 22, 2019

Dubbo sale 21 Mar 2019: Showers boost market

A shower of rain almost a week ago and the forecast for the chance of more rain in the next few days combined with the smaller yardings resulted in a stronger market in all sections with some people saying it is the largest turn around in the market they have witnessed…Read More

Beef Central, March 22, 2019

Dalby sale 20 March 2019: Rainfall rouses restockers

Export buyer attendance was good and not all were operating, however there was a return of a feeder operator in the yearling heifer section…Read More

Beef Central, March 21, 2019

Roma store 19 Mar 2019: Price lift in rain contracted yarding

Cattle were drawn from the usual supply area and a good panel of buyers was present and saw increased restocker competition for heifers…Read More

Beef Central, March 20, 2019

Rain impact lifts optimism; pushes EYCI 24c higher

RAINFALL across parts of eastern Australia since late last week has lifted producer optimism in some areas, pushing the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator sharply higher this afternoon…Read More

Beef Central, March 19, 2019

Trucks on the move as cattle drawn back into NW Qld

Weekend rainfall delivers some useful but customarily patchy falls from central Queensland to parts of New South Wales, as producers in the State’s north west enter the market in larger numbers to restock now they have a feed response from last month’s flooding rains…Read More

James Nason, March 18, 2019

Heifers trend down, while some recovery seen in steer prices on AuctionsPlus

Heifer prices trended down, while there was some recovery in lighter steer categories on AuctionsPlus this week. Cattle numbers remained steady with 13,889 head listed.
..Read More

Beef Central, March 16, 2019

Dubbo sale 14 Mar 2019: Erratic market in smaller yarding

The forecast for weekend rain combined with the very cheap markets over the past two weeks reduced numbers considerably.

..Read More

David Monk, March 15, 2019

Dalby sale 13 Mar 2019: Firmer market for smaller offering

A combination of the much cheaper market the previous sale and the forecast of some rain reduced the supply of stock to half of the previous weeks level to 2,997 head…Read More

Beef Central, March 14, 2019

Roma store sale 12 March 2019

Prices saw some improvements for yearling steers and heifers. Cows, however, mostly continued to drop…Read More

Beef Central, March 13, 2019

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