Older cows providing opportunities for restockers

Prices for older cows have risen relative to younger descriptions on AuctionsPlus this year, as shortage of supply has forced restockers to settle for older animals in the herd rebuilding phase, AuctionsPlus has found… ..Read More

Teeah Bungey, AuctionsPlus Market Insights , August 7, 2020

CQLX Gracemere weaner steers to 450c/kg

“It’s the best in history” were the words Brian Dawson, Brian Dawson Auctions, used to describe the cattle market at the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange (CQLX) Prime Cattle Sale on Wednesday, following yet another week of strong competition from buyers…Read More

Guest Author, August 7, 2020

Dalby sale 5 Aug 2020: Market 5-14c/kg dearer

Good attendance of processors, lot feeders and restockers today with increased support from NSW saw all categories approximately 5c to 14c dearer…Read More

Beef Central, August 6, 2020

Chris Howie’s livestock market wrap – July 2020

The cattle market has maintained its value with good contracts still being offered for feedlot entry weights and finished slaughter cattle. Chris Howie writes in this month’s analysis of southern market trends and opportunities…Read More

Chris Howie, August 5, 2020

Roma store sale 4 Aug 2020: Steers, bullocks dominate yarding

Prices fluctuated across the yarding, with an overall improvement for most steer categories, while heifers mostly eased from the previous week…Read More

Guest Author, August 5, 2020

Wagga sale 3 August 2020: Supermarket demand drives strong market

The Wagga market is being influenced by strong domestic processor competition in a bigger yarding of 2800. Quality was very good with plenty of stock well finished…Read More

Leann Dax, August 3, 2020

Rainfall across southeast curbs AuctionsPlus offering to 10,500 head

Females were in hot demand on AuctionsPlus this week, where most heifer and breeder categories experienced dearer price trends.Widespread rainfall across regions on the southeastern seaboard this week brought numbers back with just shy of 10,500 head, 1500 less than the week before…Read More

Jon Condon, August 2, 2020

Dalby sale 22 July 2020: Yearlings kick 7-9c/kg

Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock lifted in price by 7c to 8c/kg and more in places. Medium and heavy weight yearling steers and heifers to feed generally sold to strong demand…Read More

Beef Central, July 30, 2020

Roma store sale 28 July 2020: Competition firm for quality lines

The market continued to be quality driven with prices and competition remaining firm for quality lines…Read More

Beef Central, July 29, 2020

Wagga sale 27 July 2020: Buyers revel in winter weight bounty

The mild winter and prolific growth of feed in many areas gave buyers a wonderful selection of trade and heavy export cattle. The bulk of the yarding weighed 400kg plus…Read More

Leann Dax, July 28, 2020

Lighter steers and heifers trend upwards in larger AuctionsPlus offering

Lighter steer and heifer categories showed a rising trend in AuctionsPlus online trading this week, which put a larger offering of 12,000 head in front of bidders…Read More

Beef Central, July 25, 2020

Dalby sale 22 July 2020: Light weight cattle sell to stronger demand

A smaller yarding saw the market remain firm for the heavy export cattle with the lighter store cattle staying the same with slight increases…Read More

Beef Central, July 23, 2020

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