Weekly kill: Grids surge again, hitting new record highs – but how sustainable is it?

Queensland slaughter grids have surged for a second consecutive week, setting new all-time price records in several categories. But as attractive as current prices are, exporters are struggling to raise kills at this early stage in the 2021 season, with reports of three-day rosters at quite a number of large facilities, and record high losses on every beast slaughtered…Read More

Jon Condon, January 19, 2021

Weekly kill: Processors’ ‘opening gambit’ cattle offers sharply higher

Two factors appear to be behind a a sharp lift in processor price grid offers for slaughter cattle across eastern and southern Australia since the start of the new trading year…Read More

Jon Condon, January 12, 2021

Processing: ACC’s new business model adapts to changing times

Changing circumstances are seeing Australian Country Choice transition into a much more diverse, multi-stream vertically integrated processing/supply chain business model…Read More

Jon Condon, December 18, 2020

TFI starts construction at its new Murray Bridge processing site

An official ground-breaking ceremony was held this morning on the site of the new Thomas Foods International processing plant site near Murray Bridge in South Australia’s east…Read More

Beef Central, December 16, 2020

Weekly kill: Processing year ends on softer note

Buffeted by a series of unexpected and often unique events, the 2020 slaughter cattle season largely draws to a close on Friday. Many large export beef plants across eastern Australia draw a line under their 2020 operations on Friday, with significant losses recorded on many slaughter cattle during the back half of the year.  ..Read More

Jon Condon, December 15, 2020

Weekly kill: Grids slip further in face of listless export markets

Hot, dry conditions across large parts of eastern Australia pushed a few more cattle in front of processors last week, but direct consignment grid offers continue to slide in many regions, in the face of very flat international meat trading conditions…Read More

Jon Condon, December 8, 2020

NSW processor Monbeef to close for eight months, due to sustained market pressures

Southern NSW beef processor Monbeef will shutter its facility for eight months in early January, due to ongoing market pressures. The closure is a stark reminder of the extreme challenges facing red meat processors this year…Read More

Jon Condon, December 4, 2020

Weekly kill: Extreme heat slows slaughter cattle flows

Extreme heat conditions across large parts of eastern Australia since the weekend have hampered slaughter cattle flows, in an already incredibly tight supply situation…Read More

Jon Condon, December 1, 2020

Year of two halves for co-op meat processor NCMC, after $8.2m profit

It was a year of sharply contrasting halves for NSW meat processor Northern Cooperative Meat Co, which announced an $8.2 million profit after tax for the 2020 financial year to shareholders at its annual general meeting in Casino recently…Read More

Jon Condon, November 30, 2020

Weekly kill: Grids show sharp correction, as dry weather pushes cattle offload in the north

Hot, dry weather across large parts of northern Australia is pushing cattle to market in unexpected volume, leading to a sudden change in the supply/demand dynamic for slaughter cattle this week…Read More

Jon Condon, November 24, 2020

JBS bounces back after COVID with strong third quarter financials

Slaughter cattle supply out of Australia is not likely to recover significantly until at least 2022, investors were told during a JBS briefing following the tabling of the company’s third quarter financials earlier this week. Global beef processor JBS has bounced back from the impacts of COVID earlier in the year, reporting net revenues of R$70 billion for the quarter ended September, up 34pc on the same period last year and a new record for the company…Read More

Jon Condon, November 20, 2020

Weekly kill: Northern grid prices remain at record levels

Direct consignment slaughter grid offers from Queensland processors have remained at record highs this week, but there has been little evidence of any real response in terms of cattle supply…Read More

Jon Condon, November 17, 2020

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