Year of two halves for co-op meat processor NCMC, after $8.2m profit

It was a year of sharply contrasting halves for NSW meat processor Northern Cooperative Meat Co, which announced an $8.2 million profit after tax for the 2020 financial year to shareholders at its annual general meeting in Casino recently…Read More

Jon Condon, November 30, 2020

Weekly kill: Grids show sharp correction, as dry weather pushes cattle offload in the north

Hot, dry weather across large parts of northern Australia is pushing cattle to market in unexpected volume, leading to a sudden change in the supply/demand dynamic for slaughter cattle this week…Read More

Jon Condon, November 24, 2020

JBS bounces back after COVID with strong third quarter financials

Slaughter cattle supply out of Australia is not likely to recover significantly until at least 2022, investors were told during a JBS briefing following the tabling of the company’s third quarter financials earlier this week. Global beef processor JBS has bounced back from the impacts of COVID earlier in the year, reporting net revenues of R$70 billion for the quarter ended September, up 34pc on the same period last year and a new record for the company…Read More

Jon Condon, November 20, 2020

Weekly kill: Northern grid prices remain at record levels

Direct consignment slaughter grid offers from Queensland processors have remained at record highs this week, but there has been little evidence of any real response in terms of cattle supply…Read More

Jon Condon, November 17, 2020

TFI Murray Bridge could start beef chain by early 2023 + VIDEO

Thomas Foods International could start processing beef at its new greenfield South Australian abattoir site near Murray Bridge by early 2023, based on a project update provided by the company this morning…Read More

Jon Condon, November 13, 2020

Weekly kill: Slaughter grids push deeper into record territory

Contrary to all expectations, processor direct consignment slaughter grids have risen to new record heights in Queensland this week, as the industry starts to think about some procurement breathing space around Christmas holiday closures. Competitive grids in Southern and Central Queensland this morning showed offers of 615c/kg on heavy cows, and 680c/kg on four-tooth grass steer..Read More

Jon Condon, November 10, 2020

Victoria removes workforce level restrictions on meat processors

Removal of workforce level restrictions on Victorian abattoirs and meat processors has been welcomed by the Australian Meat Industry Council…Read More

Terry Sim, November 9, 2020

Weekly kill: Northern plant closures loom, as cattle run out

While the general shortage of slaughter cattle is being blamed for an unusually early seasonal closure of one of northern Australia’s main export processing facilities this Friday, it is difficult to ignore the accumulated impact of live export operations in the region…Read More

Jon Condon, November 3, 2020

Weekly kill: Grids maintain blistering pace, but supply remains constricted

Direct consignment slaughter cattle offers from processors across eastern Australia have maintained their blistering pace this week, but there’s been little or no effect on supply…Read More

Jon Condon, October 27, 2020

Weekly kill: Cow prices crack historic 600c

For the first time in history, heavy cow prices in some Queensland processor grid offers have hit 600c in recent days, valuing a typical 320kg cull female at $1980, before grid penalties. The direct consignment slaughter market has been in a fluid state for the past week, with some grids correcting twice in the past seven days, typically up 10-15c/kg…Read More

Jon Condon, October 20, 2020

Weekly kill: Some grids rise 10-30c, north and south

There was plenty of upwards movement in direct consignment processor grid offers across eastern Australia over the past week, with increases of as much as 30c/kg in some examples. The changes are entirely supply-driven, however, with big losses still being racked up by processors…Read More

Jon Condon, October 13, 2020

Weekly kill: Some grids lift again as supply tightness continues

There were further rises seen in some Queensland direct consignment slaughter grid offers this week, as extreme tightness in supply continues to dominate the slaughter cattle market dynamic…Read More

Beef Central, October 6, 2020

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