Red Meat R&D Update: Extracting kokumi – the new umami – from red meat

Kokumi, the sixth taste sensation after sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami, is the subject of a new AMPC research program. Kokumi is a feeling which can be described as perceived richness and roundness that heightens the other five tastes and prolongs their flavour…Read More

Beef Central, 19/06/2024

Weekly kill: Cold snap pushes numbers forward

The onset of the first full blast of winter and the showing of jack frost this week has pushed more slaughter-ready cattle to market, especially in more northerly regions. The impact has been grids falling up to 20c/kg in places..Read More

Jon Condon, 18/06/2024

Meatworks ‘small fry’ study big beef

Owners and operators of some of Queensland’s smallest meatworks picked up tips from one of Australia’s largest family-run complete beef supply chains last week…Read More

Beef Central, 17/06/2024

Weekly kill: Some grids retract further, as supply continues to grow

Queensland direct consignment slaughter grid prices continued to come under pressure this week due to supply, with some offers back another 10c/kg on grass export steers and cows…Read More

Beef Central, 11/06/2024

Weekly kill: Some Qld processor grids slide another 10c, as supply surge grows

With a dry track in many areas and cold conditions starting to impact pasture condition, slaughter cattle supply continues to grow as the processing industry approaches its 2024 season mid-point. The week ended Friday produced another season-high seven-day national adult cattle slaughter tally of 142,162 head. Some direct consignment grids of eased another 10c this week…Read More

Jon Condon, 04/06/2024

Weekly kill: Grids show easing trend as supply grows

There’s been an easing trend in direct consignment slaughter rates in parts of Eastern Australia over the past week, partly driven by expanding supply and lower saleyards prices in some areas…Read More

Jon Condon, 28/05/2024

JBS’s Scone bioenergy system will eliminate 23,000t of annual CO2 emissions

JBS Australia has completed the construction of a bioenergy system at its Scone beef processing plant in NSW, eliminating the equivalent of 23,000t of carbon dioxide emissions per year…Read More

Beef Central, 28/05/2024

Bindaree strikes deal with Casino to extend grainfed processing

Northern NSW export beef processor and brand manager Bindaree Food Group has completed a deal to toll-process some of its cattle at nearby Northern Cooperative Meat Co at Casino, as part of the company’s extension into higher quality product ranges…Read More

Jon Condon, 24/05/2024

Weekly kill: Slaughter numbers continue to lift, but 140k looks like the new threshold

National weekly cattle slaughter continues to rise heading into winter, but it’s looking increasingly like the processing sector’s natural capacity given current staffing levels is close to being filled. Direct consignment grid prices are mostly unchanged this week, despite growing supply pressure in the north…Read More

Jon Condon, 21/05/2024

Administrator sale of Kimberley Meat Co another sad chapter in northern processing attempts

The fire-sale of assets surrounding the Kimberley Meat Co beef processing plant near Broome in WA’s remote northwest marks another sad chapter in the history of Northern Australian meat processing. Administrators on Friday closed expressions of interest in the processing asset, together with parent company Yeeda Pastoral’s two nearby grazing properties and a parcel of residential properties in the area after debts totalling more than $100 million…Read More

Beef Central, 20/05/2024

Weekly kill: ‘Mexicans’ and the ‘Beef 2024 effect’ drive slaughter grid prices higher

Two very different influences have driven a 10-20c/kg lift in slaughter grid offers in some parts of the country this week – ‘Mexicans’, and the ‘Beef 2024 effect.’..Read More

Beef Central, 14/05/2024

Meat processors launch interactive careers portal at Beef 2024

As the Australian beef processing sector continues to address a serious skills and labour shortage, a new interactive careers portal for the industry was launched at Beef 2024 in Rockhampton this week…Read More

Beef Central, 09/05/2024

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