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Animal health data next step in advanced producer performance feedback

The inclusion of detailed animal health performance data is the next big step in provision of livestock feedback information to beef producers, a seminar audience at Beef 2021 in Rockhampton heard. JBS Australia, along with other large processors including Teys Australia, are rapidly developing more advanced feedback systems including animal health data, with plans to launch some programs later this year…Read More

Jon Condon, 21/05/2021

Ceres Tag announces sale of 5pc stake to Aust-owned satellite company

It’s a new high-tech tag that helps producers to answer an age-old question when it comes to their cattle: Where the bloody hell are you?..Read More

Beef Central, 20/05/2021

Genetics: COVID tech advances driving rapid diagnostic developments in beef industry

Breakthroughs in diagnostic technology targeted at human health during the COVID era are paving the way for ever-more rapid progress in selection of beef cattle for important productivity and quality traits. During a genetics seminar held during Beef 2021, geneticist Prof Ben Hayes provided an exciting glimpse of the future in terms of tools likely to become available to assist beef producers in selecting for more fertile, efficient, better-eating cattle…Read More

Jon Condon, 17/05/2021

Beef 2021: Feed efficiency bonus in methane inhibiting seaweed additive

The feedlot industry is set to be the big early winner in beef’s new silver bullet – seaweed. It’s ability to reduce cattle methane emissions to undetectable levels has the livestock industry buzzing, and was a frequent topic of discussion during seminars at Beef 2021 last week…Read More

Fiona Myers, 13/05/2021

Chicken and red meat align over plant-based protein labelling

Chicken and red meat groups have sided in a show of unity between the two large competing animal protein sectors to call for Australian Governments to regulate to protect against terms such as meat, chicken and beef from being hi-jacked by plant-based alternatives…Read More

James Nason, 14/05/2021

Processing labour challenge an issue for all of industry, AMIC urges

Large beef processors have skipped killing shifts in the past 12 months, not through a lack of slaughter cattle, but a lack of manpower to process them. The solution lies in an industry wide approach, the Australian Meat Industry Council argues…….Read More

Jon Condon, 13/05/2021

Why Australia needs a one-size-fits-all genetics export protocol

Trade barriers masking as biosecurity protocols are costing Australian genetic exporters huge global opportunities, veterinarian Ced Wise told an audience at Beef 2021 in Rockhampton last week. ..Read More

Fiona Myers, 13/05/2021

Beef 2021: Stylo stayers show promise in pasture legume field

Some rediscovered varieties of stylosanthes are showing promise as boosters of pasture productivity in the lighter soils and frosty sub-tropics of Queensland. They have been identified through eight years of research, and the five top performers are now close to commercialisation, Beef 2021 visitors were told last week…Read More

Liz Wells, 12/05/2021

More objective meat quality measurement tools likely by year’s end

Multiple objective carcase quality assessment tools could be in use across the beef industry before the end of this year, stakeholders attending an MLA seminar at Beef 2021 were told last week…Read More

Jon Condon, 12/05/2021

JBS adds to Queensland’s certified grassfed brand momentum

Momentum continues to grow in certified grassfed branded beef programs in Queensland, with JBS the latest to join the list of suppliers. The nation’s largest processor provided first details of its new Right to Roam Queensland farm-assured grassfed program during a seminar session at Beef 2021 last week…Read More

Jon Condon, 11/05/2021

Beef 2021: 20 minute DNA profile tests possible within two years, forum told

A test which would allow producers to know the fertility of young females within 20 minutes should be available within two years, a Beef 2021 genetics forum was told…Read More

Fiona Myers, 11/05/2021

Meat Alliance aims to galvanise global industry response to anti-meat lobby

The anti-meat movement is one of the key challenges facing the global meat industry, and the strategic solution lies in collaboration among red meat interests around the world to create a compelling, positive narrative to defend the industry’s position. That’s the view red meat industry advocate Laura Ryan, the UK-based co-founder of the Global Meat Alliance…Read More

Jon Condon, 11/05/2021

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