Feedgrain Focus: Truck squeeze, weather support prices

Export demand and limited grower selling are helping to support prices this week as the market heeds a dry and extremely hot week ahead for south-eastern Australia which may prompt some harvest bans. ..Read More

Liz Wells, November 30, 2020

Feedgrain Focus: Saudi price lifts barley, wheat mixed

Prices in the latest Saudi tender have supported barley values, while wheat prices have softened in the south but firmed in the north…Read More

Liz Wells, November 23, 2020

Mort & Co in hunt for new greenfield feedlot development site

Queensland lotfeeder Mort & Co is in an expansionary mood, launching a campaign this morning to unearth a site for a new feedlot somewhere in eastern Australia to complement existing operations at Grassdale on Queensland’s Darling Downs, and Pinegrove, near Millmerran…Read More

Jon Condon, November 19, 2020

Sapphire feedlot expansion reflects growing grainfed industry confidence + VIDEOS

A recently completed expansion of Smithfield Cattle Co’s Sapphire feedlot near Goondiwindi is a good example of the long-term confidence being shown in grainfed operations in Eastern Australia, despite difficult trading conditions over the past couple of years…Read More

Jon Condon, November 18, 2020

Greater supply chain collaboration needed to bridge gap between producers and consumers

The complex nature of Australian supply chains is increasing the knowledge divide between livestock producers and end consumers on animal welfare practices and outcomes, posing significant challenges for the future..Read More

Jon Condon, November 16, 2020

Feedgrain Focus: Price moves mixed as harvest rolls south

An undersupply of feed-grade grain in the northern market, showers in Victoria and a stronger Australian dollar have pushed and pulled wheat and barley prices this week as the harvest peak rolls south towards central NSW…Read More

Liz Wells, November 13, 2020

September quarterly feedlot survey shows yards at 70pc of capacity

Results from the September quarterly feedlot survey show that numbers on feed across Australia were virtually unchanged from the June quarter at 1.01 million head, but down almost 110,000 head or 10pc compared with September last year during the depths of the drought…Read More

Beef Central, November 11, 2020

Feedgrain Focus: Prices fall on China concerns, harvest

Grain prices have fallen this week as growers accelerate their sales of grain off the header, and amid concerns that China will close its door on further purchases of new-crop Australian wheat…Read More

Liz Wells, November 9, 2020

Feedlot industry encourages all yards to embrace shade by 2026

The Australian Lot Feeders Association has announced an initiative to encourage all Australian feedlots to provide cattle with access to shade by 2026, for animal welfare as well as productivity reasons…Read More

Beef Central, November 6, 2020

More refined approaches emerging in managing summer heat stress in cattle

With summer rapidly approaching and record high temperatures recorded in many cattle areas in Eastern Australia earlier this year, heat stress management in feedlot cattle is again coming into focus – and a recent webinar on the topic provided some useful pointers to what lies ahead…Read More

Jon Condon, November 5, 2020

Study shows animal-based diet may mitigate risk of cardiovascular disease

New research indicates that a common gut bacterium linked to animal protein consumption could actually help prevent cardiovascular disease…Read More

Steve Lundeberg, Oregon State University, November 2, 2020

Feedgrain Focus: Markets lift as rain clouds harvest

Prompt markets for wheat and barley have rallied as consumers and exporters scramble to book and receive grain amid a rain-interrupted harvest in southern Queensland and north-west New South Wales…Read More

Liz Wells, October 26, 2020

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