Feedgrain Focus: Adelaide draw lifts inland values

Rain, minimal grower selling and heady competition from domestic consumers looking to fill short positions have lifted values by $25-$30/t in some markets this week…Read More

Liz Wells, 13/05/2022

Feedgrain Focus: Prices jump to new highs

Prices for wheat, barley and sorghum have jumped by up to $25 per tonne in the past week, with the redeployment of some trucks into cotton carting a bullish factor in the northern market…Read More

Liz Wells, 10/05/2022

Mort & Co partners with RFM in new 36,000 head CQ feedlot deal

What promises to be Central Queensland’s largest feedlot will be constructed on a property near Gogango, under a novel new business arrangement involving grainfed supply chain Mort & Co and prominent funds manager Rural Funds Management…Read More

Jon Condon, 03/05/2022

Feedgrain Focus: Dollar drop boosts prices

A softening Australian dollar has supported wheat and barley markets this week, while export demand for southern barley has seen it close the gap on wheat…Read More

Liz Wells, 02/05/2022

How a NSW feedlot is optimising its use of antibiotics

As the beef industry aims to decrease its use of antibiotics and address concerns about antimicrobial resistance, a New South Wales feedlot has made itself a leader in optimising the way sickness is managed…Read More

Eric Barker, 27/04/2022

Testing prompts calls for USDA to strengthen “Raised Without Antibiotics” claims

Testing of beef products currently being marketed as ‘Raised Without Antibiotics’ in the United States has identified a “material portion” from cattle treated with antibiotics…Read More

James Nason, 20/04/2022

Feedgrain Focus: Mostly firmer on chronic truck shortage

Feedgrains have traded mostly steady to higher this week as storm lotto continues in the north and a record grain-export program is at full tilt in the south…Read More

Liz Wells, 19/04/2022

Feedgrain Focus: North steadies, south surges

Feed wheat and barley markets have traded steady to $12/t higher in the past week, with limited availability of trucks helping to drive up southern values…Read More

Liz Wells, 11/04/2022

Discussion: Feedlot capacity issues loom, as ‘Wagyu factor’ sets in

The Australian feedlot industry may be on the cusp of another surge in built capacity – partly influenced by the growing number of Wagyu cattle on feed…Read More

Jon Condon, 07/04/2022

Veterinary research finds ‘de-stressing benefit’ from feeding cattle industrial hemp

Feeding cattle industrial hemp may have a beneficial effect on their welfare, the results of a new study by Kansas State University suggest…Read More

Guest Author, 06/04/2022

Feedgrain Focus: Prices climb on April bookings

Prices for wheat and barley have climbed in the past week as consumers extend coverage before the winter-crop planting hits its straps…Read More

Liz Wells, 04/04/2022

Rising feedgrain prices “extremely concerning” for lot feeders

Lot feeders are having to make some tough decisions as rising feedgrain prices join the already record-breaking cattle and diesel prices…Read More

Eric Barker, 25/03/2022

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