Indonesian live cattle trade at the crossroads

Profitable lotfeeding in Indonesia is almost impossible without a consistent supply of low-cost feeder cattle and cheap feed ingredients or the ability to raise output prices substantially. One possible solution is to reconsider the concept of grazing Australian feeder cattle on grass under oil palm trees…Read More

Dr Ross Ainsworth, 31/10/2022

India rejects reports Indonesia has suspended Indian buffalo meat imports

The Indian embassy in Jakarta has hit back at news reports suggesting Indonesia has temporarily halted imports of Indian buffalo meat due to COVID concerns, describing the reports as ‘false propaganda’ of India’s competitors who are threatened by the ever increasing success of Indian Buffalo meat…Read More

Beef Central, 23/05/2021

Indonesia reported to have suspended Indian buffalo meat imports over COVID concerns

The rapidly deteriorating coronavirus pandemic in India has prompted Indonesia to impose a temporary halt on imports of Indian buffalo meat, according to an Indonesian news report…Read More

Beef Central, 19/05/2021

Rewards for animal welfare excellence in Indonesia

Indonesian customers of Australian cattle have been recognised for their dedication to animal welfare through an awards program developed by the Consolidated Pastoral Co…Read More

Beef Central, 07/06/2018

The Incredible power of the humble Indonesian bakso ball

Bakso ball soup is the Indonesian equivalent of the Australian meat pie or the American hamburger, fast food that is cheap, delicious, available everywhere, a national icon, loved by all and a major part of the national food economy. Dr Ross Ainsworth explores the massive influence this tiny meat ball exerts over the Indonesian beef market…Read More

Dr Ross Ainsworth, 23/03/2018

Aussie leucaena boosting Indonesian small farms

INDONESIAN journalists recently visited The University of Queensland to hear about a successful cattle fattening project in their nation’s east which is bringing significant economic benefits for smallholder cattle farmers…Read More

Beef Central, 31/05/2017

Why isn’t Indian buffalo meat bringing down Indonesian beef prices?

Eight months after Indonesia began importing low-priced frozen Indian buffalo meat, wet market prices have remained stubbornly high at Rp120,000-130,000 throughout. Why aren’t prices coming down?..Read More

James Nason, 10/04/2017

MLA surveys impact of Indian buffalo meat in Indonesia

In nine months Indian buffalo meat has grown to claim 20 percent of the Greater Jakarta beef market – but uptake has not been as rapid as we might have thought, market research by MLA suggests…Read More

James Nason, 03/04/2017

Indonesia expecting first Indian buffalo meat next month

The Indonesian Government says it expects the first legal imports of frozen buffalo meat from India to arrive in the country by July 20. The Indonesian state-owned logistics agency Bulog..Read More

Beef Central, 27/06/2016

Indonesia to extend validity of cattle import permits

Livestock exporters have welcomed indications that Indonesia will extend the validity of cattle import permits from three months to four months…Read More

James Nason, 09/02/2016

Rising Jakarta beef prices helping Indo to absorb higher cost of Aus cattle: MLA

Meat & Livestock Australia says Indonesian wet market price data does not fully support suggestions that importing customers are showing price resistance to the increasing cost of live cattle from Australia…Read More

Beef Central, 27/01/2016

Indo to scrap cattle tax, but permit extensions still unclear

The 10 percent Value-Added Tax (VAT) introduced on cattle sales in Indonesia earlier this month will be scrapped, Indonesian officials confirmed in Jakarta on Friday, to collective sighs of relief from the Australia-Indonesian cattle trade…Read More

James Nason, 23/01/2016

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