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Research finds connection between animal genetics and gut bacteria responses

Recent research has confirmed suspicions that differences in the genetics of mammals influence the responses of gut bacteria and produce markedly different responses to nutritional challenges. ..Read More

Beef Central, March 13, 2018

Private sector investment, better data key to enhancing ag R&D

If Australian agriculture is to remain competitive, partnerships between private- and public-sector agricultural research, development and extension (R,D&E) investors must be fostered, according to new research from the Australian Farm Institute…Read More

Beef Central, December 18, 2017

New grazing monitoring collar paves way for exciting feed intake research

An exciting piece of new technology is being developed to allow feed intake, and by default, feed conversion efficiency, to be assessed in cattle grazing in pasture situations for the first time. The project has major implications for future genetic selection of cattle for superior feed intake and conversion efficiency…Read More

Jon Condon, October 21, 2016

CRC closure leaves $20m R&D hole

Key industry stakeholders are likely to meet soon to consider options for maintaining research and development momentum, following Thursday’s announcement that the Beef CRC will not be included in the next round of Government CRC funding.
..Read More

Jon Condon, September 5, 2011

Kay’s Cuts: Here’s the US beef news – both good and bad

Strong US domestic beef demand, a collapse in live cattle futures caused by ‘funny money,’ record profits for beef processor Tyson, court challenge over processors allegedly suppressing cattle prices. In his regular monthly column, US market commentator Steve Kay takes a look at the news – both ‘good and bad’ in the US beef industry…Read More

Steve Kay, US Cattle Buyers Weekly, May 13, 2019

Opinion: CPA welcomes CCA direct-elect plan, but says flaws remain

In this contributed opinion article Cattle Producers Australia chair Paul Wright says Cattle Council Australia’s move to a fully directly elected board is a step in the right direction, but says giving each state the same represention on the board is fundamentally flawed. ..Read More

Paul Wright, May 14, 2019

Australian beef: Time to let the Ferrari out of the garage

Just when you thought the war on red meat had exhausted the limits of believability comes this: A large US based company is now refusing to refund employees for any work expenses they incur for meals that include meat…Read More

James Nason, July 20, 2018

Opinion: The reality of our northern cattle industry belies popular rhetoric

Despite a popular campaign over many years from animal activists and many politicians to replace northern live exports with slaughter at export abattoirs, the experience of AACo’s abattoir in Darwin suggests there is still no economic alternative to the live export trade for northern cattle, writes former Commonwealth public servant Brendan O’Reilly…Read More

Brendan O'Reilly, April 30, 2018

Tree laws – There is a better way!

If the Queensland Government cared to listen and embark on genuine consultation with food producers, it would learn that at fault is not what adjustment is made to the Vegetation Management Act, but the very basis of the Act itself, writes Wandoan beef producer Dale Stiller in this opinion piece. ..Read More

Dale Stiller, Wandoan cattle producer, April 24, 2018

Tree laws: farmers, environmentalists should work together and leave the politicians out of it

In this contributed opinion piece, North Queensland cattle producer Greg Brown, a former Cattle Council of Australia president and AgForce Cattle board chair, argues that farmers and environmentalists should bypass Governments and work together to find agreed long-term solutions to Queensland’s tree laws…Read More

Greg Brown, April 18, 2018

Dragging animal welfare through a kangaroo court

Activists tend to decry economics as a weak defence of poor behaviour, but this is a naive approach writes the Australian Farm Institute’s Katie McRobert

..Read More

Katie McRobert, Australian Farm Institute, April 13, 2018

Opinion: Can Australian ag afford not to promote itself more actively?

Australian agriculture is a major brand relying on a handful of individual organisations and farmers to handle the critical job of maintaining and building consumer trust…Read More

James Nason, December 8, 2017

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