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Research finds connection between animal genetics and gut bacteria responses

Recent research has confirmed suspicions that differences in the genetics of mammals influence the responses of gut bacteria and produce markedly different responses to nutritional challenges. ..Read More

Beef Central, 13/03/2018

Private sector investment, better data key to enhancing ag R&D

If Australian agriculture is to remain competitive, partnerships between private- and public-sector agricultural research, development and extension (R,D&E) investors must be fostered, according to new research from the Australian Farm Institute…Read More

Beef Central, 18/12/2017

New grazing monitoring collar paves way for exciting feed intake research

An exciting piece of new technology is being developed to allow feed intake, and by default, feed conversion efficiency, to be assessed in cattle grazing in pasture situations for the first time. The project has major implications for future genetic selection of cattle for superior feed intake and conversion efficiency…Read More

Jon Condon, 21/10/2016

CRC closure leaves $20m R&D hole

Key industry stakeholders are likely to meet soon to consider options for maintaining research and development momentum, following Thursday’s announcement that the Beef CRC will not be included in the next round of Government CRC funding.
..Read More

Jon Condon, 05/09/2011

Challenge in adopting new beef R&D technologies

Australia can be proud of its world-class beef R&D programs, but outcomes mean little if they are not rapidly and widely adopted by commercial industry. What are the drivers of greater uptake?..Read More

Jon Condon, 09/08/2011

Producers’ fingerprints on $9.4m in levy investment

Grassroots producers have directly influenced the selection of new on-farm research, development and adoption projects for the grassfed beef and sheepmeat sectors in 2016/17, worth $9.4m in levy-payer funds. A total of 18 new on-farm RD&A projects have been endorsed to receive MLA investment this year. ..Read More

Beef Central, 22/09/2016

Research to build on Cash Cow findings for cattle producers

New University of Queensland research is aiming to build on the findings from the important MLA-funded CashCow project by looking at reducing foetal and calf losses in beef cattle breeding herds across northern Australia. ..Read More

Beef Central, 12/09/2016

Improved Bluetongue testing protects livestock markets

New real-time tests that allow for results in a day rather than weeks will help to detect and identify exotic insects and any Bluetongue viruses they might be carrying, improving Australia’s ability to implement control measures, and protecting overseas market access…Read More

Beef Central, 09/07/2016

New R&D partnership to boost northern cattle industry

A multi-million dollar research and development program launched today is the most significant injection of R&D funds into northern beef cattle for 20 years, promises to deliver a massive boost to Australia’s northern beef cattle industry, stakeholders say…Read More

Beef Central, 23/06/2016

Plan sets R&D priorities for southern Australian producers

Future-proofing the profitability of southern Australia’s sheep and grassfed cattle producers is the focus of a new plan launched today which identifies regionally-specific priorities for research, development and adoption. ..Read More

Beef Central, 26/04/2016

Research reveals greenhouse gas mitigation potential from livestock

Scientists have found that the global livestock sector can maintain the economic and social benefits it delivers while significantly reducing emissions, and in doing so help meet the global mitigation challenge…Read More

Beef Central, 22/03/2016

$8.5m invested in cattle research station upgrade

Queensland’s recently appointed agriculture minister Leanne Donaldson says a key cattle research station is poised to perform important work for the northern cattle industry following a multi-million upgrade in recent years…Read More

Beef Central, 20/01/2016

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