Top 25 lotfeeders: feedlots staffed with more young people, women

While Australia’s lotfeeding industry is growing rapidly, the age profile of its staff appears to be heading in a different direction – with more young people, particularly women, working in feedlots…Read More

Eric Barker, 28/04/2023

Top 25 Lotfeeders: No 1 JBS Australia

The scale of JBS Australia’s beef processing business requires a very big engine-room, and the company’s feedlot operations spanning six large feedyards stretching from Queensland to the Victorian border provide a solid foundation of high quality grainfed cattle on which to build each week’s kill…Read More

Beef Central, 24/04/2023

Top 25 Lotfeeders: No 2 – Mort & Co

Charlie Mort was working with Primac on the Darling Downs when he saw the potential to utilise custom space in feedlots to provide abattoirs with what they most needed: a consistent and reliable supply of market-ready cattle…Read More

James Nason, 17/04/2023

Top 25 Lotfeeders: No 3 – NH Foods Whyalla Beef

NH Foods’ Whyalla Feedlot is currently expanding to its full capacity of 75,000 head, which will make it about level with Australia’s largest single site feedlot…Read More

Eric Barker, 19/04/2023

Top 25 Lotfeeders: No 4 – Teys Australia

Grain feeding provides a central pillar to Teys Australia’s vast export and domestic beef output through beef processing plants across eastern Australia. The company owns and operates three large, geographically disparate yards in southern Queensland, central NSW and northern Victoria.  ..Read More

Beef Central, 18/04/2023

Top 25 Lotfeeders key trends: ‘The big get bigger’

WITH just the top four entries yet to be revealed, Beef Central’s Top 25 Lotfeeders report is now within sight of the finish line, making it worth pausing briefly to look at some of the statistics and trends we’ve unearthed.   ..Read More

Jon Condon, 17/04/2023

Top 25 Lotfeeders: No 5 – Australian Country Choice

No business on this year’s Top 25 Lotfeeders list has seen more profound changes in the size and scope of its operations than Australian Country Choice.   ..Read More

Beef Central, 14/04/2023

Top 25: No 6 – Stanbroke Feedlot

The Stanbroke Feedlot at Chinchilla is a central hub of the large-scale Menegazzo family-owned, vertically-integrated Stanbroke supply chain…Read More

Beef Central, 06/04/2023

Top 25: No 7 – Rangers Valley Cattle Station

Few, if any, large-scale lotfeeding businesses worldwide have had the relentless, solitary, long-term focus on producing highly-marbled longfed beef as Rangers Valley near Glen Innes on the NSW New England Tableland…Read More

Jon Condon, 05/04/2023

Top 25 Lotfeeders: could shed structures move feedlots into new areas?

As Australia’s lotfeeding sector looks to become fully shaded by 2026, some operators are now looking to take the next step and put permanent shed structures over pens…Read More

Eric Barker, 05/04/2023

Top 25: No 8 – Smithfield Cattle Co

Owned and operated by the Shearer-Smith siblings, Smithfield has moved up the list since 2015 – with the purchase of Sapphire Feedlot near Goondiwindi in 2016…Read More

Eric Barker, 04/04/2023

Top 25: No 9 – Australian Agricultural Co

The Australian Agricultural Co is now at full 35,000 head feeding capacity across its two Queensland feedyards, and last year signalled the possibility of expansion in some form…Read More

Jon Condon, 03/04/2023

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