BeefConnect webinar Nov 6: How to manage leucaena once established

In this free webinar to be held on Wednesday November 6, DAF Senior Agronomist Stuart Buck will discuss the on-going management requirements of leucaena…Read More

Beef Central, 24/10/2019

Webinar: 10 AgTech events in Qld in November

Ten AgTech events in one month – find out more about each of the events that make Queensland the AgTech State in November in our free webinar to be held from 12:30pm on Tuesday Oct 22…Read More

Beef Central, 16/10/2019

BeefConnect Webinar Oct 2 – Disease investigations: A producer’s perspective

In light of the ASF outbreak in pork populations throughout Asia and the detected cases of the disease in imported product into Australia, this webinar will bring producers up to date with important information around on-property biosecurity plans and potential disease identification…Read More

Beef Central, 01/10/2019

BeefConnect Webinar: Phosphorous supplementation for improved productivity and profitability

In this webinar, join Tim Schatz (NT Department of Primary Industry and Resources) and Simon Quigley (University of QLD) when they discuss the research findings of two phosphorous projects in more detail and how phosphorous supplementation can improve productivity and profitability of northern beef businesses…Read More

Beef Central, 17/08/2018

BJD and the new Biosecurity Act. What it means for you…

Join this free BeefConnect webinar to gain an understanding of how to sustainably manage BJD risks in your herd and on your properties…Read More

James Nason, 10/05/2016

Webinar: Beef up your Twitter effectiveness

How does Twitter work and what opportunities does it present for the beef industry? Hear in this webinar recording how the beef industry is using Twitter and learn about how you can ‘beef up’ your influence beyond the farm gate, including what Twitter is and how it works, how different beef industry stakeholders are using Twitter to achieve goals, how to get involved in an AgChatOz on Twitter, and some tips to ‘beef up’ your Twitter effectiveness…Read More

Future Beef & Beef Central, 27/03/2014

Webinar: Improving the effectiveness of wild dog control

The impact of wild dogs on Australia’s cattle and sheep industries is a major concern for many producers. In this webinar Brett Carlsson from AgForce Queensland discusses: the ecology and biology of wild dogs and the impacts of hybridisation; how to best utilise current control tools, and; new tools on the horizon…Read More

Future Beef & Beef Central, 14/11/2013

Webinar: Seasonal Climate Outlook for Summer

In this webinar recording, Vikash Prasad from the Bureau of Meteorology tells us about the Bureau’s new seven day forecast system…Read More

Future Beef & Beef Central, 23/10/2013

Webinar: Will it rain this year? with Dave McRae

Much of Queensland and other areas across northern Australia missed out on a wet season last year. Half of Queensland is now drought declared. So the question on everyone’s lips is “Will it rain this year?”. ..Read More

Future Beef & Beef Central, 16/09/2013

Webinar: MSA long distance transport

More cattle producers will be able to cash-in on Meat Standards Australia (MSA) premiums following recent changes to the grading system’s transport protocols…Read More

Future Beef & Beef Central, 29/07/2013

Webinar: Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System – What’s involved?

Producers across Australia have shown considerable interest in the new Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System (PCAS) since it was launched recently. Premiums of 10 to 20 c/kg have already been discussed by early-adopter processors…Read More

Future Beef & Beef Central, 04/07/2013

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