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Live sheep ban holding back investment as new markets emerge

UNCERTAINTY around the Federal Government’s proposed live sheep export by sea phaseout timetable is impacting investment just as new sheep and cattle markets are emerging. Minister for Agriculture Fisheries and..Read More

Terry Sim, 21/02/2024

Cattle export surge to China masks tough trading conditions

Australian cattle exports to China surged in January, but the jump in volume masks a tougher trading environment than the data at first glance suggests, according to a leading market figure…Read More

James Nason, 20/02/2024

Northern cattle trade to Indonesia sets sail for 2024

A consignment of cattle delayed in a pre-export quarantine feedlot since mid-January sailed from Darwin for Jakarta on Saturday following Friday’s belated formal release of 2024 cattle import permits by the Indonesian Government…Read More

Beef Central, 19/02/2024

Indonesia grants long-awaited 2024 import permits for live cattle

Live cattle exporters have been given the green light to start sending cattle to Indonesia after the country this afternoon granted long-awaited 2024 import permits. ..Read More

Beef Central, 16/02/2024

Permit timing may hinge on today’s Indo election result

Signs are pointing to a stronger year for northern feeder cattle exports from Australia to Indonesia in 2024 – but much still relies on the timing of the release of permits following today’s Indonesian elections…Read More

James Nason, 14/02/2024

Troy Setter calls out RSPCA over live export claims

The head of the live export industry’s peak research and development corporation has defended the industry’s animal welfare credentials and called out animal welfare groups for using live export as a “money-making exercise” rather than making a contribution to animal welfare outcomes…Read More

Eric Barker, 14/02/2024

Ag Department reviewing live ex independent observer policy

Israeli-owned live export vessel the MV Bahijah focused senators on a number of trade issues at a Senate Estimates hearing yesterday – including its policy on having independent observer onboard ships…Read More

Terry Sim, 14/02/2024

Ship purchase expands Livestock Express fleet, no new-builds on horizon

Livestock Express has expanded its fleet of purpose-designed livestock carriers with the acquisition of the seven-year old Aurochs, while plans for new builds remain on pause due to shipyard limitations and escalating construction costs. ..Read More

James Nason and Terry Sim, 13/02/2024

WA farmer shares re-export plan for sheep and cattle shipment

An Israel exporter denied approval for a sheep and cattle shipment to depart Western Australia wants to persist with re-export plans, a WA farmer leader has claimed…Read More

Terry Sim, 07/02/2024

Wait for 2024 Indonesian cattle import permits continues

Top end restaurants and feedlots in Indonesia remain without a supply of beef and live cattle from Australia leading into the Lebaran holiday period, the busiest time of year for consumption, as the wait for import permits to be released by the Indonesian Government continues…Read More

James Nason, 06/02/2024

80 participants compete in inaugural Indonesian animal welfare competition

Building on several successful cattle handling and animal welfare training events in Indonesia supported by funding from the Indonesia-Australia Red Meat Cattle Partnership (IA-RMCP) in recent years, the first National Animal Welfare Officers Forum Competition was held outside Jakarta with over 80 participants travelling from across Indonesia…Read More

Beef Central, 02/02/2024

MV Bahijah berths for fodder hoping to re-export

The live export vessel MV Bahijah that was ordered back to Australia has berthed at Fremantle port, reportedly to take on fodder and potentially offload some sheep and cattle prior to re-export…Read More

Beef Central, 01/02/2024

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