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Shearer sale reaps capital boost for Wellard

Livestock shipping company Wellard Limited has received a timley working capital boost following confirmation today that its sale of M/V Ocean Shearer to the Kuwait Livestock Transport and Trading Company (KLTT) has been completed…Read More

James Nason, March 27, 2020

Supply test for live export prices

After returning to previous highs not seen for three years, northern live cattle prices are set to come under pressure in coming weeks, as the first of the annual dry season mustering rounds pushes fresh supplies of export cattle back onto the market.
..Read More

James Nason, March 26, 2020

Stockies accreditation fast-tracked

Accreditation of livestock handlers is being fast-tracked to ensure enough experienced staff are available to protect the welfare of sheep and cattle on live export vessels..Read More

Beef Central, March 24, 2020

Live exporters write to Minister over coronavirus issues

Livestock export industry leaders say they are working with ports and federal and State Governments to find ways to ensure the trade can continue to operate through the new restrictions introduced to curb the spread of coronavirus…Read More

James Nason, March 20, 2020

Mauro Balzarini says livex ship project delayed by Italy lockdown

Former Wellard boss Mauro Balzarini says the coronavirus-forced lockdown of Italy and other parts of Europe has slowed the progress of his recently announced plans to launch a new class of livestock carriers…Read More

Beef Central, March 20, 2020

SE Asia Report: Virus effects grow more surprising by the day

In today’s South East Asian beef market report: Unrelated viruses disrupting world protein markets; China price breaks through AUD$7; Philippines smashes the $6 level; Monthly exports to Vietnam surpass Indonesia for the first time – and dogs flying first class…Read More

Dr Ross Ainsworth, March 10, 2020

Wellard faces shareholder class action

A class action has been launched against Wellard Limited in the Federal Court of Victoria alleging the prospectus which preceded its ill-fated December 2015 initial public offering contained forecasts that were misleading to investors…Read More

James Nason, March 10, 2020

Laporan Pasar: Industri Daging Sapi Asia Tenggara – Edisi ke-75: Februari 2020

Virus lain sekarang mengganggu pasar protein dunia; Harga di Tiongkok tembus AUD $7 & di Filipina menembus batas $6; Untuk pertama kalinya, ekspor bulanan ke Vietnam melampaui Indonesia…Read More

Dr Ross Ainsworth, March 10, 2020

A profitable palm cattle grazing model for Indonesia

Dr Ross Ainsworth outlines a feeder steer under palm grazing model that he believes has the potential so solve many if not all of the Indonesian government’s fresh beef supply problems in its more remote areas, and in a way that enables smallholders to share profits…Read More

Dr Ross Ainsworth, March 6, 2020

Menggembalakan sapi bakalan di perkebunan sawit

Saya adalah salah satu pendukung paling antusias terhadap pembiakan sapi di perkebunan kelapa sawit, semenjak pertama kali saya melihat model operasi ini di Malaysia pada tahun 1980-an…Read More

Dr Ross Ainsworth, March 6, 2020

$2.1m half-year loss for Wellard as charter transition continues

Wellard Ltd has reported a net loss after tax of $2.1 million for the six months to 31 December 2019…Read More

Beef Central, February 27, 2020

Live export prices push back toward record highs

Northern export prices are nudging back toward record levels as cattle supplies run scarce ahead of the first mustering round of the season, likely to still be a month away…Read More

James Nason, February 21, 2020

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