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New footage rocks live trade as independent overseer Bill passes Senate

New footage showing four Northern Territory steers being roped, forced to the ground and having their throats cut without stunning has triggered fresh outrage against the live export trade and more questions about why exporters continue to lose control of Australian animals from supposedly secure customer supply chains…Read More

James Nason, September 12, 2019

Live export ship worker tells media he was paid for animal cruelty pictures

A Pakistani live export ship worker has told Australian media he was paid several thousands of dollars by animal activists to gather evidence of animal cruelty…Read More

Beef Central, September 11, 2019

Chinese buy ups disrupting livex trade dynamics

China’s recent rapid rise to become the largest buyer of Australian boxed beef has come as it also exerts increasingly greater influence over Australia’s live cattle export supply chain – not as a customer as many expected but as an investor in Australian live export companies. ..Read More

James Nason, September 6, 2019

Cattle export shipment to China halted

A shipment of cattle destined to be exported to China has been dramatically halted by the Department of Agriculture, on the grounds strict export protocols have allegedly been breached…Read More

James Nason, September 2, 2019

Cold Turkey trade steers Wellard to $48.3m loss

Until recently Australia’s largest livestock exporter, Wellard Limited has confirmed it is not currently trading livestock at all and is focusing exclusively on chartering its ships, as it reports a significant net loss for a fourth successive financial year…Read More

James Nason, August 29, 2019

Feeder bull strategy works for NT family cattle operation

The value of industry research can be measured in savings worth tens of thousands of dollars a year to the bottom line of the Mohr-Bell family’s Northern Territory cattle property Mathison Station…Read More

James Nason, August 27, 2019

Heytesbury deal for Wellard vessel purchase now back on track

A deal to sell its live export vessel, the MV Ocean Swagman to Western Australia’s Heytesbury Holdings is back on track, just a fortnight after owner Wellard signalled that the agreement was off, and an alternate buyer had been found…Read More

Beef Central, August 20, 2019

SE Asia Report: Strong Indonesian feeder imports continue in July

News from Dr Ross Ainsworth’s South East Asia report this month includes strong continued contined feeder imports from Indonesia in July, returning supplies of frozen Indian buffalo meat in Indonesia, but at very low volumes, and a chapter closes as PT Elders Indonesia closes its remaining business.
..Read More

Dr Ross Ainsworth, August 14, 2019

Laporan Pasar: Industri Daging Sapi Asia Tenggara – Juli 2019

Impor sapi bakalan Indonesia terus berlanjut hingga bulan Juli; Daging kerbau beku India kembali tersedia di pasar, tetapi dalam jumlah yang sangat kecil; PT Elders Indonesia menutup bisnisnya yang masih tersisa di Indonesia; Harga sapi steer Darwin ditambahkan pada grafik di bawah ini.

..Read More

Dr Ross Ainsworth, August 14, 2019

Wellard reveals new buyer for Swagman

Wellard Limited says it is moving closer to selling the M/V Ocean Swagman after agreeing to a new $37.1 million purchase proposal for the vessel from a Panama based subsidiary of Nova Marine Holdings SA…Read More

Beef Central, August 6, 2019

ALEC welcomes bill to create livex Inspector General

The Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council has welcomed the introduction of legislation to establish a Federal Inspector General for Live Animal Exports, describing the move as an important step towards driving cultural change and improved animal welfare outcomes…Read More

Beef Central, August 1, 2019

Wellard ship sale to Heytesbury may be in doubt

Wellard Limited has told the Australian Stock Exchange this morning it is actively negotiating the sale of its ship, the M/V Ocean Swagman, with another potential buyer, after the previously announced buyer, Heytesbury Holding Company Pty Ltd, did not complete due dilligence by an agreed deadline…Read More

Beef Central, July 31, 2019

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