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ASEL report delivers improved certainty for exporters: ALEC

Livestock exporters can operate with improved certainty following the finalisation of a long-running review of the standards governing Australian livestock exports, the Australian Livestock Exporter’s Council says, while WA’s PGA group wants the minister to “take a deep breath” before implementing the recommendations. ..Read More

Beef Central, March 20, 2019

Long-awaited final ASEL review report released

Stocking densities on live export voyages will be reduced, and Bos Taurus cattle sourced from south of the 26th parallel – the Northern Territory/South Australian border – will be restricted from crossing the equator from May to October, under changes recommended in the review of Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL) released this afternoon. ..Read More

Beef Central, March 19, 2019

Export activity jumps at Port Alma

Port Alma near Rockhampton has become the fastest growing cattle export port in Australia, with 17,500 cattle in four shipments transported from the port since Christmas, and a fifth scheduled to leave in coming days…Read More

James Nason, March 15, 2019

SE Asia report: Indo backlog impacts | Philippines meteoric rise | China price quandary

October imports are still having strong negative impact on Indonesian market, while slaughter cattle prices in The Phillippines continue their meteoric rise.
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Dr Ross Ainsworth, March 13, 2019

Darwin live exports power on as dry conditions prevail

Cattle exports from Darwin have been running at high levels as dry conditions across much of northern Australia drive higher than usual ‘wet season’ cattle turnoff rates…Read More

Beef Central, March 13, 2019

Laporan Pasar: Industri Daging Sapi Asia Tenggara – Februari 2019

Impor dari bulan Oktober masih memiliki dampak negatif yang kuat terhadap pasar Indonesia. Harga sapi potong di Filipina terus meroket. Harga sapi bakalan di Northern Territory anjlok karena musim hujan yang gagal.
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Dr Ross Ainsworth, March 13, 2019

Wellard reports maiden after tax profit in first-half results

Live cattle exporter Wellard Limited has recorded its first half-year profit since listing on the Australian Securities Exchange in December 2015…Read More

Beef Central, February 14, 2019

NQ floods: Live export ships diverted or delayed

Several shipments scheduled to leave Townsville in coming weeks for Indonesia and Vietnam have either been diverted to Darwin or Port Alma or delayed, but none have yet been formally cancelled, according to sources close to the trade…Read More

James Nason, February 8, 2019

SE Asia report: Feedlots still digesting Oct cattle | Floods may disrupt Ramadan supply

It may take well into March for large October imports to be fully eliminated from Indonesian feedlots, while the arrival of the northern monsoon and major flooding could disrupt supply in the crucial lead up period to Ramadan…Read More

Dr Ross Ainsworth, February 7, 2019

Laporan Pasar: Industri Daging Sapi Asia Tenggara – Januari 2019

Pasar masih terus tertekan oleh sapi yang dikirim kepada para penjual daging, karena 81.000 ekor sapi yang diimpor pada Oktober memberikan pengaruh penuh. ..Read More

Dr Ross Ainsworth, February 7, 2019

Cattle exports to fall below 1 million head in 2019

Australian live cattle exports are forecast to decline in 2019 to 950,000 head, as a contraction in the northern herd limits the availability of cattle suitable for export.

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Beef Central, January 29, 2019

Livex: Heat Stress Risk Assessment consultation extended

The consultation period on the Heat Stress Risk Assessment draft report has been extended by one month to 1 March 2019…Read More

Beef Central, January 24, 2019

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