Animal Health

Biosecurity: Take guard against Theileria

Some quick and easy management tips from the Livestock Biosecurity Network to ensure your cattle do not become infected with Theileria.

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Frances Gartrell, Livestock Biosecurity Network, 19/03/2018

Why Australia’s cattle sector has a good story to tell on antibiotic use

The growing threat posed to human health by the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria is resulting in closer public scrutiny of how antibiotics are used in all areas, and particularly farmed livestock…Read More

Beef Central, 07/06/2015

Creating Connections: Calmer cattle are healthier, higher performing cattle (+ handling tips)

Coopers Animal Health launched the Creating Connections program at Beef 2015, part of an intiaitve by its global parent company to share the knowledge of cattle handling experts with producers to reduce cattle stress and improve overall herd health and performance.
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James Nason, 19/05/2015

Trial results highlight pre-vaccination benefits for cattle suppliers, lotfeeders

Pre-vaccinated Hereford steers in a 70-day feedlot trial at the Elders-owned Killara feedlot near Quirind have produced lower health costs and morbidity rates for bovine Rhinotracheitis than other feedlot cattle. The trial involved 205 Hereford and black baldy steers pre-vaccinated with Bovilis MH + IBR, yard-weaned, socialised and bunk trained before feedlot entry…Read More

Beef Central, 15/05/2015

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