Pasture dieback webinar: Outcomes from seven years of DAF research across Qld

In this webinar, join the DAF pasture dieback team when they provide an update on the current dieback situation in Queensland and the outcomes of research into the management options available to successfully restore pasture productivity…Read More

Beef Central, 04/10/2023

Webinar: The Beef Industry Trifecta

With record high cattle prices, historically low interest rates and a good season for many, there are many options that present themselves under this scenario, which QDAF Principal Extension Officer Bob Shepherd will explain in this free webinar. ..Read More

Beef Central, 07/04/2022

BeefConnect webinar: ‘Becoming Lender Ready’

There are two remaining upcoming webinars in FutureBeef’s Lender Ready webinar series… ..Read More

Beef Central, 04/03/2021

PODCAST: Why aren’t producers engaged with industry representation?

Rural journalists Nicole Bond and Jayne Cuddihy explore this question in the latest edition of their popular podcast “There’s an Elephant in My Paddock”…Read More

Beef Central, 17/01/2020

BeefConnect Webinar Oct 2 – Disease investigations: A producer’s perspective

In light of the ASF outbreak in pork populations throughout Asia and the detected cases of the disease in imported product into Australia, this webinar will bring producers up to date with important information around on-property biosecurity plans and potential disease identification…Read More

Beef Central, 01/10/2019

BeefConnect Webinar Oct 9 – Foot and Mouth Disease in focus

Dan Burton, Senior Inspector, Biosecurity Qld, will discuss his recent Nepal experience where he worked with cases of FMD in the field, the challenges of controlling and eradicating the disease and strategies to prevent a disease outbreak…Read More

Beef Central, 08/10/2019

VIDEO: Chef Adrian Richardson on how to cook the perfect steak

TV Chef Adrian Richardson from Melbourne’s La Luna Bistro restaurant shared his thoughts on how to cook a perfect steak with hundreds of cattle producers at the 2019 Angus Australia conference in Albury last week…Read More

Beef Central, 27/05/2019

Video of the week: Droving…Chinese style

Every year a Chinese farmer walks his 5000 ducks through the coastal city of Taizhou to reach a nearby feeding pond, offering a masterful demonstration of stock handling skills…Read More

Beef Central, 18/01/2019

Webinar: Phosphorus supplementation for improved productivity and profitability (Part 2)

In the final webinar in the ‘Improving beef business performance across northern Australia’ series, Rob Dixon and Mick Sullivan will discuss how phosphorus supplementation can improve productivity and profitability of beef businesses.

..Read More

Beef Central, 31/08/2018

Webinar: Improving beef business performance with high quality forages

Perennial legumes are a profitable intervention for many areas of northern Australia. In this free BeefConnect webinar Dr Maree Bowen will address key research questions using forage oats and leucaena-grass pastures grown in central Queensland, as an example…Read More

Beef Central, 19/07/2018

Webinar: What new veg laws mean for managing Mulga

The webinar will focus on how the new legislation impacts on vegetation, especially Mulga, in South West Queensland…Read More

Beef Central, 05/07/2018

BeefConnect webinar: Lessons on managing weedy grasses from Florida

Managing giant rat’s tail grass: In this free BeefConnect Webinar to be held on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, University of Florida pasture weed specialist Professor Brent Sellers will discuss how producers can manage smutgrass, a relative of giant rat’s tail grass…Read More

Beef Central, 25/02/2018

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