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Methane-reducing red seaweed farming venture seeks investors

A South Australian venture proposing to construct a large-scale land-based aquaculture project farming the much-heralded asparagopsis red seaweed for use in livestock methane reduction is seeking investors…Read More

Jon Condon, January 21, 2021

Weekly Property Review: What lies ahead for grazing land sales in 2021?

The rural property transaction space saw an increasing number of Australian farming families looking to expand in 2020. Many foreign-owned properties were returned to locals and cheap money and a scarcity of properties put upward pressure on land values. In our final weekly property review for the year, stakeholders reflect on the year that was and give their thoughts on what 2021 may bring…Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, December 17, 2020

Movement at the station: Recently completed property sales

North QLD breeder country sells after several years | Gulf country purchased for a reported $23m | Around $19m for South Australia’s Calgara Station | Investors pay $10m for Victoria’s Kaloomah | Picturesque Flinders Ranges station settles | Record price for northern NSW cattle country | Historic Riverina property makes $9m+ | Picturesque red gum grazing in Victoria | Southern Tablelands block smashes reserve | CQ country sells to first-time property purchasers | Interstate buyer snaps up Cooladdi’s Nimboy
..Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, December 17, 2020

Weekly property review: 2020’s defining property sales

This week’s property review showcases a state-by-state snapshot of the defining property sales across Australia, as reported over the past 12 months. The inclusions below are not necessarily the largest in each region, but properties that performed considerably above local expectations…Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, December 9, 2020

CBRE’s Danny Thomas calls time, tackling new challenges

After 23 years in the rural property marketing game including the last nine as head of CBRE Agribusiness, high-profile property identity Danny Thomas has called time, taking on a number of new challenges…Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, December 9, 2020

Weekly property review: Recently completed sales

Prized Victorian property makes $36m | Eastern Riverina gems snapped up for $30m | Local pays $11.4m for CQ’s Burngrove | Broadwater in the Gulf achieves the asking price | NSW producer downsizes to SA’s Oakvale Station | A district record for Cobar’s Florida Station | Buying and selling in northern NSW..Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, December 2, 2020

Movement at the station: Properties for sale

South Australia’s Patchawarra could fetch $20m | $12m anticipated for Upper Hunter gem | EOIs for Wave Hill near completion | NT’s Dixie Station offers opportunity | Sought-after country in NSW’s far west..Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, December 2, 2020

Determining long-term carrying capacity

Knowing the long-term carrying capacity of a property or paddock is essential information for managers of extensive grazing businesses. While it is a contentious issue, there is an established, evidence-based process for estimating long term carrying capacity…Read More

Ian McLean, Bush Agribusiness, November 25, 2020

Weekly property review: Late season surge in northern cattle listings

The end of the long dry season, before the arrival of the wet, may seem an unusual time for extensive Northern Australian cattle properties to be hitting the market, but a string of them have done so over the past few weeks. In this week’s property review, industry contacts look at what’s driving it…Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, November 25, 2020

60,000 head included in Maryfield/Limbunya NT offering

In one of the biggest stock offerings included in a property transaction in recent times, more than 60,000 head of Brahman cattle will be included in the offering of extensive NT grazing properties, Maryfield and Limbunya…Read More

Beef Central, November 23, 2020

Mort & Co in hunt for new greenfield feedlot development site

Queensland lotfeeder Mort & Co is in an expansionary mood, launching a campaign this morning to unearth a site for a new feedlot somewhere in eastern Australia to complement existing operations at Grassdale on Queensland’s Darling Downs, and Pinegrove, near Millmerran…Read More

Jon Condon, November 19, 2020

Weekly property review: Recently completed sales

Hewitt’s Harvest Home sells to a north QLD local | Maranoa’s Glenochar makes around $7.5m | $17m for south east Queensland’s Glenapp | Versatile St George country makes $5.5m..Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, November 18, 2020

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