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Weekly property review: Recently completed sales

NQ safe breeder country sells prior to auction | Nundle cattle country is passed-in..Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, 20/09/2023

Movement at the station: Recent property listings

$40m blue ribbon Riverina grazing | $20m+ for large northern NSW contiguous holding | Immediate cash flow with Roma’s Ardentrive | Injune breeding & finishing | NQ’s Ophir Downs lists for $5.7m | Productive & picturesque Riverina grazing country | Low cost Upper Hunter breeding country..Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, 20/09/2023

$700m anticipated for Australian Food & Agriculture’s NSW portfolio

After 30 years of investing in agriculture, the privately owned Australian Food & Agriculture Co is offloading 13 New South Wales farms spanning 225,400ha, with hopes of raising about $700 million…Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, 19/09/2023

Weekly property review – 10pc decline in foreign ownership of ag land, ATO finds

This week’s property review scrutinises the latest findings from the Australian Taxation Office’s annual Foreign Ownership of Ag Land register for the year to June, 2022. Last year recorded a 10pc drop in land area held by foreign interests on the previous year’s figures, with the ATO citing expansion by Australian investors for the decline…Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, 13/09/2023

Riverina’s Werai Station joins latest southern property offerings

TWO Riverina properties and one in South Australia’s South East all feature added security from irrigation to head up the latest southern states property listings. Werai, NSW With the Bureau..Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, 12/09/2023

Property: What will US$90m buy in….. Paraguay?

Some interesting comparisons can be drawn between cattle operating conditions in Australia and South America, with the recent listing of a 44,000ha high intensity grassfed beef operation in Paraguay, with an asking price of more than $US$90m…Read More

Jon Condon & Les Cox, 06/09/2023

Weekly property review: Recently completed sales

Gateway Farms Wagyu expands on NSW’s mid-north coast | Native title holders secure Qld’s Thargomindah Station | Corporate secures blue chip south-west Qld aggregation | Relative buys CQ’s Crowsash..Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, 06/09/2023

Movement at the station: Recent property listings

$100m anticipated for two NSW properties | Two Mullaley holdings return to the market for $30m | NT’s King River Station returns to market | Blue ribbon backgrounding in southern Qld | Quality, country, water & security in central western Qld | Nebo’s Morpeth seeks buyers to wind up succession | Central Queensland bullock depot | Productive grazing on NSW’s Southern Tablelands | Drought proofing in NSW’s Riverina..Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, 06/09/2023

Weekly property review: NSW Central West hotspot for expansion

This week’s property review shines a regional spotlight on New South Wales’ Central West which stretches from Lithgow to Condobolin on the Lachlan River. The region has been attracting producer investors, particularly from southern areas and states, seeking expansion…Read More

Property editor Linda Rowley, 30/08/2023

Weekly Property Review: Recent property listings

This week’s wrap of interesting property listings across Australia includes: $90m+ for NSW’s Sunshine Farms Aggregation, new benchmark anticipated for SA grazing, Qld’s Robina Downs attracts institutional enquiry, Peel River country hits the market after 130 years,
CQ breeding block lists for the first time, Bells offload central western NSW country, western land lease sale will end 95 years of ownership,
Formal tenders for CQ’s relisted Glendarriwell and the Eyre Peninsula portfolio set to change hands. ..Read More

Property Editor Linda Rowley, 23/08/2023

We’ll all be rooned? LAWD remains bullish on property outlook, despite headwinds

Despite the current forces at work on Australian commodity prices, seasonal conditions and the cost of funds, there was none sign of ‘We’ll all be rooned’ sentiment evident during property agency LAWD’s Brisbane show knees-up last week. ..Read More

Jon Condon, 22/08/2023

Lachlan Valley aggregation offers scale, water entitlements

An opportunity to secure rare scale and vast water entitlements in New South Wales’ Lachlan Valley is predicted to draw significant institutional investor interest to AAM Investment Group’s Sunshine Farms Aggregation, near Forbes…Read More

Beef Central, 21/08/2023

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