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Letter to the editor: Ashley McKay on MLA Strategic Plan 2020

In this letter to the editor Queensland cattle producer and former Cattlemen’s Union of Australia board member Ashley McKay OAM has raised range of issues in response to Meat & Livestock Australia’s new five year strategic plan released last week. ..Read More

Guest Author, 23/06/2020

Letter: Perception everything in BJD saga

There is a strong suggestion that the BJD Review currently being conducted across the country will include in its new Management Plan to be published in October a statement that a watching brief should be kept by the beef industry on the progress of research on Crohn’s Disease. ..Read More

John Gunthorpe, BJD Action Coalition, 18/09/2015

Letter to the Editor – Live export for a better world

Our live export industry represents much more than just the ferrying of live animals to hungry markets, argues industry identity, Chick Olsson. ..Read More

Beef Central, 05/06/2015

Letter – Vic fund policy will save more Qld heartbreak over BJD

In a remarkably honest account of the impact of the Queensland Government’s bad policy on managing bovine Johne’s disease (BJD), husband and wife cattle producers from Queensland have detailed the stress resulting from their financial hardship after purchasing a bull from a property subsequently declared “suspect”…Read More

John Gunthorpe, Chairman, Australian Beef Industry Foundation, 13/11/2014

Letter – Dead-of-the-night changes erode landholder rights to object to mining

In the dead of night on Tuesday 9 September 2014 the Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Bill was passed by the Queensland Parliament. ..Read More

Guest Author, 12/09/2014

Letter – The truth about Johne’s

It’s time to tell in layman’s language the simple facts about the Johnes mycobacterium, writes Don Lawson.
..Read More

Don Lawson, 01/08/2014

Letter – 360 series should include BJD policy debate

AgForce should devote part of its ‘360 Series’ forums to a debate about the pros and cons of current Bovine Johne’s Disease policy in Queensland and its impact on producers, says Wallace Gunthorpe of the BJD Action Coalition and BJD Industry Advisory Committee…Read More

Wallace Gunthorpe, 28/07/2014

Letter – New laws threaten landholder rights to object to mining

I am very concerned that landholders, farmers and small businesses are not hearing about or do not fully understand the dire consequences of legislation before the Newman government…Read More

Shirley Doyle, 21/07/2014

Letter – The Big Disconnect

For producers, comments such as “the golden age of agriculture”, “the key markets are off shore”, “we export 75pc of our production” display a disconnect with reality…Read More

Charles Nason, 01/07/2014

Letter – Why Qlders need to review Resource Act changes by June 30

Landholders should review, consider and make appropriate submissions to the Agriculture, Resources and Environment Committee by 30 June 2014 and otherwise voice their concerns on the Bill by that date. If they do not we fear the consequences now and in the land term for many could be dire. ..Read More

Glen Martin, 17/06/2014

Letter – Transparent supply chains needed to address diabolically low prices

Australian beef producers are in a state of financial unsustainability due to diabolically low Aussie “farm gate “ prices, which are the lowest received in all of the major cattle producing countries. Most of our competitors are enjoying record prices on the back of low international herd inventories and rising demand for beef…Read More

Lee McNicholl, 20/05/2014

Letter – Tribute to Graeme Acton

Family businesses are the backbone of rural Australia, and Graeme Acton was a great role model for all of us, as it was for his passion for his family and his family business that I admired him the most…Read More

Don Lawson, 13/05/2014

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