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‘Our job is to get out of the way of mother nature’: Charles Massy

NSW farmer, scientist and author Charles Massy interviewed more than 150 farmers across Australia who practice regenerative agriculture, many of whose stories are recounted in his recently released book The Call of the Reed Warbler…Read More

James Nason, 15/06/2018

Dame Quentin gets Ilfracombe, women into the conversation

Former Governor general Dame Quentin Bryce has visited 55 countries, and her husband is sure that in every one, she has mentioned the small country town where she grew up, a Beef 2018 audience heard…Read More

Liz Wells, 31/05/2018

Leucaena fed cattle feature prominently in commercial championships

The prominence of Leucaena fed cattle among the champion grassfed pens was a notable trend from the commercial cattle championships held in conjunction with Beef 2018 in Rockhampton earlier this month…Read More

James Nason, 29/05/2018

Sustainability will play a role in credit assessments, but must be validated

With claims of sustainability inevitably comes the need for measurement to validate and demonstrate those claims, James Bentley, the manager of Natural Value of NAB, told an AgForce Forum at Beef 2018…Read More

James Nason, 25/05/2018

Driving weaning rates higher at Werrington

In a challenging environment to breed cattle, the Lethbridge family at Werrington north west of Townsville have managed to lift their weaning rates from 47 percent to 76 percent in the past 20 years…Read More

James Nason, 24/05/2018

Ship stockmen share their livex voyage experiences during Beef 2018

A rare chance to hear a different side of the live export industry was given at Beef 2018 in Rockhampton when two stockmen who work on ships spoke of their experiences. The frank admissions of Ben Giblet from Wellards and Richard Leitch from Fares Rural Exports provided an insight into the day-to-day workings of a live cattle export ship and the progress that has been made…Read More

Fiona Myers, 24/05/2018

Bridging the feedback gap in feeder cattle

Teys Australia is aiming to turn around the lack of performance data on feeder cattle with a new feeder steer feedback program, which will allow producers to know exactly how their cattle have performed, not only in the feedlot, but also in the chillers. The company provided a briefing on the project during Beef 2018 in Rockhampton…Read More

Fiona Myers, 22/05/2018

Ireland’s simple message on beef genetics: “a common data platform makes complete sense”

15 years ago Ireland’s beef cattle industry came together and made a decision that is now credited with having improved Irish cattle farmer profitability by $100 per head. Australia has the same opportunity if the industry is prepared to share genetic data, an Irish leader told producers at Beef 2018…Read More

James Nason, 22/05/2018

Why genomics is a powerful science for our cattle (and how crush-side genotyping could be here soon)

Unsure what genomics could mean for Australian cattle in future? At a Meat & Livestock Australia-hosted genetics forum at Beef 2018 in Rockhampton, leading geneticist Dr Ben Hayes from the University of Queensland gave producers a brief history of how genetic science has been applied to livestock production and why genomics is seen as a major game changer that can help to accelerate genetic gain in future…Read More

Beef Central, 22/05/2018

Is CPC headed for a Stanbroke-style bust-up?

Consolidated Pastoral Co boss Troy Setter remained tight-lipped about the company’s future ownership prospects, but spoke in animated terms about the future potential for the business during a wide-ranging discussion staged as part of Beef 2018 in Rockhampton…Read More

Jon Condon, 21/05/2018

Global investors ready to use Australia as path to Asian markets

Investment capital from around the globe is ready to buy into the Australian beef industry, but businesses need to choose their investment partners with care and ensure a cultural fit which delivers for both parties. That was the message from a seminar held at Beef 2018 last week, which brought together representatives from the banking, trade, investment, stud-stock and commercial-cattle sectors…Read More

Liz Wells, 17/05/2018

Beef 2018: Key snapshots from MLA’s global markets forum

Meat & Livestock Australia’s team of international business managers flew into Rockhampton from all corners of the world last week to share the latest insights on consumer trends and the work MLA does in various markets to promote Australian red meat…Read More

James Nason, 17/05/2018

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