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National Feedbase Summary 6 December 2023

Rainfall events over the past two weeks have been recorded over the eastern states, Northern Territory, eastern South Australia, and parts of Western Australia prompting a response in pasture growth…Read More

Al Rayner, Cibo Labs, 06/12/2023

National Feedbase Summary 22 November 2023

There have been only slight changes in the level of total standing Dry Matter in the past two weeks, reflecting the variation in rainfall and the ongoing bushfire impact in several states…Read More

Al Rayner, Cibo Labs, 22/11/2023

National Feedbase Summary 8 November 2023

Rainfall deficiencies for much of the continent along with warmer than average temperatures have significantly impacted on levels of Total Standing Dry Matter/Ha in all states…Read More

Al Rayner, Cibo Labs, 08/11/2023

National Feedbase Summary 25 October 2023

Below average rainfall during September has contributed to significant declines in Total Standing Dry Matter nationally…Read More

Al Rayner, Cibo Labs, 25/10/2023

Understanding “Green” and “Dead” in the National Feedbase Monitor

Since launching our National Feedbase Monitor fortnightly reports this month, several readers have asked about descriptive terms like ‘dead’, ‘dry’ and ‘green’ in reference to pasture condition in the reports. This article provides a handy summary of how the terms are used. ..Read More

Alastair Rayner, 12/10/2023

National Feedbase Summary 11 October 2023

In Beef Central’s latest fortnightly summary of the national feedbase provided by Cibo Labs, areas in central Australia with less than 500kg Total Standing Dry Matter (TSDM)/ha have expanded during the second half of September, as have parts of western Queensland, central and western NSW, South Australia and Western Australia…Read More

Beef Central, 11/10/2023

Introducing Beef Central’s new National Feedbase Summary

From today Beef Central will publish a fortnightly National Feedbase Summary developed by Cibo Labs, providing an overview of the national feedbase as well as changes in seasonal rankings against the average, total amounts of green and dead total standing dry matter and areas of growth and ground cover…Read More

Beef Central, 21/09/2023

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