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Improving soil carbon potential through healthy soils

Healthy soil is the cornerstone of a thriving and resilient farm, and livestock producers who are looking to understand the potential of their land to sequester and store carbon need to start with the fundamentals of soil health…Read More

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You service your ute or tractor, but what about your mental health?

How often do you service your ute, tractor, or harvester? Or how often would you go for a run or do physical exercise? Why wouldn’t you also do maintenance on your mind’s fitness?..Read More

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Industry shift: Top Australian feedlots embrace YoungStar mats

An innovative flooring solution is helping leading Australian lotfeeders drive efficiency improvements and protect their margins…Read More

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How MEQ Live tech is helping optimise Wagyu performance for Harmony Agriculture & Food Co

Harmony Agriculture & Food Co is using MEQ Live objective assessment technology to scan animals at feedlot induction, at 100 and 200 days on feed, and then at pre-feedlot exit to help realise the optimal value at each stage of the feeding process for each animal…Read More

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Flexible, efficient portion cutting driven by Marel’s I-Cut 360

I-Cut 360: Versatile anatomic portion cutting without crust freezing “Tell us what you need to cut” In an industry that calls for outstanding yield and more varied red meat products,..Read More

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Unearth the possibilities of your agricultural business with FarmEye

RCS has provided producers with cutting-edge tools and insights for agricultural economic analysis since 1993. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to what we see as the future of business analysis: FarmEye…Read More

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Ballandean Station: A legacy of agriculture and sustainability

Situated on the eastern edge of Sundown National Park, Ballandean Station not only preserves its historical charm but also thrives as a modern mixed farming and grazing enterprise utilising pasture improvement and Agricon Products’ nutrition and supplementation program…Read More

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Combining technologies to power up feed efficiency data from individual cattle

The combined use of two agricultural technology innovations are now being used to successfully capture feed efficiency data from individual grazing animals in the paddock…Read More

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Early warning of extreme weather events now at feedlot operators’ fingertips

Backed by AI technology and Internet of Things data, MistEO’s Climate Decision Intelligence gives feedlot operators insights to make early decisions for the welfare of their herd…Read More

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Pain relief improving the way producers manage animal husbandry procedures

Producers across the livestock industry who have adopted Tri-Solfen into their livestock management practices are not only operating under better animal welfare standards, but the investment is paying off through either a faster recovery time post procedure, or a premium price for ethically-produced outputs..Read More

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Direct carcase data adds to performance evaluation, as Raff Angus notches up 58 years

Actual carcase feedback on siblings is providing another level of performance evaluation on bulls for Raff Angus, as the stud moves through its 58th year of bull breeding based on objective measurement ..Read More

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From portioning to labeling: Showcasing Marel’s full-line solution

As the demand for easy-to-cook portioned meat products grows, food processors face the challenge of producing more value-added products while addressing labor scarcity and the rising cost of raw materials…Read More

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