Aussie entries perform with distinction in World Steak Challenge

Australian entries have performed exceptionally well, earning two major championships and 36 gold, silver and bronze medals in the 2019 World Steak Challenge decided in Dublin, Ireland overnight…Read More

Jon Condon, July 11, 2019

June beef exports top 100,000t, but starting to look shakey

After going within a whisker of knocking-off the US as Australia’s second largest volume beef export market in May, China achieved this historic milestone last month, accounting for 22,600t of Australian beef – about 10pc more than the US. See our June report on beef exports to all markets..Read More

Jon Condon, July 8, 2019

JBS’s ‘Queenslander’ beef brand launched in Japan + VIDEO

The new ‘Queenslander’ beef brand was launched in Tokyo recently when Japan’s famous Iron Chef, Hiroyuki Sakai, featured the product at his La Rochelle restaurant…Read More

Beef Central, July 8, 2019

US trade negotiations move to a ‘Full Court Press’ on global trade

Using the analogy of a playing strategy popular in basketball, Beef Central’s independent meat and livestock analyst Simon Quilty says if the US ‘Full court press’ trade negotiation tactics across the world are successful, the outcome for Australian beef exports could be devastating in terms of losing the market advantages we once enjoyed, both in price and volume…Read More

Simon Quilty, July 2, 2019

New meat trading businesses take root, following Sanger departures

Two new red meat export trading businesses, each working in different market segments, have opened their doors for business in Australia this week, following the departures of six key trading staff from Bindaree Beef’s Sanger Australia division last month…Read More

Jon Condon, July 1, 2019

Red meat export values hitting record highs

Australian boxed red meat exports have reached A$4.34 billion for the year-to-April, up a significant 26pc on the same period last year. This is first time the figure has passed $4 billion, and only the second time exports have exceeded the A$3.5 billion mark for the first four months of the year…Read More

Beef Central, June 27, 2019

Shipping line first to offer customers carbon-neutral transport

International shipping customers have for the first time been offered a carbon-neutral shipping service, to align with the growing number of export supply chains seeking to make claims over carbon footprint on their products…Read More

Beef Central, June 27, 2019

China bans all Canadian meat products after ractopamine detection claim

China has this week announced bans on all Canadian meat imports, following claimed detections made on Tuesday by Chinese custom inspectors of residues in Canadian imported pork products from the feed additive, Ractopamine, and potentially serious accusations of forged export certificates on Canadian pork exports into China…Read More

Simon Quilty, June 26, 2019

Success of McDonald’s US ‘all fresh’ burgers has implications for Australian beef

Burger restaurant giant McDonald’s has reported a dramatic 30pc increase in its Quarter Pounder burger sales in its US restaurant operations, since the adoption of a ‘fresh (never frozen)’ strategy a year ago. The move has significance for Australian beef trade, as virtually all of our grinding beef sales to McDonald’s US are in frozen form…Read More

Jon Condon, June 25, 2019

NH Foods launches QLD Natural/Grassfed branded beef program

Red meat processor NH Foods has responded to the global beef market’s growing appetite for natural/grassfed product, launching the company’s first Queensland-based branded natural beef program. First consignments of product under the company’s new Nature’s Fresh natural beef program have been consigned to US-based customers…Read More

Jon Condon, June 21, 2019

China builds a bigger post-ASF food import pipeline – including beef

The Chinese government in recent months has adopted a number of important initiatives that will see larger import volumes of all food types from around the world, as the impact of African Swine Fever starts to be felt in tightening protein supplies and rising Chinese domestic pork prices, Simon Quilty reports…Read More

Simon Quilty, June 20, 2019

Japan’s ‘cars for cows’ trade deal with US could neutralise Australia’s beef tariff advantage

It’s looking increasingly likely that Japan will soon strike a trade deal with the United States that could strip away Australia’s hefty tariff advantage in beef exports to our largest export market. ..Read More

Jon Condon, June 19, 2019

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