TFI merges domestic wholesale and food service businesses

Thomas Foods International is expanding its national wholesale and food service business. The move comes as the company rebrands its domestic wholesale and food service arms, previously operating as Holco and Country Fresh, under the Thomas Foods name…Read More

Beef Central, September 30, 2020

JBS strikes alliance with specialist BBQ retailer

Retail packs of beef have been sold through up-market pub bottle shop drive-throughs in the past, so it makes a lot of sense for the nation’s largest specialist retailer of barbecues and barbecuing equipment to offer customers a range of succulent steaks, juicy chops and briskets for slow-cooking…Read More

Beef Central, September 22, 2020

Domestic beef market risks getting swamped, as export volumes decline

As Australia’s beef export volumes continue to retract sharply, there’s an emerging risk of the domestic beef market becoming swamped by product being diverted out of the international trade – even at a time when slaughter volumes are historically low for this time of year…Read More

Jon Condon, September 15, 2020

Trade deals have boosted Aus ag, and its competitors too

Free Trade Agreements have significantly assisted the growth of Australian agricultural exports including red meat in the past 20 years, but a global proliferation of similar deals has also helped competitors erode some of the benefits Australia has gained, a new ABARES report released today shows…Read More

Beef Central, September 11, 2020

Opinion: The case for Australia to pursue ‘Regional Self-Reliance’

Australia cannot reasonably achieve self-sufficiency, but can and should be pursuing a goal of ‘Regional Self-Reliance’ through a much closer working relationship with its nearest neighbours, writes Andrew Henderson.

It could even take the form of a multilateral economic partnership agreement. writes Andrew Henderson. ..Read More

Andrew Henderson, September 11, 2020

Now’s a good time to work on improving relations with Indonesia

Australia and Indonesia are separated geographically by only a few thousand kilometres of sea but culturally by a far greater gulf that has caused continuous misunderstandings and headline conflicts over the past decade. However it is a relationship that has perhaps never been more important to Australia, particularly as ties with China continue on a downward spiral…Read More

James Nason, September 8, 2020

DAWE releases draft export control rules for public consultation

Draft new rules which will set out the operational requirements that must be met to export goods from Australia, including red meat, have been released for public consultation today…Read More

Beef Central, September 7, 2020

August beef exports down 27pc year-on-year, in line with slump in slaughter

Australia’s international beef trade dropped sharply in August, in line with the recent trend in reduced cattle slaughter across the nation. Exports to all offshore markets totalled just 78,000 tonnes last month – the lowest mid-year monthly export volume seen in at least ten years…Read More

Jon Condon, September 4, 2020

The downs – and ups – of COVID-19 for red meat supply chains

In the six months since the World Health Organisation declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic there have been a range of impacts on red meat exports and supply chains – and not all negative, a webinar was told yesterday…Read More

James Nason, September 4, 2020

Mac or Jack? Burger giants clash over new offering

Burger giants McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s have entered into a legal stoush over the name, description and construct of Hungry Jack’s new ‘Big Jack’ and ‘Mega Jack’ burger range…Read More

Jon Condon, September 4, 2020

Organic industry raises concerns over misleading package labelling

Products falsely claiming to be ‘organic’ on packaging will be the key focus of this year’s Australian Organic Awareness Month…Read More

Beef Central, August 31, 2020

Stanbroke claims fourth Beef-Off taste test title

Queensland grainfed beef supply chain Stanbroke Beef has claimed its fourth Beef-Off taste test title, against some of the country’s best beef brands in the annual competition in Brisbane this week…Read More

Beef Central, August 28, 2020

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