As 90CL beef prices boom, ‘It’s a good time to be an Australian processor,’ analysts say

The record bull-run in imported 90CL grinding beef prices shows no sign of abating, with the US indicator price climbing to a new record high of A840.6c/kg on Monday. “This is a good time to be a New Zealand or Australian cow processor,” analysts said this week. ..Read More

Beef Central, November 14, 2019

Analysis: China at crossroads in rebuilding its pork industry, post ASF

Dramatic changes may lie ahead for China’s pork industry, if it is to start the long and slow recovery process from African Swine Fever, independent meat analyst Simon Quilty reports… ..Read More

Guest Author, November 7, 2019

Anuga: Two-way benefits in TFI’s investment in EU importer/distributor

Strategic investment in its European importer’s business last year has paid big dividends for Australian beef and sheepmeat exporter Thomas Foods International. TFI shared a stand with its partner Luiten Food at the Anuga food trade show in Germany last month – marking a 12 month milestone since it invested in its European distributor/wholesaler…Read More

Jon Condon, November 6, 2019

October exports: Will China finish the year as Australia’s largest beef customer?

It is not out of the question China could finish 2019 as Australia’s largest annual export beef customer, which would represent the first time in 50 years a country other than US and Japan has claimed the distinction…Read More

Jon Condon, November 4, 2019

Beef, live cattle exports to SEA could top $13b by 2025, report suggests

Beef and live cattle exports to South East Asian nations could deliver up to $13 billion per year to the Australian economy by 2025, a new report shows…Read More

Beef Central, October 30, 2019

Export grinding meat prices continue to soar to record levels

Imported Australian 90 CL grinding beef prices into the US have soared to all-time record levels over the past month, driven by global demand for meat protein, a sharp seasonal decline in NZ beef production and favourable currency trends. ..Read More

Jon Condon, October 29, 2019

US cattle producers welcome Real Meat Act

American cattle producers have welcomed the introduction to the US House of Representatives of an Act they say will guarantee consumers can be sure that the meat products they are buying are real meat…Read More

Beef Central, October 29, 2019

China approves more beef export plants in Ireland and the UK

China continues to approve more beef plants to ship beef to it, as its African Swine Fever-fuelled protein crisis deepens. A further 14 Irish plants and for the first time, four in the United Kingdom, now have access to the China market…Read More

Beef Central, October 28, 2019

ASF impact underpins USDA’s 4pc global beef export growth forecast for 2020

The US Department of Agriculture has recently updated its global beef production, trade and consumption forecasts for 2020, providing an indication of what to expect from Australia’s key competitors in the year ahead. Increased demand across Asia, underpinned by declining pork production, will be a key factor driving growth…Read More

Beef Central, October 24, 2019

Individual cuts traceability to underpin JBS’s refreshed King Island beef brand

Australia’s largest red meat processor, JBS, plans to launch a paddock-to-primals traceability system for one of its signature beef brands before year’s end. The project will link individual King Island beef producers back in the paddock with consumers and end-customers in a way not previously seen at any significant scale in the Australian beef industry…Read More

Murray Arnel, October 23, 2019

Growth in airfreight shipments for Australian red meat exports

Both beef and sheepmeat have recorded substantial growth in the use of airfreight as a means of exporting product in recent years. Beef exports by air have grown by 42pc in the past five years, while sheepmeat exports by air have risen 45pc over the same period.
..Read More

Jon Condon, October 22, 2019

Korean beef safeguard set to trigger

Australia will trigger the 2019 beef safeguard to Korea in the coming days, with the tariff on set increase from 24pc to 30pc until 31 December 2019..Read More

Meat & Livestock Australia, October 18, 2019

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