Top Wagyu, Angus entries shine in Sydney Show branded beef awards

Some of the nation’s best-known commercial beef brand programs shared the major honours in the 2022 Sydney Show branded beef awards decided yesterday…Read More

Jon Condon, 23/09/2022

Major value-added beef companies bought by international investor

Two of Australia’s largest value-added foods companies using beef as a primary raw material – including the world’s biggest pie manufacturer – have been bought by an international private equity investor…Read More

Beef Central, 15/09/2022

Strong rebound expected in Aussie beef production and exports next year, says USDA

The US Department of Agriculture has forecast a strong rebound in Australian beef production and exports next year, as Australia continues to recover from severe drought in 2019-20…Read More

Beef Central, 12/09/2022

August beef exports continue to lag – Korea aside  

South Korea aside, Australian beef exports for the month of August remained flaccid – as they have all year – under the burden of low rates of slaughter, processing labour and logistics challenges and other factors. Trade into Korea was disproportionately high, driven by an earlier decision to suspend tariffs on 100,000t of imported beef,..Read More

Jon Condon, 07/09/2022

Aussie team runs close second in 2022 World Butcher’s Challenge + PICTURES

An Australian team of six gun retail butchers has run a close second in the 2022 World Butchery Challenge held in Sacramento, California over the weekend…Read More

Jon Condon, 05/09/2022

US supermarket giant Walmart takes stake in sustainable beef producer/processor

US supermarket giant Walmart has taken a strategic interest in US cattle producer-owned Sustainable Beef LLC to increase its visibility in the beef supply chain and help ranchers grow their sustainable beef business…Read More

Beef Central, 02/09/2022

Australia hosts World Halal Business Conference

Australia is hosting the World Halal Business Conference in Melbourne tomorrow – the first time the world’s largest gathering of halal business representatives has been held outside of Malaysia.  Over two days, Australian and international businesses will explore growing halal export opportunities across food, health and beauty as well as financial service sectors. ..Read More

Beef Central, 31/08/2022

How chefs are driving meat marketing and consumer trends

WHETHER it is Gordon Ramsay overhauling a modest English café with a foul-mothed tirade or Matt Preston wearing his cravat and using an impressive vocabulary to describe a mouthful of food – the celebrity chef has no doubt become a part of modern culture. A food industry entrepreneur says the rise of chefs has made them a key part of meat marketing in Australia..Read More

Eric Barker, 12/08/2022

Australia’s July beef exports continue year-long struggle

Australian beef exports for the month of July have continued to languish – as they have all year – under the burden of low rates of slaughter, logistics challenges and other factors. Volumes shipped to all markets last month reached just 74,949t, down 6pc on the previous month…Read More

Beef Central, 03/08/2022

McDonald’s ends its US experiment with plant-based burger option

Global burger giant McDonald’s has pulled its experiment with plant-based burger patties in 600 of its US stores…Read More

Beef Central, 30/07/2022

MSA research into ‘Wagyu effect’ and dairy beef cattle progresses

IS there a special ‘Wagyu effect’ that contributes to Wagyu beef’s eating qualities, over and above the standard industry criteria like marbling, ossification and fat cover under the Meat Standards Australia eating quality model? This is one of a number of fields of MSA research now making progress across the country…Read More

Beef Central, 25/07/2022

Retail beef prices up 14.6pc over year to June, survey shows

While retail beef prices across Australia declined marginally last quarter compared to the previous March quarter, they have risen 14.6pc over the past 12 months, a new consumer research report shows…Read More

Jon Condon, 22/07/2022

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