China drops pork/soybeans tariff, hog losses accelerate – estimated at 70pc by year end

The once estimated loss of China’s pig population of 50 percent by year’s end is now looking like a 70pc hog and a 60pc sow inventory loss, as China’s Africa Swine Fever problem accelerates…Read More

Simon Quilty, September 17, 2019

Beef export growth for South America

Beef export growth from South America is expected to continue off the back of a strong 2019, Meat & Livestock Australia predicts…Read More

Meat & Livestock Australia, September 13, 2019

Beef leaders urge Parliament to ratify Indo-Aus FTA

Leading Australian beef industry figures have urged Federal Parliamentarians to work quickly to ratify Australia’s free trade agreement with Indonesia as soon as possible, stressing that shifting political dynamics mean Australia’s relationship with its near neighbour has never been more important…Read More

James Nason, September 10, 2019

Competitor watch: 25 more Brazilian meat plants approved for China export

In growing signs of the momentum in beef trade out of Brazil to China, a further 25 Brazilian meat processing plants have been approved this week by Chinese authorities for export…Read More

Jon Condon, September 10, 2019

US imported grinding meat prices hit four-year high

Price for Australian imported lean grinding meat in the US have hit a four-year high when measured in Aussie dollar terms, reaching 721c/kg in trading last week. Not since the US’s significant domestic beef shortage caused by its own earlier drought have prices reached this level, last seen in September 2015.
..Read More

Jon Condon, September 9, 2019

China retains newly-won crown as beef’s biggest export customer in August

China has retained its crown as Australia’s single largest beef export customer by volume for the second consecutive month during August…Read More

Jon Condon, September 3, 2019

Brazilian meatpackers cleared to export beef to Indonesia

Brazillian beef is expected to start moving into Indonesia in coming weeks after the Indoneisan Government formally confirmed it has authorised 10 Brazilian plants to export beef to the country…Read More

James Nason, September 2, 2019

China now a central pillar of global meat markets

Never before in modern history has the global meat trade centred so much on a single country. ..Read More

Beef Central, August 29, 2019

Updated MLA global market snapshots released

Growing demand in China for beef has seen Australian beef exports to the market increase almost 60-fold over the past decade…Read More

Beef Central, August 29, 2019

Trade: Japan commits to lowering tariffs on US beef, while China raises theirs

As the US China trade war worsens, China announced on Friday that it will levy an extra 10pc in tariffs on US beef and pork from September 1 – the same week that Japan announced its intention to lower tariffs on US beef to levels enjoyed by TPP members, including Australia. ..Read More

Beef Central, August 26, 2019

What can Australia expect, following’s Brazil’s beef access breakthrough with Indonesia?

What are the implications for Australia, following Brazil’s breakthrough in gaining access to supply beef to Indonesia – the world’s eighth largest beef export market and Australia’s fifth largest in 2018? ..Read More

Beef Central, August 22, 2019

Tariff on Australian beef to China doubles from Aug 17

China has doubled tariffs on eight important categories of Australian imported beef, after Australia triggered its 2019 annual beef quota to China following booming trade volumes this year…Read More

Jon Condon, August 19, 2019

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