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Weekly genetics review: Determining who’s who among the ‘Duds’ and ‘Studs’

Given all the focus on finding the real ‘studs’ durring the upcoming bull sale season, it’s not unsurprising that cattle producers often forget that genetic improvement can also be achieved by identifying the ‘duds’ in a herd. Genetic progress is achieved not only by the introduction of new animals with higher genetic merit – it also requires a degree of intensity in the selection of breeding females. ..Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 18/06/2024

Bull Fertility: What’s a fair & reasonable ask?

With the Spring bull selling season soon to launch, photos of fat, sappy Angus bulls with captions like ‘depth & consistency’, ‘slick coated’ and ‘easy doing’ are about to flood social and print media, says Guyra bull breeder Sally White. But amidst the marketing glitz and glamour, be mindful that fertility is way more important than all of the above put together when it comes to profit, she says…Read More

Beef Central, 18/06/2024

Weekly genetics review: Don’t neglect your breeding objectives next season

As part of the industry seminars held during Beef 2024, Mundubbera Central QLD commercial producer Kara Knudson spoke on the importance of clearly defined breeding objectives. Some beef producers are reluctant to set defined objectives, however as highlighted by Kara, establishing breeding objectives around their markets and environment have allowed her family’s beef business to make specific decisions for its strategic and tactical management decisions…Read More

Beef Central, 11/06/2024

Large Fullblood female offering as late Wagyu pioneer’s herd disperses

The large, well-regarded Wagyu seedstock herd founded by Australian Wagyu industry pioneer, the late Simon Coates is being offered for sale via expressions of interest…Read More

Beef Central, 11/06/2024

Have we listed your Spring 2024 bull sale details?

Beef Central has completed research for its 2024 winter/spring bull sales calendar, featuring sales fixtures nationwide across all major beef breeds being held between now and the end of November. Here’s how to make sure your sale is included..Read More

Beef Central, 11/06/2024

Beware of bull breakdown this sale season

Vaccination is having a significant impact on balanoposthitis – an inflammation of a bull’s penis and prepuce – which can have a severe economic impact on a cattle breeding business..Read More

Beef Central, 03/06/2024

Repronomics – Making selection more accurate for northern Australia

Genomic data collected through intensive and detailed recording, has helped increase EBV accuracy in some lowly heritable and hard-to-measure traits by as much as 50pc a Beef 2024 seminar audience was told this month.
..Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 20/05/2024

BreedPlan Select launched for commercial cattle herds

In what is being described as the biggest addition to BreedPlan in over 50 years, a new DNA-Only genetic evaluation product is being launched for commercial cattle herds…Read More

James Nason, 14/05/2024

CPC’s Troy Setter provides a checklist for bull breeders looking to sell bulls into the north

Throughout Beef 2024, there was a consistent theme based on capturing and growing the opportunities to improve beef production, often using well established practices and technologies. While there were many new developments presented in genetics seminar sessions, more frequently the information presented was demonstrations of how existing technology continues to underpin efficient and productive beef enterprises. CPC’s Troy Setter provided some examples in a discussion around bulls suited to the north..Read More

Beef Central, 13/05/2024

Big production cost savings to be had in breeding more feed-efficient cattle

The role of breeding and genetic improvement within the context of sustainable beef production was a focus of today’s breeding technologies seminar hosted by international breeding company Vytelle. ..Read More

Genetics editor, Alastair Rayner, 08/05/2024

Genetics is a serious contributor to sustainability progress, Beef 2024 audience hears

Beef Central genetics editor Al Rayner is at Beef 2024, reporting on issues and challenges in the animal genomics and genetics field. Here is the first of his observations from the early seminar programs…. ..Read More

Genetics editor, Alastair Rayner, 07/05/2024

Weekly genetics review: Costing AI in commercial beef herds – making valid comparisons

Understanding the cost associated with implementing breeding technologies such as Fixed Time AI does require taking a step back to consider a number of factors contributing to both success and the overall cost of the program. Following on from last week’s column outlining the factors that contribute to the success of an FTAI program, this week the focus shifts to understanding the costs of such a program…Read More

Beef Central, 30/04/2024

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