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Weekly genetics review: Autumn bull sales results showcase the confidence in industry

THE most common expression to be heard across the country at present is, ‘It’s a great time to be in cattle!” It’s a sentiment that underpins the confidence many producers..Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 27/04/2021

Strong recovery in stud cattle registrations, post-drought

There has been a sharp rise in seedstock cattle registrations across Australia over the past 12 months, data recorded by the Australian Registered Cattle Breeders Association shows. Driven by a return to more favourable seasonal conditions and the start of herd rebuilding after drought – as well as the confidence-driven commercial cattle market – seedstock registrations for the 2020 year rose by more than 5pc to 145,806 head…Read More

Beef Central, 25/04/2021

Weekly genetics review: Opportunities to capture maternal performance data on-farm

Using a technology pioneered in the sheep industry, members of a Colac-based Producer Demonstration Site are exploring using EID tags and walk-over weighing systems to collect more female performance data, genetics editor Al Rayner explains in this week’s genetics review…Read More

Guest Author, 20/04/2021

Wagyu breeders launch ambitious new ten-year progeny test program

The Australian Wagyu Association will shortly announce an ambitious new ten-year Progeny Test Program designed to validate high-value emerging Wagyu sires, set to commence later this month and run until 2031. The program will help to identify genetically superior sires that will have a strong influence on the future direction of the Wagyu breed…Read More

Beef Central, 20/04/2021

Weekly genetics review: Getting to grips with temperament

This week’s genetics review focuses on temperament – and the point that it can’t just be improved on selection alone. Temperament is moderately heritable, which means if producers don’t think about on-farm practices, any genetic gains won’t count for much…Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 13/04/2021

Webinar: The role of reference populations in genetic evaluation for beef cattle

In this upcoming webinar presented by FutureBeef and Beef Central, AGBU scientist Dr Matt Wolcott examines the role of genomic information in modern genetic evaluation and discusses how breeds and breeders can identify traits for which intensive recording strategies will yield the greatest benefit…Read More

Beef Central, 13/04/2021

Weekly genetics review: Making more informed heifer selection decisions

Decisions on heifer selection and retention for breeding are never ones to be taken lightly. A heifer represents not only the next generation of breeding potential for a herd, but she also reflects the prior investment in genetics, as well as determining the productivity and profitability of the herd for most of the next decade. Choosing which heifers to retain can be an issue for both seedstock and commercial producers, for various reasons…Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 06/04/2021

Information-packed conference program for Wagyu Edge 2021

The Australian Wagyu industry’s annual Wagyu Edge conference has assembled an outstanding lineup of speakers for this year’s event, being held on the Gold Coast later this month as a precursor to the Beef 2021 event in Rockhampton. Attracting between 400 and 600 delegates annually, Wagyu Edge claims to be the largest annual conference on the beef industry calendar, and is arguably the Wagyu sector’s leading global event…Read More

Beef Central, 06/04/2021

Weekly genetics review: Considering the costs of longevity in bulls

For many producers, the cost of bulls is a constant source of discussion. Following last week’s column, it was highlighted to me by by numerous readers that costs associated with bulls are a more complex issue than many realise. There is no doubt this is the case. A key component to offsetting the cost of purchasing a new bull is the capacity to maximise his use and exposure to cows over his working life – however, the question of ‘working life’ is one that creates the most issues in commercial operations across the country…Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 30/03/2021

Santa Gertrudis joins growing trend towards Single-Step Breedplan analysis

Australian Santa Gertrudis breeders are the latest to incorporate genomic information into the calculation of Estimated Breeding Values within the breed’s Breedplan evaluation, known as Single-Step…Read More

Beef Central, 30/03/2021

Weekly genetics review: Valuing bulls – how much can commercial buyers afford to pay?

In a super-heated autumn bull demand period, genetics editor Alastair Rayner poses the question, How much can a commercial bull buyer afford to pay for replacements?..Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 23/03/2021

Weekly genetics review: The value of the Days to Calving EBV in successful re-breeding

This week’s genetics review looks more deeply at the topic of heifer targets. One of the key points is that the Days to Calving EBV offers producers a chance to adjust and select for puberty in their herd. This, combined with on-farm growth targets, is essential if they are going to achieve firstly good conception rates in maiden heifers, but more importantly maximise the number of females that successfully re-breed…Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 16/03/2021

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