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Weekly genetics review: Avoiding that feeling of ‘data overload’ on bulls you are considering

As the number of genetic traits that have EBVs available increases, the complexity of the data on offer has also increased. For many people, the amount of data on offer can become overwhelming. Unfortunately, this feeling of data overload can result in a number of reactions that can lead to less desirable outcomes, genetics editor Al Rayner warns…Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 03/08/2021

Can breeders select for greater environmental adaptation within a breed?

In the search to get more production traits, it is important does not erode an animal’s environmental adaptation. As a result, new research EBVs such as coat type in Angus or tick scores in Brahmans when released, may help ensure these adaptation traits are not lost or wasted in the focus on production traits..Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 03/08/2021

New $225,000 record-priced Angus bull finds his way onto the semen market

The new $225,000 Australian record priced Angus bull sold at the annual Texas Angus sale near Warialda last week will find his way onto the semen market, with straws expected to be released for sale in late August or early September. Sexed semen will be available next year…Read More

Beef Central, 03/08/2021

Angus bull sets new $225,000 breed record

The 2021 spring bull selling season is off to a cracking start, with a new national Angus breed record of $225,000 set this morning at the annual Texas Angus bull sale in northern NSW…Read More

Beef Central, 29/07/2021

Weekly genetics review: How will COVID impact the northern NSW spring bull sales?

As health authorities move to restrict movement and stem the spread of COVID into regional areas, restrictions and border closures will have an impact on many northern NSW bull sales in coming weeks. Here’s some advice for prospective bull buyers and vendors on what to expect, and how to prepare.   ..Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 27/07/2021

The cost of an extended calving period

There’s been strong reader comment response to last week’s genetics item discussing advantages of a shorter gestation length (click here to view). Here’s a second item from genetics editor Alastair Rayner on the cost of an extended calving period and related topics……Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 27/07/2021

CQLX Gracemere retains mantle as southern hemisphere’s largest stud selling venue

Rockhampton’s CQLX Gracemere selling centre easily retained its mantle as the largest stud cattle selling facility in the southern hemisphere last year, accounting for 2628 head of bulls and registered females, spread across 15 sale fixtures and eight major breeds. This year, another 14 sales are scheduled between August and October, as the northern Australian spring sales period prepares for what promises to be another record-setting year…Read More

Beef Central, 27/07/2021

Will video replace the bull selling ring?

As the seedstock industry continues to innovate, some sales are holding physical sales in front of buyers featuring video footage of each bull displayed on a series of large video screens, instead of running each bull through the ring. Here’s genetics editor Alastair Rayner’s verdict ..Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 20/07/2021

Weekly genetics review: Advantages to a shorter gestation length

Across the bull sales underway this spring, a lot of buyer attention will be given to traits such as Birth Weight and Calving Ease EBVs. These traits will have a direct impact on next year’s calving rates, and with more than the usual number of heifers being joined, there is rightly a lot of focus placed on them.  However there are additional valuable genetic traits producers can include within their appraisals – one of these is Gestation Length…Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 20/07/2021

Learn more about Angus AI sire prospects via online ‘Spring Bull Night’

Angus Australia will host a virtual ‘Spring Bull Night’ via social media next month, allowing producers to engage and source information as they make decisions for upcoming AI programs…Read More

Beef Central, 20/07/2021

Weekly genetics review: Opportunities with yearling bulls

It’s close to 30 years since former Beef Cattle Officer with NSW Agriculture, Sandy Yeates published a short manual titled “Yearling Bulls, tapping their immense potential.” But have commercial bulls buyers really embraced the range of opportunities in using yearling bulls, genetics editor Alastair Rayner asks…  ..Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, 13/07/2021

Angus Australia commits $3m to future of Sire Benchmarking Program

Angus Australia recently approved a $3 million investment in growing the Angus genotype and phenotype reference population, particularly for hard-to-measure traits, through an additional five cohorts of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program…Read More

Beef Central, 13/07/2021

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