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These searchable lists are a valuable nationwide resource for both upcoming and recently completed stud and herd bull sales information. This presentation is designed to assist bull buyers making decisions about upcoming purchases, and industry stakeholders interested in recent sales results. Both lists are fully searchable by breed, time-frame, region and specific stud prefix.

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Weekly genetics review: Have a measured approach to setting a budget when buying bulls

Determining the budget for genetic improvement within a herd often challenges many producers. As an advisor to commercial and seedstock breeders, Genetics Central editor Al Rayner says he is frequently asked for advice on realistic budgets for bulls. “The process of setting budgets often appears to be overlooked by many producers,” he says…Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner*, July 16, 2019

Weekly genetics review: A challenging spring bull selling season ahead

As the 2019 spring bull selling season commences across Northern NSW and into Queensland, the consensus among seedstock breeders is that this will be a challenging year for sales. The ongoing impact of drought continues to drive herd reductions as producers grapple with water shortages and scarce feed supplies. Cows and water are the factors dictating producer’s decisions to purchase bulls. From early sales held during June, clearances have been lower, and this trend is a worry for many seedstock producers preparing for their own sales in coming weeks and months…Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, July 9, 2019

Weekly genetics review: Days to calving – An on-farm focus

Across the country there are varying levels of focus placed on the Days to Calving EBV. In general, southern-based herds with closer management of cattle and more defined joining and calving periods, place lower emphasis on the trait compared to other fertility measures. Beef Central spoke with a number of bull breeders across the country to gauge their approach to the Days to Calving trait, and the traits they apply in managing fertility…Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, July 2, 2019

Stock agent and breed administrator Richard Bucks signs off after 63 fruitful years

Former stock agent and Angus breed administrator Richard Buck signed off this week as secretary of the NSW Angus committee, after 63 fruitful years in the beef industry. Richard has an unbroken attendance of the Sydney Show for the past 74 years…Read More

Beef Central, June 28, 2019

Brahman cattle reveal their genetic secrets

Genome specialist Professor Stephen Moore thinks it is possible to rejig the genetic scales with Brahman cattle, with novel opportunities to rapidly and efficiently bump up the productivity of Brahman herds while retaining their formidable adaptation traits..Read More

Beef Central, June 26, 2019

Weekly genetics review: Fertility traits – using genetics to drive herd fertility

This week’s genetics review focuses on the development of the Days to Calving EBV. This is a valuable tool to assist in improving overall herd fertility, however data collection has been low, as many breeders do not realise that they need to collect more comprehensive data for the whole herd and submit this to Breedplan. Breed society pedigrees and cow disposals are not enough, and are not used in the analysis…Read More

Genetics editor Alastair Rayner, June 25, 2019

New genetics hub helps demystify breeding values

Commercial cattle and sheep producers now have new tools to help them start using breeding values in their bull and ram buying decisions, following the launch of some important new genetics resources this week…Read More

Beef Central, June 25, 2019

Weekly genetics review: Breeding objectives underpin production gains

A focus on and commitment to defined breeding objectives underpins the ongoing success of the Rangeland Bulls ‘breeding collective’ in western Queensland…Read More

Genetics editor, Alastair Rayner , June 18, 2019

Webinar: Managing a high-fertility beef herd

A free webinar providing valuable information for cattle breeders and consulting veterinarians wanting to understand fertility in beef cattle herds, and how it can be better managed, will be held later this month…Read More

Beef Central, June 17, 2019

Webinar: Breeding values – Your tool for looking under the hood of your next sire

An upcoming webinar presented by FutureBeef and Beef Central will explore the use of breeding values to allow the bull buyer to see ‘under the hood’ of a BreedPlan-recorded animal – both his weak points and his strengths – to decide if he’s the right fit for the herd…Read More

Beef Central, June 5, 2019

Beef breed registrations lift 4.5pc in 2018

Beef breed registrations continued to grow during 2018, despite the impact of drought conditions in many parts of eastern Australia. Primary registrations increased by 4.5 percent to 147,293 head last year, the Australia Registered Cattle Breeders Association reported on Friday…Read More

Beef Central, June 3, 2019

New decision-support tools will help drive genetic selection, Angus conference told

US animal geneticist Dr Kent Anderson was tasked with doing some crystal-ball gazing about where cattle genetics and genomics progress might head over the next ten years, to 2030 during last week’s Angus Australia conference in Albury. Here’s a summary of his views…Read More

Jon Condon, May 30, 2019

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