FMD and LSD in Indonesia: A timeline of developments so far

Beef Central, 28/07/2022

To help our readers stay up-to-date with news relating to the lumpy skin disease and foot and mouth disease outbreaks in Indonesia, we have compiled a list of key developments and insights from Beef Central and Sheep Central since the detections were first reported by our news websites in early March and May respectively.  

Improving biosecurity measures are steadily reducing the risk of FMD incursion: Ross Ainsworth

By Dr Ross Ainsworth     2 August 2022

I travelled from Bali to Brisbane during the last week of July and can confirm that strong biosecurity measures are in place which should help to keep the Foot and Mouth disease virus (FMD) out of Australia. More

FMD risk starting to weigh heavily on listed companies exposed to livestock

By Beef Central     2 August 2022

Shareholders investing in some of Australia’s largest listed companies exposed to our livestock industries are responding to the elevated level of concern over Foot & Mouth Disease risk. More

$2664 fine for passenger caught with undeclared meat from Indonesia

By Beef Central     1 August 2022

A passenger who arrived at Darwin airport with a range of undeclared risk products including McDonald’s pork and beef McMuffins from Indonesia which were sniffed out by Darwin’s new detector dog has been issued with a $2664 infringement notice. More

Multiple market drivers influencing cattle price performance, says MLA

By Beef Central     29 July 2022

While the presence of both Foot and Mouth Disease and Lumpy Skin Disease in Indonesia have heightened concern in the Australian livestock industry, MLA managing director Jason Strong says it’s important to consider perspective and a long-term view, when examining market drivers influencing the cattle market. More

Senate inquiry launched into biosecurity measures

By Eric Barker     29 July 2022

After weeks of debate about the Federal Government’s response to the heightened threat of Foot and Mouth disease entering Australia, a senate inquiry into the country’s biosecurity responses has been called. More

Why isn’t Lumpy Skin Disease spreading? The answer is blowin’ in the wind

Dr Ross Ainsworth     28 July 2022

Lumpy skin disease has been largely overlooked following the arrival of Foot and Mouth Disease in Bali, but it hasn’t gone away. The question is, with no shortage of vectors (insects) in Indonesia, why hasn’t LSD spread as expected? Dr Ross Ainsworth offers his proposed explanation. More

Time to fix biosecurity funding for good, NFF deputy tells fodder conference

By James Nason     27 July 2022

The theat of foot and mouth disease in Indonesia means now is the time to address long term shortfalls in biosecurity funding once and for all, National Farmers Federation vice-president David Jochinke told this morning’s National Fodder Industry conference in Toowoomba. More

Is the current cattle price decline as alarming as it first appears?

By Jon Condon    26 July 2022

Anybody looking at today’s Eastern Young Cattle Indicator graph, plotting prices for the past 12 months, might assume the world is about to end. But dig a little deeper, and its clear that the current cycle is still relatively mild compared with other market corrections seen over the past 20 years. More

FMD: Breed and weight are critical to cattle survival in Indonesia

By Dr Ross Ainsworth     25 July 2022

The textbooks state that FMD, while highly infectious, has a low mortality rate in adult cattle. While this statement is technically true, in the Indonesian experience at least, it is very misleading, write Dr Ross Ainsworth. More

Watt announces stronger biosecurity powers at international airports

By Beef Central     22 July 2022

The Federal Government has established Biosecurity Response Zones at international airports, describing the move as another strong measure in response to the Indonesian outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD). More

Higher biosecurity fines mooted

Terry Sim    21 July 2022

Senator Murray Watt addressing last night’s webinar. Picture: Murray Watt Twitter account

Higher fines for breaching Australia’s biosecurity laws are being investigated in the wake of the discovery of confirmed Foot and Mouth Disease virus fragments in a pork product on sale in Melbourne. More

FMD and LSD: Lots of talk but no meaningful action

By Dr Ross Ainsworth and Greg Pankhurst     21 July 2022

Australia needs to do more to protect itself from the FMD wildfire. I don’t doubt that our government is trying but I also expect that the Indonesian government simply doesn’t have the same level of urgency. More

When ‘FMD fragments’ fuel full blown fears

By James Nason    21 July 2022

Australia thankfully does not have foot and mouth disease, but headlines that followed yesterday’s media conference by agricultural minister Murray Watt may have led many to think otherwise. More

Export beef customers raising concerns, following yesterday’s inaccurate FMD publicity

By Jon Condon    21 July 2022

Australian red meat exporters have fielded urgent inquiries from overseas customers overnight over the safety of Australian beef, following inaccurate and misleading headlines in metropolitan Australian media yesterday. More

Testing finds FMD fragments in CBD pork, as Watt agrees to roll out footbaths

By Beef Central    20 July 2022

Foot and Mouth Disease fragments have been found in meat products in Melbourne and in an undeclared beef product imported by a passenger travelling from Indonesia, but the Department stresses the detections do not mean there has been an incursion of FMD in Australia. More

Update on Indonesia’s FMD, LSD control efforts

By James Nason    19 July 2022

Australia is relying heavily on Indonesia’s ability to tame outbreaks of LSD and FMD to prevent a disease incursion here, but on current evidence control remains a long way from being achieved in both incursions. Just returned from Indonesia, CPC CEO Troy Setter gives his latest account. More

Returning Aussies lambast airport Bali passenger protocols

By Terry Sim    18 July 2022

“He said are your shoes dirty and we said ‘probably’ and he said ‘don’t worry’ and he just let us through” – Returning Aussie travellers say experiences show airport biosecurity approach is flawed. More

Australia’s FMD compensation package contains ‘major flaws’

By Jon Condon    15 July 2022

Major flaws exist in the AusVetPlan’s approach to compensation for stock losses associated with any outbreak of FMD in Australia, analyst Simon Quilty told the RMA Network annual conference. More

Indonesia won’t control FMD outbreak in medium term

By Terry Sim    15 July 2022

Indonesia won’t get rid of Foot and Mouth Disease in the short or medium term, Australian farmers were told in a Victorian Farmers Federation webinar tonight. More

The Weekly Grill podcast: Beef Central’s ‘Man on the ground’ in Indonesia, Ross Ainsworth

By Kerry Lonergan     15 July 2022

Dr Ross Ainsworth provides a timely update on the rapidly escalating Foot and Mouth Disease and Lumpy Skin Disease crisis in Indonesia and what it means for Australia. More

Aus announces one million FMD vaccination doses for Indonesia

By Beef Central     15 July 2022

The Australian Government has announced $1.5 million to support Indonesia’s response to the FMD outbreak, including an additional $14 million to support regional management of the disease at Australia’s borders. More

Tourism ban won’t help FMD control efforts, livestock reps say

By James Nason     14 July 2022

Calls for Australia to consider halting travel to Bali to prevent foot and mouth disease entering Australia are being met with resistance from livestock representatives concerned about how such a move would impact Australia’s critical relationship with Indonesia. More

NSW Farmers to vote on motion supporting national sheep EID

By Terry Sim     14 July 2022

NSW farmers will next week consider an urgency motion to support national mandatory sheep electronic identification as Foot-and-Mouth-Disease and Lumpy Skin Disease outbreaks continue in Indonesia. More

AUSVETPLAN says orange juice ingredient can inactivate FMD

By Terry Sim    13 July 2022

Australia’s Federal Government has seemingly overlooked its own AUSVETPLAN on exotic disease incidents by claiming a powerful and irritating chemical was preferred for decontaminating footbaths. More

Bali tourists confused over FMD actions

By Eric Barker  12 July 2022

Beef Central has been talking to travellers in several Facebook forums to see what their experience has been with managing the disease and how they were greeted by Australian authorities when they arrived home. The questions yielded three main responses. More

What is Foot and Mouth Disease?

By Michael Ward   12 July 2022

Foot and mouth disease – usually referred to by its acronym FMD – is the most feared livestock disease in the world. It can cripple the livestock sector, cause immense animal suffering, destroy farmer businesses, create food insecurity and has massive trade impacts for Australia. More

‘One pair of dirty shoes could devastate an entire industry’

By Beef Central  11 July 2022

The NSW Government is calling on travellers holidaying in Bali to do their bit to prevent the highly contagious Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) from reaching Australian shores and devastating the nation’s $28.7 billion livestock industry. More

FMD spreading rapidly throughout Indonesia

By Dr Ross Ainsworth  8 July 2022

SE ASIA BEEF REPORT: Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) continues to spread like wildfire throughout the Indonesian island chain with infection confirmed in most areas except the far eastern islands. More

FMD risk: How would affected businesses be compensated?

By James Nason  8 July 2022

What kind of financial arrangements are in place for impacted businesses should a foot and mouth disease outbreak occur in Australia? More

Fire up the barbie for biosecurity staff, producer urges

By Terry Sim   8 July 2022

Tom Bull addressing the ICMJ conference in Wagga this week

Speaking at the 2022 Intercollegiate Meat Judging Association’s annual conference in Wagga Wagga, NSW livestock producer Tom Bull suggested the red meat industry should organise barbecues for border security workers. “We’ve got to support the people at the frontline. Red meat producers need to show how important these people are to our future livelihoods,” he said. More

Rural Aussies returning from Bali urged to take extra care

By James Nason   7 July 2022

Country-based Australians returning from Bali or other parts of Indonesia are being urged to consider spending an extra day in a capital city before returning home to reduce the risk of carrying FMD into rural areas. More

Biosecurity wake up call

By Chris Howie   6 July 2022

The Varroa mite incursion in bees is a prime example of what an FMD notification will do to our livestock industry. More

FMD spreads to Bali

By James Nason   4 July 2022

The risk of foot-and-mouth disease reaching Australian shores has increased with confirmation the outbreak in Indonesia has reached the tourist hotspot of Bali. More

Biosecurity top of mind as Murray Watt plans Indonesia visit

By Terry Sim   29 June 2022

Biosecurity will be top of Minister for Agriculture Murray Watt’s list when he visits Indonesia next month. More

Why FMD is a bigger threat than Australia appears to recognise

By Dr Ross Ainsworth   28 June 2022

Q. What is the risk of transmission of FMD from Indonesia to Australia? A. In my opinion the risk is extremely high over the next 1 to 6 months. More

‘Hand-to-mouth’ biosecurity funding must end: NFF

By Beef Central     27 June 2022

Significant incursions will not just impact agricultural value chains but will have an impact across the whole economy, NFF Vice President David Jochinke has warned. More

Fast action needed on national livestock gene bank

By Terry Sim   22 June 2022

The faster Australia establishes a livestock genetics gene bank, the safer the future of the nation’s animal industries will be, according to University of Sydney Professor of Animal Production Simon De Graaf. More

VFF members reject Indonesian travel ban proposal

By Terry Sim    22 June 2022

Victoria’s peak livestock farming council has opted not to support a call by its president for a ban on Australian tourists visiting Indonesia until the country’s Foot and Mouth Disease vaccination program is completed. More

National sheep EID system progress welcomed

By Terry Sim    22 June 2022

Australia is moving closer to implementing a national electronic identification system for sheep and goats, albeit more than 10 years after government and industry reports recommended the measure. More

Qld launches one-stop FMD, LSD information portal

By Beef Central    18 June 2022

A new, online one-stop information portal for Lumpy skin disease (LSD) and foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) preparedness is now available to livestock owners and other industry stakeholders. More

Agribusiness Australia chief and Elders boss backs calls for national sheep EID

By Terry Sim    17 June 2022

Mark Allison has voiced his support for a national electronic identification system for sheep and goats as the nation faces an increased risk of an exotic disease incursion. More

Livestock breeders urged to secure genetic material

By Terry Sim    15 June 2022

Victorian Chief Veterinary Officer and former Scotland chief vet Dr Charles Milne experienced the UK’s 2001 and 2007 FMD outbreaks first hand, and is backing calls for Australian livestock breeders to protect valuable genetics now that FMD is in Indonesia. More

What would a national livestock standstill entail?

By James Nason    14 June 2022

Were foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) to make its way from nearby Indonesia to Australia, a direct result under current rules would be the likely immediate imposition of a national livestock standstill. What would that entail? More

FMD vaccine desperately needed to avert Indo catastrophe

By Dr Ross Ainsworth    9 June 2022

SE ASIA BEEF REPORT: Indonesia is now in the most dangerous phase of the epidemic which is the time between the emergence of the disease across the country in a herd with zero immunity and the delivery of suitable vaccines to a majority of the cattle population (and sheep, goats, buffalo, pigs and Bali cattle. More

A safeguard that studs should seriously consider

By Chris Howie    6 June 2022

For the stud community I strongly suggest collecting eggs, embryos and semen from your operation and putting into storage. More

Be alert, not alarmed over FMD/LSD threats, urges RMAC chair

By Jon Condon    30 May 2022

Australian livestock producers should be ‘alert, but not alarmed’ over the looming threat of Foot & Mouth Disease and/or Lumpy Skin Disease, but all should consider developing a comprehensive biosecurity plan, Red Meat Advisory Council chair John McKillop told the Queensland Rural Press Club in Brisbane. More

Chief vet to visit Indonesia as FMD, LSD infection widens

By Beef Central    30 May 2022

Australia’s chief vet Dr Mark Schipp and Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Beth Cookson will visit Indonesia again this week to meet with senior government officials and discuss animal health and biosecurity issues.  More

Would feral pigs exacerbate an FMD outbreak in Australia?

By James Nason    27 May 2022

Experts have told Beef Central further research is needed to understand the potential role Australia’s large feral pig population could play in spreading a disease such as Foot and Mouth Disease if an outbreak occurs here. More

Producers urged to ensure farm biosecurity plans are up-to-date

By Beef Central    27 May 2022

With multiple biosecurity threats in neighbouring countires, Cattle Council of Australia is urging all producers to make sure they are alert and have an up to date farm biosecurity plan. More

How is Indonesia faring under FMD? Here’s Troy Setter’s on-the-ground account

By Jon Condon    20 May 2022

Consolidated Pastoral Co managing director Troy Setter has been in Indonesia this past week on company business, during which Beef Central contacted him for an ‘on-the-ground’ update. More

Indo outbreak weighs on northern cattle export trade

By James Nason    20 May 2022

After maintaining a steady pace in the past month there are signs northern cattle export activity may face further disruptions following widespread rainfall in Queensland and the detection of Foot and Mouth Disease in Indonesia. More

Foot and Mouth Disease confirmed in Java

Dr Ross Ainsworth    11 May 2022

SE ASIA BEEF REPORT: While FMD is a big problem for Indonesia, Australia, one of the world’s largest beef and sheep meat exporters, has the most to lose if infection spreads to our national herds. More

Are our livestock traceability systems ready?

By James Nason    11 May 2022

With outbreaks of foot and mouth disease and lumpy skin disease in Indonesia, Australia’s world leading livestock traceability systems could soon face a major test. The multi-billion dollar question is, are they ready? More

Australia’s livestock tracebility systems were tested in 2016 and 2018. How did they go?

By James Nason    11 May 2022

Every several years “cow catcher” and “sheep catcher” exercises have been held in Australia to simulate Foot and Mouth Disease outbreaks, enabling government agencies and industry groups to test the effectiveness of livestock traceability systems in the event of major disease incursion. The last tests highlighted clear problems with the lack of rapid traceability in Australia’s sheep industry. More

FMD in Indo a ‘major wake-up call’ but not reason to panic: CCA president

By James Nason    9 May 2022

While the confirmation of Food and Mouth Disease in Indonesia has created urgency to ensure Australia’s livestock traceability systems are working as effectively as possible, it is also important that industry retain perspective and not panic about the nearby outbreak, says CCA president Markus Rathsmann. More

DAWE statement on FMD detection in Indonesia

Media Statement     9 May 2022

The department has been advised of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in Indonesia. More

Foot and Mouth Disease reported in Indonesia

By James Nason    6 May 2022

A Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak has been reported in a provincial city in Indonesia, presenting an alarming escalation in biosecurity threats for Australia’s livestock sector. More

Dept researching potential Lumpy Skin Disease risk to sheep and goats

By James Nason   29 April 2022

While the disease is most closely associated with cattle, Australia’s chief veterinary officer notes lumpy skin disease has also crossed over into sheep and goat populations in nearby countries. More

The Weekly Grill Podcast: LSD and biosecurity issues with Australia’s chief vet

By Kerry Lonergan    29 April 2022

Just back from Indonesia, Dr Mark Schipp discusses latest biosecurity issues facing Australia’s beef industry – and in particular, the looming threat of Lumpy Skin Disease. More

Lumpy Skin Disease triggers industry crisis response process

By Beef Central     19 April 2022

The Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) has activated the red meat industry’s crisis response process, or CRIMAC, in view of the significant risk posed by the declared presence of Lumpy Skin Disease in Sumatra, Indonesia. More

Indonesian authorities monitoring LSD spread

By Dr Ross Ainsworth     13 April 2022

SE ASIA BEEF REPORT: Government authorities will be on extra-high alert throughout the Ramadan period. More

Govt to import live Lumpy Skin Disease virus to accelerate research

By Beef Central     8 April 2022

The Australian Government has today agreed to an industry request to open a pathway to import live lumpy skin disease virus to accelerate diagnostic capability and enable testing of lumpy skin disease vaccines. More

Ag Department reviewing overseas vaccines for Lumpy Skin Disease

By James Nason    5 April 2022

There is currently no Lumpy Skin Disease vaccine approved for use in Australia, according to the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment. The Department says it is currently reviewing overseas vaccines to identify if any could be used on an emergency use permit.  More

Lumpy Skin Disease needs Australia’s best scientists: Cattle Council

By Beef Central     1 April 2022

Australian infectious disease experts must be given access to live samples of Lumpy Skin Disease so they can develop an mRNA vaccine. More

Cattle Council facing ‘most important biosecurity policy decision in decades’

By Beef Central     28 March 2022

The Cattle Council of Australia (CCA) Policy Council and Board will meet in Canberra this week to discuss what the organisation has described as ‘the most important biosecurity policy decision the livestock industry has faced in decades’. More

Calls to import live cattle virus for research to combat possible outbreak

By James Nason    28 March 2022

Calls to import live Lumpy Skin Disease virus into Australia’s high-level disease research and containment facility at Geelong are being urgently sounded as the threat of the disease entering Australia’s cattle herd grows. More

The threat that has the northern cattle industry on high alert

By James Nason     27 March 2022


“We know how big it is, but we’re not doing enough to stop it.” More

Australian chief vet to visit Indonesia over lumpy skin disease threat

By Beef Central    23 March 2022

Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Mark Schipp is travelling to Indonesia this week to meet with senior government officials on a range of cooperation activities related to animal health and biosecurity. More

If Lumpy Skin Disease reaches Australia, result will be catastrophic

By Dr Ross Ainsworth    16 March 2022

SE ASIA BEEF REPORT: In Asia and most other parts of the world, cattle are under close daily care by their owners and a largely non-lethal disease like LSD can be managed. But the situation is far more serious in the case of pastoral cattle and wild buffalo herds in the north of Australia. More

Australia ‘ready to assist’ in containing lumpy skin disease outbreak in Indonesia

By Beef Central     4 March 2022

The Australian Government says it stands at the ready to assist Indonesia following the confirmed detection of lumpy skin disease there. More

Lumpy Skin Disease confirmed in Sumatra, raising alert for Australia

By Dr Ross Ainsworth    3 March 2022

The Indonesian government last night signed off on an Emergency Declaration following confirmation that Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) has been identified in Sumatra, increasing the risk of the disease entering Australia. The international animal health agency (OIE) is also being notified. More

Australian biosecurity working to protect cattle from lumpy skin disease

By Beef Central    25 February 2022

Australia’s biosecurity system is continuing to protect against lumpy skin disease, which affects cattle and water buffalo and which could have a devastating impact if it arrived in Australia. More 


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