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Biggest rises for heaviest cattle as strong southern market gains momentum at Ballarat

The heaviest grown steers and heifers penned in this month’s Ballarat store cattle market made the best price gains…Read More

Murray Arnel, 21/06/2021

Market loses some of its zip in Covid-restricted NVLX Wodonga sale

The recent gilt-edge demand for smaller drafts of young weaner stock lost some of its zip in an otherwise unchanged to dearer market for heavier feeder classes and specialty lines at Wodonga…Read More

Murray Arnel, 07/06/2021

Feedlots lift rates at Ballarat

A Beef Central analysis of the prices paid at the Ballarat monthly store cattle sale has revealed large -scale feedlot operators have once again  leant heavily on the central Victorian market, raising bids by a further 15 cents a kilogram or $50-$80 a head compared to the centre’s month earlier sale…Read More

Murray Arnel, 24/05/2021

Feeder buyers sweep Ballarat yarding, lighter sales ‘outstanding’

Spiraling store cattle values sold at Ballarat on Friday kept pace with the beef industry’s surging Eastern Young Cattle Indicator that broke through the 900c/kg barrier earlier in the week…Read More

Murray Arnel, 19/04/2021

Local buyers defend their patch in Tassie weaner excitement – Murray Arnel sale report

Local buyers extinguished almost all opportunities of a mainland buying spree as the Tasmanian annual weaner sales continued at the Powranna selling complex on Thursday…Read More

Murray Arnel, 15/03/2021

Mountain calf sales Day 2: Steers, heifers crack $2000/head | PICS + Video

Southern Australia’s many cattle pasture feeding regions were well represeted by buyers on Day 2 of the East Gippsland Mountain Calf sales where white-faced Herefords were the featured breed…Read More

Murray Arnel, 05/03/2021

White-hot calf sales in the mountains

The buyer fraternity held nothing back in their quest for cattle, dispatching good numbers to all the major cattle finishing districts in Victoria, South Australia and southern and northern NSW…Read More

Murray Arnel, 03/03/2021

Gangbuster opening to mountain calf sales

Visitors to the opening mountain calf sales this morning have witnessed “probably one of the dearest sales that has ever been seen in this part of the country”, according to market analyst Murray Arnel…Read More

Beef Central, 02/03/2021

‘Mind blowing’ Ballarat steer sale

Major lot feeder orders from across the southeastern states set alight a fearless demand for suitable feeder cattle at Ballarat’s annual grown and weaner steer sale on Friday…Read More

Murray Arnel, 22/02/2021

‘Strongest demand I’ve seen’: 5024 steers average $1999/head at Ballarat + VIDEO

Feedlot buyers from three states converged on Ballarat this morning to drive prices at the annual Ballarat Grown and Weaner Sale to extraordinary levels…Read More

Beef Central, 19/02/2021

‘Still a great time to changeover to young cattle’ + VIDEO

Prices of up to $3750 for PTIC heifers and $4400 for two year old cows with calves at foot are clearly well above the norm, but rates for older cows mean there is still value in the changeover, according to an experienced Ballarat auctioneer.
..Read More

Beef Central, 09/02/2021

Ballarat joined females surge $400 above the odds

Victoria’s CVLX Ballarat saleyards was awash with confidence Friday when restocker heifers – pregnancy test in calf – raced to a record $3750 per head on two occasions, and while November/December calved heifer outfits made to $4400…Read More

Murray Arnel, 08/02/2021

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