Mixed penning at Wodonga meets strong local support

Gemma Heggie, 09/05/2022


Yarded 1955

EYCI = 1107c/kg


Steers: 360-450kg $2130-$2590 av 615c/kg; 280-360kg $1790-$2380, av 639c/kg

Heifers: 360-450kg: $1710-$2280, av 485c/kg; 280-360kg $1550-$1850, av 569c/kg

Elders agents Ian Geddes, Deniliquin and Brett Shea admire a line of Poll Hereford steers consigned from Ensay breeder, DA Young.

Quality well-bred and well-conditioned lines returned expected high values at NVLX (Wodonga saleyards) on Thursday when a mixed penning met mainly local support.

Topped up by occasional online bidding, an increased number of secondary-quality were not as well-supported, selling $50 to $100 a head lower than the centre’s month earlier Elders and Nutrien conducted sale.

Nutrien auctioneer Will Jennings called the overall result as satisfactory.

Quality bred cattle, with weight, sold close to firm but secondary lots were cheaper and sold accordingly” Mr Jennings said.

Most of the secondary lots he said were clean-up lots from the autumn drop while most of the spring-drop pens were penned in fresh condition but didn’t offer a lot of weight.

Oliver Mason, Elders said that given the recent deterioration in the local season local support was satisfactory but slimmer than normal.

“We felt the market was softer overall”, Mr Mason said.

“The good runs of spring-drop calves made their rate but there wasn’t a lot of weight involved with these and this prevented some of the feedlot orders from operating”.

Mr Mason said that grown steers sold at the market’s top end met strong and unchanged demand.

An example of this was a draft of Ensay-bred Poll Hereford steers, 412kg, that black steer money or better.

Offered as a yard of 16 account the breeder, DA Young these made $2620 a head while a second pen of 22, 387kg made $2450.

A third pen of 12 from the DA Young draft, weighed at 368kg made $2420 to return an overall average of $2487 a head and 636c/kg.

To view Beef Central’s full post-sale interview with Oliver Mason, click the following link:

NSW vendors Burnbrae Crossing, Gerogery and MK Vagg Pastoral, Hay also offered steer drafts offering better than average weight.

The Burnbrae Crossing pen of 14 Angus, 397kg made $2510 (632c/kg) while the Vagg Pastoral pen of 19 Angus, 370kg, made $2420 or 654c/kg.

Mitchell Pastoral, Bethanga sold 21 Angus. 352kg at $2380 (676c/kg) while Tararu Pastoral, Barnawartha North sold 15 Angus, 371kg, at $2320 (625c/kg).

Watch vision from the opening steer sales:

As the weights declined further the per-kilogram rate of sales edged higher reaching $7/kg at about 300kg.

Rosemont Angus, Nathalia sold 17 Angus, 319kg at $2150 (675c/kg) while a second yard of 17 Rosemont Angus, 275kg, made $1950 (709c/kg).

A highly regarded line of 47 Angus offered by Walwa vendors RP & SJ Newham excited the interest of restockers seeking quality.

Their first lot of 23, 280kg, made $2090/head (746c/kg) while a second yard of 24, 249kg, made $1980 (763c/kg).

Sandloft, Wymah was another seller of spring-drop weaners. Their first yard of 21 Angus, 272kg, made $1900 (698c/kg) while a second yard of 27, 239kg, was sold at $1760 (736c/kg).

Also cracking the $7/kg mark was a yard of 17 Poll Hereford steers, 266kg sold at $1870 by DP Noonan and LB Ryan of Berrigan.

The best of Charolais steer sales was made at $2150 (665c/kg). These were sold in a yard of 14, 323kg, by PB & TJ Butler, Kergunyah while a second from the same breeder, 283kg made $1810 (640c/kg).

Unjoined heifer sales were mostly contested by local feeder and restocker interests including a regular order placed from South Australia.

Among the larger sales, LG & MV Boswell, Bowna sold 17 Angus, 353kg at $1960, B&D Mitchell, Bethanga sold 22 Angus, 283kg at $1750 (618c/kg while vendor Somerset cleared 16 Angus, 272kg at $1710 (628c/kg).

The heaviest yard of 25 Newham heifers, 262kg made $1710 while a second pen of 26, 248kg, made $1630.

Also receiving similar money was vendor Sandloft with yards of 21 Angus, 277kg sold at $1710, and a second pen of 16, 233kg, that made $1450.

Sales of breeding cows, with calves at foot, met demand fitting of age and quality.

Nutrein’s Will Jennings and Tim Robinson in action during the May sale

Vendor Shannon Falls, Lankey Creek offered four yards of Angus cows, aged 6 to 8 years, with 1–3-month-old Angus calves. Not station mated, these made $3400 to $3680 while K&L Jones, Sandy Creek sold six Composite heifers, with Composite calves, aged 4- 8 weeks at $3820.

Sales of PTIC cows and heifers varied from $1800, to a top of $2420 for a pen of nine Angus, 629kg, in-calf 4.5 to 6.5-months to Jarobee-blood Angus.

These were offered by GT Hoffman while three yards (46 in total) of Tom Groggin Station, Corryong Angus cows, Alpine-blood, PTIC to Alpine Angus bulls made $1800 to $2160.

Presented in light store condition with weights from 472 to 547kg, the Tom Groggin Station cows returned a sale rate between 367 and 441c/kg.


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