Vic Weaner sales: Wodonga Day 1

Murray Arnel, 09/01/2023

David Anderson and son Riley, Narrandera, NSW, sold their APC Trust line of Angus weaners at NVLX.

NVLX Independent Agents Black sale

Date: January 4, 2023

Yarded: 5278

Grown steers: 360-500kg: $1770-$2270, avg 474c/kg; Weaner Steers: +360kg: $1770-$2010, 501c/kg; 280-360kg: $1550-$1800, avg 527c/kg;

Heifers: +360kg: $1600-$2000, avg 450c/kg; 280-360kg: $1380-$1680, avg 498c/kg

VICTORIAN beef weaner sales welcomed in the new selling year trading unchanged on the northeast border on revised pre-Christmas rates.

Putting demand to its fullest test of Wednesday, a 5300-strong yarding of grown and weaner Angus cattle at NVLX Barnawartha on Wednesday sold its steer portion chiefly between $1750 and $2250 a head for a sale-average of 505c/kg.

This market was followed Wednesday afternoon, at nearby Wangaratta, with an all-black penning of 4400 weaners which saw young weaned steers make $1700 and $2070, to strike rates of 480 to 550c/kg for the heavier drafts, and up to $6/kg for selected lighter weights.

Heifers at both centres were consistently sold between $1450 and $1770 with selected lots sold higher to average around $4.80 to 5/kg (see separate Wangaratta report).

As mentioned, the NLVX Wednesday sale was an “all-black” affair: a market conducted by independent agents, Corcoran Parker, BUR Livestock, RPL/Rodwells and Schubert Boers.

CP principal Kevin Corcoran said the sale went “exactly as designed”.

“Vendors gained the prices they had hoped for. Buyers could buy what they wanted at the rates they had envisaged, and the demand was widespread with no-one really dominating”.

Mr Corcoran said buying support was widespread across the combined outlets.

At-the-rails bids were placed from several northern and central New South Wales area, also southern Queensland, South Australia along with strong local interest from either side of the border region, Mr Corcoran said.

BUR Livestock auctioneer, Michael Unthank agreed sales panned out as expected.

Brothers, Michael Unthank and Gerard Unthank, auctioned the BUR Livestock listing of weaners at NVLX.

The hope was that the lead of our calves, with weight, would nudge $2000, and the middle rune would make $1600 to $1800 which they have done.

On that basis everyone should be reasonably happy, Mr Unthanks said.

“Prices are well back on last year but at the end of the day buyers have got to make money out of their purchases”.

Watch his full interview with Beef Central:

Topping the grown and yearling-off section of the NVLX yarding was a pen of 20 Angus weighed at 489kg.

Offered by The ELIM Partnership, Yackandandah, Vic, these made $2360 while Mt Elliott, Corryong sold, at $2250, a pen of 17 Angus weighed at 465kg.

A large line of 63 Angus, aged 14-16 months-old, 465kg, were sold at $2210 by MJ & LA Bulle, Holbrook with a second yard of 25, 422kg cleared at $1950.

And, a larger consignment of 200 Angus steers, aged 12-13 months from Andrew Cumming and Sarah Dalhenberg, Walwa, NSW, was sold to a top of $1860, with the heaviest yard weighed 413kg.

A second draft of the Cumming/Dalhenburg Ardrossan and Dollar Angus steers – 48, 388kg made $1845 while a third draft of 70, 344kg, made $1735.

Topping NVLX steer weaner sales was a yard of 44 EU-accredited Angus steers, aged 10-12 months.

Te Mania-blood and weighing 398kg, these were sold at $2010 a head or 505c/kg on account of Mayfield Pastoral Company, Bungowannah, NSW while a second pen of the Mayfield steers, 355kg, made $1780 or 501c/kg.

Also, among the leading steer weaner sales, sold at $1970, was a yard of 46 EU-accredited Ardrossan-blood Angus steers, weighed 388kg.

These were offered by BM & BM Campbell “Hilltop” Koetong, Vic while a second pen of 41 Campbell family Angus, 342kg, made $1800 or 526c/kg.

Also, sold at $1970 a head was 46 Angus steers, 368kg, offered by Cold Springs Pastoral, Dederang, Vic.

These comprised Fernhill and Dunoon-bloodlines, while JA & ST Adams, Staghorn Flat, Vic sold 60 EU-Angus, 382kg, at $1950.

A second pen of 44 Adams//Dunoon-blood EU-Angus, 325kg made $1790 or 550c/kg.

Fairlea Farms, Tallangatta Valley, Vic, was also among a select number of vendors to achieved prices above $1900, selling 40 Angus, 378kg, at $1940 or 513c/kg.

A second pen of the Fairlea Farms Dunoon and Cascade-blood Angus, 346kg, made $1760 or 508c/kg.

Watch the opening lane of steer weaner sale as streamed live by Beef Central:

A pen of 33 Angus, 401kg, offered account SP & A & AC McKenzie-McHarg, Bullioh, Vic, 9-10 months, Ardrossan & Jarobee-blood also sold strongly making $1970, with a second pen of 21, 347kg, cleared at $1750

The Quilter family, Narrandera, NSW, offered a strong listing of 130 head of Dunoon-blood steers, aged 9 to 10 months. Their heaviest pen of 34, 331kg, made $1800 while a draft 42, 290kg, made $1700.

Mark, Shaun and Dale Quilter, Sandigo, NSW with their BUR agent, Gerard Ryan, sold 113 steers at NVLX.

Ingpen Farms, Ancona, Vic also consigned a large draft of 100 Hazeldeen and Coollana-blood Angus to the market, with its heaviest yard of 40, 380kg sold at $1860 while a second draft of 45, 331kg, made $1740.

Large, well-bred and well-prepared lines of heifers drew special attention from restocker buyers from both ear and afar.

A Mayfield Pastoral line of 27 Te Mania-blood Angus, 10- 12 months, cracked $6/kg making $1950 at 324kg.

A pen of 30 GL & DR Macaulay Angus heifers, 314kg, from Huon, Vic, Alpine-blood won good support making $1750 while an EU-accredited draft of 55 Woolshed Creek Pastoral Angus, 320kg, from Milawa, Vic, made $1700.

A good number grown heifers were assembled with those offering weights above 360kg sold from $1620 up to $2000, while most weighed between 280 and 360kg realized $1400 to $1750.




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