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Weekly kill: Processor grids rise for second consecutive week – is the wind shifting?

A second round of processor grid price rises has occurred across parts of eastern states this week, in what may turn out to be the start of the much anticipated fundamental shift in the slaughter cattle supply/demand/price equation, following 18 months of severe drought…Read More

Jon Condon, July 16, 2019

Weekly kill: Grid prices steady, as rates of kill continue to climb

The prolonged and lingering impact of drought across eastern Australia continues to be reflected in unusually high rates of kill, especially for cows. Grid price offers remained steady across Queensland and NSW last week, as processors are well supplied with slaughter stock until mid-July…Read More

Jon Condon, June 11, 2019

Weekly kill: Slaughter numbers climb to three-year high

Drought pressure has pushed slaughter numbers to a three and a half year high last week, as freezing conditions and heavy frosts across large parts of eastern Australia prompt another wave of herd reduction heading into mid-year.The seven day kill to Friday showed last week’s eastern states kill at 158,991 head – the highest number seen since October 2015…Read More

Jon Condon, June 4, 2019

Weekly kill: Some cow grids softer as supply continues to surge

With first frosts making an appearance in some areas of eastern Australia in the past few days, large numbers of cows continue to flow into processing channels this week as more drought-impacted producers move to lighten-off numbers heading into winter…Read More

Jon Condon, May 28, 2019

Weekly kill: Cow prices come under heavy pressure as numbers surge

Direct consignment slaughter cow prices have come back sharply in QLD over the past few days, due to abundant supply as producers continue to lighten off numbers heading into winter. Current competitive offers from processors in southern parts of the state for slaughter in coming weeks have heavy cows at 420c/kg today, down 15-20c/kg on last week…Read More

Jon Condon, May 21, 2019

Grid prices steady, as cattle flows persist heading towards June

While some southern direct consignment grid prices have risen over the past week as typical pre-winter seasonal supply issues emerge, over-the-hooks rates in Queensland have remained unchanged again this week, continuing a three-week trend…Read More

Jon Condon, May 14, 2019

Weekly kill: Feedlot reliance hastens shortage of slaughter cattle later in the year

A topic of conversation around processing circles this week has been the impact that current heavy reliance on grain-finishing systems because of drought is likely to have on slaughter cattle supply later in the year…Read More

Jon Condon, April 30, 2019

Weekly kill: Easter handbrake dramatically slows beef processing

Many direct consignment slaughter grids in southern states have risen 15-20c/kg in the past week, as available numbers start to decline heading into winter. Meanwhile in Queensland, grids remain mostly unchanged this week, as processor demand is diminished by successive holiday-shortened working weeks…Read More

Jon Condon, April 24, 2019

Weekly kill: Lack of follow-up rain and cooler weather drives lift in numbers

THE flow of slaughter cattle across eastern Australian picked up this week, as the onset of cooler night-time temperatures and a lack of follow-up rain after encouraging March falls prompts some producers to further lighten off numbers heading into winter.  ..Read More

Jon Condon, April 17, 2019

Weekly kill: Qld grid prices stabilise, after sharp rising trend

Direct consignment meatworks grid prices in Queensland remain mostly unchanged this week, after a fortnight of sharp rises following March rain. Southern and Central Queensland processor grids this morning have heavy cows at 435-440c/kg and four-tooth grassfed heavy steer 510-535c/kg…Read More

Jon Condon, April 9, 2019

Weekly kill: Rain brings halt to slaughter cattle price slide

Encouraging, if somewhat patchy falls since Thursday of anywhere from 25-150mm across eastern parts of Queensland and New South Wales have applied a handbrake to slaughter cattle over-supply and price deterioration this week…Read More

Jon Condon, March 19, 2019

Weekly kill: Slaughter prices enter freefall territory

Direct consignment slaughter cattle prices have entered free-fall territory in the past week, as the relentless surge in stock turnoff across eastern Australia pushes supply and demand seriously out of balance…Read More

Jon Condon, March 12, 2019

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