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Weekly kill: Some grid offers continue to soften, in slower pre-Easter period

With two short production weeks this week and next caused by the Easter break, slaughter cattle demand softened this week across much of eastern Australia, and some processor grid offers continued to soften…Read More

Jon Condon, April 7, 2020

Weekly kill: Rates decline continues, as beef demand uncertainty mounts

Eastern states cattle slaughter leapt a remarkable 17pc last week, despite continuing downwards pressure on finished cattle prices. There’s been some further downwards adjustments in slaughter cattle direct consignment rates, but mostly to align offers with other competitors in a deteriorating market, rather than pushing still lower…Read More

Jon Condon, March 31, 2020

Weekly kill: Grids slide 20-50c/kg as coronavirus concerns escalate

Uncertainty over the impact that coronavirus will have on international meat demand is contributing to a dramatic 20-30c/kg decline on Queensland direct consignment grid offers this week, and up to 50c/kg in parts of NSW…Read More

Jon Condon, March 17, 2020

Weekly kill: Numbers continue to slide as rain impact extends

An acute shortage of slaughter cattle again this week is weighing heavily on processing operations, with last week’s eastern states beef kill reported by NLRS at just 116,920 head – some 23pc below this time last year…Read More

Jon Condon, March 10, 2020

Weekly kill: Processors trim schedules as supply squeeze grows

Larger beef processors are talking cutbacks on slaughter in coming weeks, as the effects of recent leaps in cattle price and short supply start to weigh more heavily on processor profitability…Read More

Jon Condon, February 18, 2020

Weekly kill: Processors face growing supply challenge as rain impact soaks in

More substantial rain across the eastern half of NSW and QLD in the past seven days has made beef processing a day-to-day proposition this week, with plenty of large export plants planning to cancel shifts due to challenges in accessing stock. Wet weather money is being splashed around, with one QLD processor’s grid this week offering an unprecedented 580c/kg…Read More

Jon Condon, February 11, 2020

Weekly kill: Grid price surge continues, with more rain in prospect

Slaughter cattle prices have surged again this week – in some cases to record levels – as the accumulated benefit of recent significant rain across parts of eastern Australia and prospect of more to come sinks in…Read More

Jon Condon, February 4, 2020

Weekly kill: Cattle prices surge, as long-weekend rain impact starts to soak-in

Priceless rain across large parts of eastern and northern Australia over the past week has created a new dynamic in the red meat industry’s slaughter cattle supply/demand equation, but it is still too early to determine how long-lasting and profound the change is…Read More

Jon Condon, January 28, 2020

Weekly kill: Rain impact yet to be reflected in processor grids

Widespread, if somewhat patchy rain across eastern Australia is yet to be reflected in processor grid price movements this week, but a number of major operators conceded this morning that they are ‘evaluating’ their current supply position…Read More

Jon Condon, January 21, 2020

Weekly kill: Grids soften as export meat prices ease and seasonal closures loom

Direct consignment slaughter price signals are becoming harder to distinguish, as more processors withdraw from making offers this week, confident that they have most of their kill requirements covered through to seasonal closures due in a fortnight’s time. As well as supply/demand pressures, another clear reason for this price adjustment is a big check in export meat prices seen in the market this week…Read More

Jon Condon, December 3, 2019

Weekly kill: Grids maintain year-high rates, despite growing supply pressure

Strong international beef demand coupled with an easing Aussie dollar continue to underpin record high slaughter cattle prices in some areas, despite another substantial drought-forced wave of slaughter and store cattle hitting the market this week…Read More

Jon Condon, November 13, 2019

Weekly kill: Qld grid prices hit record levels, as global demand forces collide

Prices have climbed to all-time record levels, with four-tooth grassfed heavy steers quoted by some processors this morning at 600c/kg, and heavy cows at up to 500c/kg…Read More

Jon Condon, October 29, 2019

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