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Weekly kill: Grids soften as export meat prices ease and seasonal closures loom

Direct consignment slaughter price signals are becoming harder to distinguish, as more processors withdraw from making offers this week, confident that they have most of their kill requirements covered through to seasonal closures due in a fortnight’s time. As well as supply/demand pressures, another clear reason for this price adjustment is a big check in export meat prices seen in the market this week…Read More

Jon Condon, December 3, 2019

Weekly kill: Grids maintain year-high rates, despite growing supply pressure

Strong international beef demand coupled with an easing Aussie dollar continue to underpin record high slaughter cattle prices in some areas, despite another substantial drought-forced wave of slaughter and store cattle hitting the market this week…Read More

Jon Condon, November 13, 2019

Weekly kill: Qld grid prices hit record levels, as global demand forces collide

Prices have climbed to all-time record levels, with four-tooth grassfed heavy steers quoted by some processors this morning at 600c/kg, and heavy cows at up to 500c/kg…Read More

Jon Condon, October 29, 2019

Weekly kill: Grid prices steady, after previous week’s retreats

Direct consignment grid prices have stabilised across much of eastern Australia this week, after retreats in some processor offers the week before caused by the continuation of heavy supply driven by more drought-forced herd reductions…Read More

Beef Central, September 24, 2019

Weekly kill: Easing trend in grids, north and south

Grassfed grid prices offered by processors have trended softer over the past week across large parts of eastern Australia, due to basic supply and demand factors caused by the weather. Some Qld grids eased 5c/kg on Monday, with boner type cows on one company’s schedules impacted more severely due to heavy supply, downgraded 10c/kg…Read More

Jon Condon, September 18, 2019

Weekly kill: Grainfed cattle prices fall out of step with US

A BIG drop in US fed cattle prices over the past month has opened up a gap worth up to $300 a head in comparisons with similar grainfed export cattle out of Australia. The move has added considerable competition headwinds for Australia in key grainfed export markets like Japan and South Korea, trade sources say…Read More

Jon Condon, September 10, 2019

Weekly kill: Some Qld grids lift 5-10c

Some Queensland slaughter cattle grids have risen 5-10c/kg this week, but the trend is more about processors re-aligning with their competitors’ higher offers, rather than overall cattle market changes…Read More

Jon Condon, August 20, 2019

Weekly kill: Grids steady, as saleyards prices trend lower

Queensland slaughter grid prices are unchanged this week, ending a five-week passage of steady advances in processor offers – partly influenced by an easing in parts of eastern Australia in saleyards prices over the past fortnight…Read More

Jon Condon, August 7, 2019

Weekly kill: Qld cow grids continue to edge higher

Some eastern states slaughter grids, especially for cows, have advanced another 10c/kg this week, as slaughter cattle supply prospects for the months ahead start to further tighten. The latest changes mean upwards price movements in Queensland grids have continued into a fifth straight week, at the same time that the eastern Young Cattle Indicator has surged dramatically.
..Read More

Jon Condon, July 30, 2019

Weekly kill: Grids reach highest point for the year, as numbers start to slide

A third consecutive week of processor grid price rises has seen cow and steer direct consignment rates across much of eastern Australia reach their highest point for the 2019 year…Read More

Jon Condon, July 23, 2019

Weekly kill: Processor grids rise for second consecutive week – is the wind shifting?

A second round of processor grid price rises has occurred across parts of eastern states this week, in what may turn out to be the start of the much anticipated fundamental shift in the slaughter cattle supply/demand/price equation, following 18 months of severe drought…Read More

Jon Condon, July 16, 2019

Weekly kill: Grid prices steady, as rates of kill continue to climb

The prolonged and lingering impact of drought across eastern Australia continues to be reflected in unusually high rates of kill, especially for cows. Grid price offers remained steady across Queensland and NSW last week, as processors are well supplied with slaughter stock until mid-July…Read More

Jon Condon, June 11, 2019

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