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Labelling confusion: Vegan accuses supermarket of ‘tricking her’ into eating actual meat

In further evidence of consumer confusion stemming from labelling standards across meat and non-meat categories, a Coles customer has claimed on Twitter that she was tricked into buying real chicken because it was placed on a shelf in between vegan products…Read More

Volvo anti-leather move branded “short-sighted”

The leather industry says a decision by Swedish car manufacturer Volvo to stop using leather in its vehicles will not have its desired impact on the number of cattle being slaughtered each year…Read More

Hungry Jack’s adds fried chicken burgers to menu as beef price soars

Burger giant Hungry Jack’s has cited the soaring cost of beef as one of the factors behind a shift into a new range of fried chicken burgers, launched nationally today…Read More

Vegans label meat inquiry “protectionist and anti-competitive”

Vegan groups have told a senate committee its inquiry into the labelling of plant-based meat alternatives is a “protectionist and anti-competitive” move against the growing industry…Read More

Mandatory rules around meat definitions needed, inquiry told

Multiple examples of consumers being confused by non-meat products labelled with meat descriptors and imagery have been shared with senators conducting an inquiry into labelling this morning…Read More

Meat definition inquiry public hearings kick off

Alternative meat products seeking to leverage off the strong customer reputation of meat while deriding livestock production as unsustainable and unhealthy were central to concerns expressed by northern cattle industry representatives at the first public hearing of the senate inquiry into meat category branding, which kicked off this afternoon…Read More

CSIRO accused of packing anti-meat punch in digital lunch

A CSIRO initiative launched today which encourages children to substitute meat products for vegan alternatives has sparked claims the tax-payer funded agency is pushing an anti-meat agenda…Read More

Vegans fail in bid to ban British meat and dairy ads

Vegan and animal rights groups have failed in a bid to ban an advertising campaign promoting meat and dairy consumption as part of a balanced diet in Britain…Read More

Meat labelling laws: “You can only dupe local consumers, not export ones”

In a quirk of regulation in Australia, local food standards allow a plant-based protein product containing no meat to be sold with a label that uses a meat descriptor, while export rules define meat as being a product which must contain actual meat from an animal…Read More

Definitions of meat inquiry: How each side is putting its case

For those without the time or inclination to read through the 125 submissions now published, we have distilled down some of the  key arguments commonly appearing in submissions on either side of the debate. ..Read More

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