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Scientists support red meat and livestock production

The Australian Meat Processor Corporation and Meat & Livestock Australia have brought nine scientists from around the world together in Sydney for a day-long summit to discuss the scientific evidence in support of red meat and livestock production in today’s society…Read More

Protein conference hears of Darling Downs’ plan to scale up intensive ag + PICS

One of Australia’s largest lotfeeding areas has outlined its intention to scale up intensive agriculture industries, reducing its time to approve new feedlot developments…Read More

Alternative proteins hit ‘trough of disillusionment’

The alternative protein sector, which some of its proponents claimed would bankrupt the global meat sector by 2035, is increasingly looking more like “another food trend whose novelty is wearing thin”, as one Bloomberg article described it last week…Read More

The ethical arguments in favour of meat consumption

In a captivating and thought-provoking presentation to the Societal Role of Meat conference in Dublin, Dr Candace Croney, director of the centre for Animal Welfare Science at Purdue University in Washington DC, was asked to talk about ethical considerations surrounding meat consumption…Read More

Historic herbivore herds on par with today

Ecological research is showing that historic populations of wild herbivores on the planet are likely to have been much higher than previous estimates have suggested, and were at levels  that “more or less” match current domestic herbivore biomass across the world…Read More

Why nutrition must be at centre of sustainable food policy

Not all protein sources are created equal, when it comes human digestibility…Read More

Australian scientists join hundreds globally in support of meat and livestock production

50 Australian scientists have now signed a major international declaration in support of the essential role of animal agriculture in a sustainable food system…Read More

Why cows are the Lionel Messi of global food security

Imagine for a moment that the world’s entire available agricultural land is represented by a soccer field, just like those in Qatar where Argentine Maestro Lionel Messi is weaving his magic as the championship stages of the World Cup play out…Read More

Modern humans have evolved on a diet high in animal foods for four million years

While some question whether humans are supposed to eat meat, a University of Melbourne professor in food science and human nutrition says the archaeological record is unequivocal…Read More

The essential role of meat and dairy in healthy diets

Leading scientists from around the world have shed light on how flawed data and lack of substantive evidence is being used to shape dietary recommendations that are not only inaccurate, but are “likely to harm human health”…Read More

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