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“Controlling the narrative” faces persistent anti-meat media campaign

While beef industry leaders are growing increasingly frustrated at article leaving out crucial pieces of science, a media campaign against the industry is persisting…Read More

Dietary guideline furore: Not first time ADGs have ventured down climate path

The Federal body responsible for setting official dietary guidelines in Australia toyed with incorporating the impact of some foods on environmental sustainability over a decade ago, before reversing the move following a widespread industry backlash…Read More

Opinion: Activist tactics being used to discredit livestock scientists

This opinion piece was put together by the authors of the Dublin Declaration, a document signed by more than 1000 scientists recognising the essential role of meat, in response to a series of campaigns aiming to discredit their cause…Read More

Threats to animal agriculture are serious, warns European professor + VIDEO

A prominent European food scientist says the influence of meat industry opponents should not be underestimated, with “flawed” scientific journals driving a series of anti-meat policies…Read More

Concerns cattle industry environmental message is falling on deaf ears

As the Federal Government and corporations aim to fulfil their ambitious environmental commitments, concerns have been raised about some recent proposals being put forward for the agricultural industry…Read More

Chris Howie: One cattle market, many thoughts

Regular market commentator and RMA CEO Chris Howie offers his best guess on where we are currently sitting in cattle and sheep market cycles. ..Read More

‘To be frank and politically correct at the same time is difficult.. so I will be frank’

The chair of a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation sub-committee has delivered an impassioned defence of livestock at a UN Food Systems Summit event this week, while calling out interest groups for attempting to sideline the importance of meat in UN food policy setting recommendations…Read More

Australian beef key to cutting global hunger and carbon: Cattle Australia

An international study has further highlighted the crucial role Australia’s beef industry will play in addressing both the world’s food security and climate challenges…Read More

More than 1000 scientists sign Dublin Declaration

An article in the Nature Food journal published this week highlights the crucial societal role that meat and other animal source foods will continue to play in our foreseeable future…Read More

Farmer-led political party emerges in Ireland to fight against current emissions policies

A farmer-led political movement appears to be in full swing in Europe as a group of Irish farmers form a party to contest the country’s next local elections in 2024…Read More

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