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Why cows are the Lionel Messi of global food security

Imagine for a moment that the world’s entire available agricultural land is represented by a soccer field, just like those in Qatar where Argentine Maestro Lionel Messi is weaving his magic as the championship stages of the World Cup play out…Read More

Modern humans have evolved on a diet high in animal foods for four million years

While some question whether humans are supposed to eat meat, a University of Melbourne professor in food science and human nutrition says the archaeological record is unequivocal…Read More

The essential role of meat and dairy in healthy diets

Leading scientists from around the world have shed light on how flawed data and lack of substantive evidence is being used to shape dietary recommendations that are not only inaccurate, but are “likely to harm human health”…Read More

Ireland confident genetics and breeding can help meet 25pc methane reduction target

Ireland’s 100,000 beef and dairy cattle farmers are among the first in the world to face the challenge of dealing with legislated emissions reduction targets, and will use well-established national breeding programs to meet the target. ..Read More

Scientists called on to sign ‘Dublin Declaration’ supporting balanced view on meat

Scientists from around the world have gathered in Dublin to examine claims regularly levelled against meat and livestock and to confront the simple question: What does the science say?..Read More

International scientists gather in Dublin to clear the air on meat and dairy science

A large group of independent scientists from all over the world, concerned that a dramatic increase in ideological approaches is displacing fact-based decision making, is meeting in Dublin this week in a unique global collaboration to clear the air on science surrounding animal agriculture and meat consumption. Beef Central has been invited to join them…Read More

Global beef summit to tackle meat misinformation

Beef industry leaders from across the world are holding a summit in the Irish capital of Dublin to address anti-meat rhetoric and help attract scientists to the industry…Read More

Irish study flags prospect to breed more methane-efficient cattle, for the same level of productivity

A recent Irish livestock research project has shown that some beef cattle can produce up to 30 percent less methane emissions, on average, for the same level of productivity…Read More

Chris Howie: When COVID coughs cashflow catches a cold

The COVID impact that washed through supply chains in January has compounded with every part having its own frustrations and trials…Read More

World steak challenge competition returns

After being cancelled last year due to COVID, the World Steak Challenge taste test competition will be staged again in November – this time in Ireland.  No less than 29 countries supplied entries in the last competition, which Australia has claimed twice in the past six years…Read More

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