Farmer-led political party emerges in Ireland to fight against current emissions policies

Eric Barker, 16/06/2023

Ireland has joined the list of countries to introduce controversial agricultural emissions legislation. Photo: Irish Farmers’ Federation

A FARMER-led political movement appears to be in full swing in Europe as a group of Irish farmers form a party to contest the country’s next local elections in 2024.

According to local news service IrishCentral, the main catalyst for the formation of the ‘Farmers’ Alliance’ was the success of the BBB party in The Netherlands – a farmer-led party that claimed the majority of seats in the country’s upper house earlier this year.

The party has been receiving endorsements on social media and addresses from BBB leader Caroline van der Plas.

Irish farmers have had their challenges with legislation in past year, becoming one of the first countries to legislate a reduction in livestock emissions in July. Similar policy related a reduction in nitrogen emissions led to large protests and the success of the BBB in The Netherlands.

Many Irish farmers have said the legislated 25pc reduction in methane emissions will leave them no choice but to cull animals. The country also has one of the world’s most elaborate genetics databases, leading some to believe they can breed their way into the reduction.

However, the Farmers’ Alliance has plans to push back on the European Union’s policies, which have led to some of the ambitious targets they are facing.

In an appeal for donations the party said its main mission was to make the right policy settings to ensure farming is profitable.

“We will import fertiliser and animal feed and establish supply chain routes via direct contact and supply to farmers, small merchants and contractors,” the post said.

“We will also focus on the development of enhanced supply chains between grain farmers and end users as well as the importation of animal feed from overseas.

“We at Farmers’ Alliance strongly believe we can bring a positive change to Irish farmers and consumers with this fresh new way of thinking which has never been done before.”

  • Ireland was the host of last year’s Dublin Declaration where a group of scientists from across the world came together to recognise the pivotal role of livestock in the world. More one that here








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  1. andrei oliver lykowski, 17/06/2023

    Its not the farmers or the animals, its the massive use of combustion engines, millions of cars, aeroplanes flying people to foreign countries and so much more. Blame the farmers is the easiest way out!!

  2. J.P. Garnier, 17/06/2023

    A very good news indeed.
    Can we have at last a bit more science and a lot less of emotion in this debate? Do lawmakers know about methane life in the atmosphere, the circularity of extensive ruminant production and the high carbon skink potential of long-term pastures?
    We need to drive this point in Ireland and elsewhere (e.g. European Parliament). Caroline’s action in the Netherlands has shaken the bobo Amsterdam credo and should be emulated everywhere in Europe.
    Good luck from France

  3. Brad Bellinger, 16/06/2023

    Well-done to those Irish Farmers who are willing to stand up and preserve food security for their country. Obviously Brussell’s policies will eventually lead to food insecurity a tragedy that must be avoided.

  4. NLT, 16/06/2023

    Good. Hopefully a party whose members have life experience, common sense and know what a woman is. Truth, truth and more truth please

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