Olympics focus for MLA’s winter beef marketing campaign + VIDEO

Beef Central, 07/06/2021


Australian Olympic and Paralympic athletes are shining a spotlight on beef’s nutritional value and the important role it plays in their diets as part of Meat & Livestock Australia’s 2021 winter beef campaign, Australian Beef. Feed Your Greatness.

MLA’s domestic market manager Graeme Yardy said the campaign aims to instil confidence in Australians to feel good about eating beef for its nutritional credentials and position beef as the leading choice of protein for a healthy balanced meal.

“This year, with the Australian Olympic and Paralympic partnership, beef has an opportunity to reach an audience on a mass scale with one of the largest sporting events in the world to communicate beef’s nutritional benefits and strengthen its position as part of a healthy balanced meal,” Mr Yardy said.

“We know Australians take great pride in putting Aussie beef on their tables. Our partnership with the Olympic & Paralympic Teams allows us to put the nutritional benefits of beef on centre stage and gives Aussies the confidence to feel good about eating this delicious meat. With its unmistakable flavour and superior quality, we’re proud our country produces some of the best beef in the world.”

“The main TV advert (click on link below) stars Australian Olympian and reigning world champion javelin thrower, Kelsey-Lee Barber, pictured above. It takes a light-hearted approach to show whatever your personal greatness, you can help feed it with the natural source of protein in beef.

An integration with Channel Seven will extend the TV activity across the Olympic and Paralympic Games period. Videos featuring Rugby Sevens Olympian, Lewis Holland, and Chef Sarah Jackson, highlighting the benefits of athletes consuming beef for its essential nutrients will also run across relevant placements on YouTube throughout the Games.

The campaign connects with consumers via digital screens in retail environments and in gyms. All path-to-purchase advertising and point-of-sale material will feature a beef nutrition message and meal inspiration to help drive in store purchase.

“Australian Beef’s social channels will promote the activity with bespoke social content, along with healthy recipe ideas and engaging infographics that can easily be shared,” Mr Yardy said.

PR will support the launch of the TV campaign and amplify campaign content through health & lifestyle media publications. Additionally, an influencer partnership with a focus on popular athletes, fitness and expert dietitians will share their stories of enjoying eating beef as part of a healthy balanced meal.

Independent butchers will run a consumer promotion throughout June encouraging the purchase of lean beef and release a content series featuring well known media personality Jessica Rowe showcasing three healthy beef recipes to enjoy.

Finally, MLA’s food service team will partner with Australian Venue Co featuring more than 100 pub venues across Australia to include healthy beef dishes on the menu from June, supporting beef’s nutritional message on point-of-sale material.




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  1. Melanie Kell, 01/09/2021

    Massive error in judgement with this campaign- totally sexist – it says to viewers that the brother’s success on an arcade game is more important than the sister’s performance at the Olympic Games.
    Time to get a better creative agency and think things through.

  2. Colin Semmler, 31/08/2021

    My wife and I have watched almost every minute of both olympics and now parlaympics. When your ad comes on we cringe and scream at the ad to go away. How would such an appallingly distasteful advert possibly encourage anyone to buy beef? “Just share the bloody beef and get on with it” my wife says…. rather than give in to the pathetic boy. I don’t know who this ad is really aimed at, but it has certainly missed us. Please ditch it ASAP! And I might add this is the very first time in my 70 years of life that I have complained about a TV advertisement. Please make sure the company that created this nonsense get to read this!

  3. Stan Nash, 30/08/2021

    Re the above ad on tv we find it absolutely appalling to us that an Olympic athlete is treated this way in an ad for beef that implies a dance freak is more important than a para olympian representing her country for a medal . Come on.

  4. Gordon Aylward, 04/08/2021

    I find this ad an absolute shocker for which you should be castigated. This is the first time I have been moved to comment on an ad. What a put down for a woman, hard to understand how you could come up with such an ending. A far more positive solution would be to share the piece of beef and both be winners.

  5. Steve, 04/08/2021

    I think this ad is an appalling stereotype that sons are more important than daughters snd trivialises females in athletics.

  6. Beverley Baines, 01/08/2021

    Your advert is extremely sexest. Dislike it intensely. Change the channel every time it comes on.

  7. Stephen, 01/08/2021

    This is by far my favourite ad on TV. Funny, engaging, and. dripping with sarcasm that makes it work on so many levels.
    Mark my words, despite the vitriolic criticism, history will treat this piece of work well and it will go on to be a cult classic
    Well done MLA!

  8. Maree Wilkins, 01/08/2021

    Very disappointed with this ad
    Not ironic if that was the point
    Just feeding into the women must sacrifice for men myth
    And ignoring the science that women of reproductive age require more Fe than men

  9. Fiona Burnett, 01/08/2021

    I agree with the comments already posted, and I also don’t normally search out a campaign to then comment on it. Each time I see this ad, anger is my first response. With the potential for so many positive messages around the Olympics, and female sports, it is a real missed opportunity and out of touch with the times. On the upside, it sparked a family conversation about critiquing what you see

  10. Mary O’Shannassy, 31/07/2021

    Extremely disappointing Channel 7 is running the sickening, misogynistic Beef ad. It’s amazing they are willing to alienate so much of their audience.
    With this ad the Beef industry has lost me, I change the channel every time it’s aired.

  11. John Hopkins, 30/07/2021

    This commercial fails at many levels. Here are a few: No appetite appeal, men more important than women, brainless son favoured by doozey mother, weak strategy and appalling creative judgment. I do hope Kelsey-Lee Barber wins gold – if she does it’s obviously no thanks to beef. And if she doesn’t it’s because her brother stole the last portion. Beef loses both ways. Plain stupid MLA. Oh and by the way it’s not even funny

  12. L M, 28/07/2021

    This ad is disgusting, perpetuating the old old story that women should give way to men. I get angry every time it comes on and interestingly enough, it was my husband who first pointed it out to me. You should be ashamed of yourself – and don’t for a minute think its ok because it is supposed to be humorous – this is how misogynous attitudes are encouraged. Never felt the need to comment on an ad before, but this needs to be removed.

  13. Stephanie Carr, 26/07/2021

    UTTERLY unfunny and supports the idea that even high-achieving females will always be valued less than men. Even my very ‘old-school’ partner (male) dislikes it intensely.

    I’m the granddaughter of a butcher. Normally we eat beef & lamb 5-6 days a week. I am so pissed off by your attitude to women, we’ll be cutting our red meat consumption by 75%.

  14. Joyleen Fleming, 26/07/2021

    Is there any way you can change the ending on this ad to give our Olympic athletics the credit they deserve?

    I look forward to you producing a better ad in the future. Aussie meats and the Australian public deserve better.

  15. Julie Moore, 25/07/2021

    Such a revolting ad with its brazen misogyny. High achieving young women misses out to cater to the fragile ego of mediocre male. Ho hum. What a hackneyed and offensive premise. It’s 2021 and we expect better than relying on sexism to promote your product.

  16. NotTheDarkAgesAnymore, 22/07/2021

    I find this ad so disappointing. The only message I take from it is that an accomplished woman is made to defer to a male and give up the sustenance she needs so that he can pursue his substantially less significant goal. Disgraceful.

  17. Kath, 19/07/2021

    Disgraceful in 2021 that the son gets the last piece of meat – should have been half each !

  18. Deborah Newell, 08/06/2021

    Perhaps MLA should be very cautious of the added hormones/steroids in some of Australia’s red meats as the presence of these will be under critical scientific inspection in all athletes at the 2021 Olympic Games.

    • Jason Strong, 09/06/2021

      Hi Deborah, for someone with your experience in the industry that is a very irresponsible statement. Here are some facts about Australian Red Meat – look under the section on Animal Welfare.

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