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You service your ute or tractor, but what about your mental health?

Sponsored Content 12/02/2024

HOW often do you service your ute, tractor, or harvester? Or how often would you go for a run or do physical exercise? Why wouldn’t you also do maintenance on your mind’s fitness?

After 30 years in the Australian meat industry, working in packing rooms, trading rooms, exporting, food and value-add service, processing, logistics, quality control and lotfeeding, Grant Melrose decided it was time for change.  

Like many men in Australia, Grant has suffered from years of suppressed emotional trauma and depression. Battling through the daily grind of life, whilst hiding the internal pain and maintaining the stereotypical image of a robust Australian male, has taken its toll on his mental health.

“After many years of being held back by fear, self-doubt and anxiety, I decided it was time to do something about it. I just didn’t have the will or energy to live that way any more”, Grant said. 

“Last year I had a significant emotional experience, which made me feel like I was not worth it. Like I was not good enough. Like I would never be good enough.”

At that time Grant, a father of two boys, went through a separation from his marriage of ten years, and the realisation that his world was tumbling down hit hard.

“When I realised it was actually going to end, it hit me like a tidal wave. I knew it wasn’t great, but I always had hope that it would be okay. That we could work it out.” 

“The thought of not seeing my children every day hit me the hardest. I will never forget the day that I told my boys we were going to separate…and to watch their hearts break with mine. I have never felt pain like it.”

“I couldn’t see a way forward. I couldn’t understand why, even though I knew why…I could hear words in my head, but they weren’t what was happening in front of me. It didn’t feel real. I just wanted to go back and start again, but do it better, you know?” 

For Grant, this event triggered years of suppressed mental trauma to come to the surface. “It was then I realised that if I didn’t move away from where I was I would likely not survive…I realised that I needed to make some big changes, and fast”.

“I took myself to my G.P. who referred me to a psychologist. It’s then that I started some deep diving to ‘fix me’…towards the end of my sessions with the psychologist he ran me through some hypnotherapy. I thought I would be running around like a chook or something…”

A shift in thinking…..

This wasn’t the case. Grant experienced a shift in his thinking and curiosity for answers, which led him to explore the hypnotherapy process even further. He found a local service provider that offered hypnotherapy and N.L.P (Neuro-Linguistics Programming).

“I was hesitant at first when she started, but it didn’t take long until I felt like things were shifting. Like these weights were being lifted from my shoulders. I could see more clearly. I could think more clearly, and for the first time in a long time I was actually being honest with myself about how I wanted to live.”

During the sessions with his hypnotherapist a technique was used called Time Line Therapy®. This is a process that taps into the mind’s subconscious to access the memories of past emotional experiences, then works to free and release the emotional trauma attached to those events. Grant found this process to be life-changing.

”I will be forever grateful for her work with me. This has truly changed my approach to life.”

So much so that Grant has recently graduated from learning this skill himself, now a qualified Master NLP and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner through training company Evolve & Relaunch in Adelaide.

“Once I cleared the things holding me back I could understand my true purpose. I realised that I actually have very strong skills in mentoring, communication and leading, so I refined them to open up the possibilities for me to help others that are weighed down with the mental burdens of life”. 

“No-one needs to live with that heavy weight. Life is actually meant to be enjoyed, but we make it difficult on ourselves, all just with our thoughts. They are only words. They are only the labels that we give those words’ ‘.

With that Grant opened his own Mindset Coaching business, and AUTHENTIC MINDS was born the week after his first training session had completed.

“I went all in. I thought, what if I could help other people through their own battles and what if I could help people believe in themselves and remove the blocks holding them back so they could live a calmer, freer life, just like I am now.”

“What value would that add to someone’s life?”…“Imagine living a life with confidence and being able to communicate openly and honestly with others in a way that shows them how to respect you, or to love you”…”Imagine not being worried about harsh comments from others and being able to process those words in a way that was constructive for your mind to succeed. Not be bothered by what others think or try to keep up a certain stereotype”…”imagine when feeling frustrated or angry and being able to work through it in a controlled process with your partner, or team, or boss”…”I think that’s huge.”

“I wish now I could go back ten years ago, and put on the table my values, my boundaries and show my ex wife how to love me. Show her what I needed and she could do the same. I believe that our lives would be so much different today, however I understand that stage of life has passed, but my future is looking strong and I will be forever grateful for the lessons she has given me, and to those that have supported me in the growth to get here today.”

Neuro-Linguistics Programming

Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) is a complementary approach to the professional Medical and Psychologist industry. The holistic treatments used in NLP work to shift the mindset of limiting self-beliefs to open the perspective of all possibilities. 

Through specifically designed NLP techniques, Grant can work closely with a client to unearth the details of past memories, and then to help shift limiting self-beliefs imprinted from those events of the past. By doing so allows the client to live more controlled, relaxed and calmer in the future so they can seek to live the life they truly want to live and feel they deserve. 

“Now I am in a position where I can also help others lift the weight on their shoulders and point them towards how they want to live their lives, and by doing so I am actually doing what I love doing, which is helping others, mentoring, coaching, challenging myself and living the life I choose. It’s a win-win!”

Authentic Minds vision is to “Help people reach their true potential”.

Grant is keen to help individuals reach their true potential that work in the agriculture sector – farmers, those in a relationship, or fathers feeling the pinch. Further to the one-on-one work, Grant’s services extend to companies that are looking to grow the mindset of their teams, and especially the industry’s future and emerging leaders.

“Imagine how good it would be for the next generation to have full control over their mindset, then take that into their own personal future and the future of the agriculture sector. That’s powerful, next level growth for them and Australian ag…”

“I guess the best way to put it is think about what life you DO want for yourself and then flip that to what life do you NOT want for yourself. From this perspective, it’s an easy decision I believe”.

Free consultation

If you would like to start your journey towards the life you truly want to be living and book a coaching session, or simply have a chat, reach out to Grant to book a FREE and confidential 30-minute consult.

Authentic Minds Coaching offers a number of packs and services, online or in person.

Details can be found on the Authentic Minds website – www.authenticminds.com.au 

If you are interested in undertaking the same NLP training as Grant then contact Evolve and Relaunch Training here

Grant’s final message is “Don’t waste your time living someone else’s life – give me a call. No obligations to commit, just a free chat about what you have going on. If it’s for you, then great, we will make a plan. If not then thank you for your interest.”








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