Definitions of Meat inquiry submission deadline extended, producers urged to speak up

Mark Davie, 30/07/2021

We have one opportunity to address the confusion of our consumers, the ongoing attack on our products using misleading statements, and the infringement of our Intellectual Property.

The deadline for the Senate Enquiry into Definitions of Meat and other Animal products has been extended to the 13th of August providing a great opportunity for all cattle producers to make a statement on this issue.

Disappointingly there is only 13 submissions to date and a number of these are from anti-livestock industry groups who for some reason feel there is no confusion in consumer labelling, that current labelling does not further their interests – but under no circumstances should regulation be introduced to support truth labelling.  The fact the anti-livestock industry groups have shown their cards on this issue should be enough to prompt regulation.

Every submission to the enquiry from a producer will make a difference, it will let the government know that we are being impacted, that we need regulation to protect our livelihoods and customers. If you know anyone who has experienced confusion on this issue, please encourage them to provide a letter to the committee detailing their experience.

AgForce has compiled a Submission template that could assist you in completing your own

Submission that contains your own opinion with direct reference to the Terms of Reference

(a requirement of all submissions) and includes other relevant requirements to make a

Submission. Please note your submission can be confidential. The template can be accessed at the link https://bit.ly/3eZXJC9

If you wish to use the Submission template supplied in Word format, please follow the instructions below.


Instructions to complete Submission using the AgForce Word Doc template

  1. Open attached Microsoft Word document ‘AgForce Submission template’.


  1. Complete the Submission cover sheet (page 1) – this must be completed. If you wish to claim confidentiality over all or part of your Submission, ensure that you provide the reasons for this.


  1. Complete your Submission – this is where you need to express your own perspective and make your opinion relevant to the Terms of Reference. You do not need to reference all terms, just the ones you would like to include in your Submission.We have included some points in red coloured text to possibly assist you in discussing each Term of Reference however please use your discretion and interpretation, voice your own opinion in your own words and personalise your Submission. The red coloured text needs to be deleted and start typing in the box under each Term of Reference.


You may also wish to refer to industry facts and information in the MLA Fact Sheet and here are some additional links:



  1. Sign your Submission by inserting your name, address and date at the bottom of your Submission in the spaces provided.




  1. Submit your Submission by saving the document and e-mailing it to the e-mail address on the cover sheet: sen@aph.gov.au (Submissions must be submitted in MS Word format and in black ink)


If you would like to discuss lodging a Submission or require assistance, please feel free to contact us for assistance.


  • Mark Davie is a member of the ABSF Steering Committee and Agforce Cattle Board 



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  1. glenice, 03/08/2021

    I am not a producer but i do buy meat and find it very frustrating when things get labelled incorrectly.
    How on earth can a packet have an oxymoron on it like vegetarian meat and get away with it.
    lots of elderly or people from overseas take packets at face value, then find themselves eating something soaked in acid instead of good australian meat.
    if a person wants to be vegetarian that is their choice but don’t shove it on me by being deceitful.

  2. Will, 31/07/2021

    Let’s be real, there is no confusion. Who is actually thinking they are buying red meat and then coming home from the shops to find they have bought a plant based product?

  3. Val Dyer, 30/07/2021

    Would it be easier/simpler to use existing industry groups to reach out to members?
    Cattle Council start a petition to the senate and ask member organisations to send it via email to their members to sign.

    Ditto other Peak Industry Organisations.

    Let’s see what response there is.!

    This would be a very quick way to reach meat producers.

    • Dick Morgan, 01/08/2021

      The various industry groups should be making their own submissions based on their own particular industry concerns, needs and objectives.

      If individuals express their own opinions, perspectives and ideas on the matter this will surely enable the Senate to make a well informed, balanced view of the various issues involved and legislate accordingly.

      • Val Dyer, 01/08/2021

        That is a’fence-sitting’ response which has become too common these days.

        Most meat producers would expect their industry organisations to supply them with an efficient and time/saving way to express their direct views and provide direction.

        Otherwise there are too many ‘influencers’ in the delivery of outcomes.

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