Cattle Council names AGM candidates | Reforms still progressing: CPA

Beef Central, 19/10/2020
THE names of candidates standing for positions on the Cattle Council of Australia board, to be voted on at the upcoming AGM on November 18, have been released.

Directors from AgForce Queensland, LivestockSA, Victoria Farmers’ Federation and WA Farmers are all up for election, as are the Northern and Southern Independent Directors. Directors from NSW Farmers, Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association, Pastoralists and Graziers Association of WA and the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association are halfway through their two-year terms and will be up for reelection at the 2021 AGM.

Nominations for five of the six positions have now closed. Nominations for the AgForce Director position has been extended until the first week of November. Selection of the AgForce nominee will be made at its AGM.

Reform still progressing for cattle industry: CPA

Meanwhile, recent public commentary over the lack of progress for red meat industry organisational restructure has prompted Cattle Producers Australia to issue a statement saying progress is still being made behind the scenes.

In the statement, CPA Chair Dr Paul Wright said the group had been involved in many discussions behind the scenes on matters related to the red meat industry following the publication of the Red Meat Advisory Council White Paper last year which has led to an increasing degree of consensus on the need for a proposed restructure.”

Paul Wright

“The consensus is that each sector of the red meat industry should be responsible for the direction and control of the expenditure of levies and delivery of advocacy on behalf of their particular sector.

“There is also a call for an effective overarching multi-sector body to deal with the increasing number of whole of red meat supply chain issues when required.

“Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has stalled progress on implementation of those proposed organisational reforms, as stated above there have been a lot of teleconferences and meetings going on behind the scenes. The industry is well placed to move toward an implementation process as soon as the easing of State and Territory border restrictions will allow.

He CPA was about to engage in a roundtable conference of key grass-fed cattle producers and organisations when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March.

Dr Wright said the plan was to get all the disparate grass-fed cattle producer bodies and key cattle producer figures together to reach a consensus position on a new grass-fed cattle producer Peak Industry Council.

Following this we hoped to move to a series of follow-up roundtable conferences with the other red meat industry supply chain sectors to reach agreement on a whole of red meat industry organisational restructure.”

To read the statement in full click here






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  1. Brad Bellinger, 22/10/2020

    Well done for having a go Alice and your CV is impressive. Before I pay my $110 to Cattle Council and give you my vote could you give me and Beef Central readers your policy position on NLIS,LPA and the $5 National Party beef tax.

    Brad – In the interests of not turning this reader comment exchange into a ‘tennis match,’ Alice Greenup is happy to discuss her policy views with you – give her a call, as she invited you to do earlier. Editor

  2. Alice Greenup, 21/10/2020

    Thanks for comment Brad. My alignment is with the independent position and principles of independent elections. I intended to run in 2018, but learnt the incumbant, David Hill was running again, so I withdrew. I was asked to join the AgForce Cattle Board in January 2019 as there was no nomination from SEQ. I thought I would try to help the industry in this manner. I have worked tirelessly in this voluntary capacity over last two years to assist with RMAC MOU, CCA restructure and MLA RedMeat2030, trying to shape national policy that benefits beef producers across Australia. You’re welcome.
    If my nomination is successful with CCA, I will resign from AgForce Cattle Board, which has always been my full intention.

    In my experience all these positions are available for anyone to fill whose intent is to serve. We are crying out for more involvement from everyone, and volunteers are keenly sought from around Australia. Just offer to help, and a opportunity to serve the industry is there.

  3. Brad Bellinger, 19/10/2020

    Alice Greenup does not qualify as an independent candidate she is a Ag force cattle director.

    Our understanding is that CCA’s constitution (linked here) does not exclude candidates on these grounds. The constitution allows for any direct member of CCA to stand as a candidate for the direct member board seat for their region (southern or northern Australia), regardless of any other affiliations. Each nominee must be supported by at least 20 Direct Members. Producers become direct members of CCA by paying the membership fee of $110.00 inc. GST, and can choose this option even if they are also entitled to receive free CCA membership as a paid member of a State Farm Organisation. Editor

    • Alice Greenup, 21/10/2020

      Hi Brad
      I have responded to your comments in greater detail elsewhere, and also note FYI that I pay an independent membership to CCA and AgForce, and have done so for many years. I believe in both – the need for State advocacy for ag. and a strong, independently elected, united national beef organization that advocates for beef producers and informs and directs effective industry policy.
      If I get the opportunity to represent the north, I hope you take the time to call me in person, and we can discuss your concerns and hopes for the industry.
      Kind regards

    • Brad Bellinger, 20/10/2020

      Editor it is not surprising that this is your interpretation of the CCA constitution. In politics it is called branch stacking.

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