Dalby Sale 20 June 2018: 5-10c rise for most classes

Beef Central, 21/06/2018

Video market report from Ray White Eastern Rural

Yarding 3934 Change -227

There was a small reduction in supply and a fair panel of buyers was present and included in the line-up were some interstate export processors plus some additional feeder buyers and the usual restockers.

There was a wide variation in quality across most categories. Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock generally experienced very little change in price. Medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged 7c dearer and the heavy weights improved by 2c/kg and considerably more on well-bred lines. Light weight yearling heifers improved in price and medium weights to feed lifted by 5c/kg. Heavy weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 8c to 13c/kg dearer.

A lift in the quality of the bullocks resulted in average prices improving by 13c/kg. Good heavy cows held close to the improved prices of the previous sale while the 2 and 3 score classes gained 3c to 6c/kg. Steer calves returning to the paddock made to an isolated 298.2c with a large number around 257c while lesser quality mixed sex calves averaged 215c/kg. Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock sold close to 259c with some to 294.2c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged 268c and made to 275.2c/kg.

The largest numbers of heavy weights to feed averaged 269c and well-bred lines made to 284.2c/kg. A large supply of light weight yearling heifers sold to restockers or backgrounders at an average of 236c with sales of 256.2c and the lesser quality lines averaged 205c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 245c and made to 262.2c and heavy weights averaged 247c and made to 258.2c/kg. Heavy grown steers made to 283.2c to average close to 270c and the bullock portion made to 280.2c with most around 272c/kg. Poor condition cows averaged 138c and medium weight 2 scores averaged 169c/kg. Heavy 3 scores average 191c and the best of the good heavy cows made to 214.2c to average 206c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 237.2c/kg.

To read the full NLRS sale report click here

Grant Daniel Long report:

Prices were 5 to 10c better across most classes. Heavy weight feeder heifers improved 8 to 12c.  Bullocks topped at 280.2c while the best cows got up to 214.2c. Jordan Wenham, GDL Dalby

Prime Quotes
Heifers up to 400kg – lowest 158.2c/kg, highest 262.2c/kg, Av 242.2c/kg
Heifers over 400kg – lowest 144.2c/kg, highest 236.2c/kg, Av 212.2c/kg
Cows up to 400kg – lowest 61.2c/kg, highest 159.2c/kg, Av 142.2c/kg
Cows 400kg to 500kg – lowest 115c/kg, highest 179.2c/kg, Av 168.2c/kg
Cows over 500kg – lowest 164.2c/kg, highest 214.2c/kg, Av 188.2c/kg
Steers & Bullocks up to 500kg – lowest 241.2c/kg, highest 260.2c/kg, Av 250.2c/kg
Steers & Bullocks over 500kg – lowest 241.2c/kg, highest 282.2c/kg, Av 262.2c/kg
Store & Feeder Quotes
Steers 200kg to 280kg – lowest 139.2c/kg, highest 225c/kg, Av 210.2c/kg
Steers 280kg to 400kg – lowest 192.2c/kg, highest 252.2c/kg, Av 220c/kg
Feeder steers 400kg+ – lowest 260c/kg, highest 284.2c/kg, Av 276.2c/kg
Heifers 200kg to 320kg – lowest 164.2c/kg, highest 224.2c/kg, Av 208.2c/kg
Heifers 320kg to 370kg – lowest 162.2c/kg, highest 246.2c/kg, Av 226.2c/kg
Feeder heifers over 370kg – lowest 210.2c/kg, highest 235c/kg, Av 215.2c/kg

Charolais X steers sold by JO & SJ Lloyd of Wandoan to feedlotters 273.2c, 418kg, $1144
Simmental X heifers sold by Lemrex Pty Ltd of Kingaroy to re-stockers 224.2c, 288kg, Av $646
Simmental X steers sold by DG & LG Petersen of Kingaroy to feedlotters 250c, 316kg, $791
Santa X steers sold by Stackpoole Pastoral Co of Kingaroy to re-stockers 232.2c, 336kg, Av $780
Charolais X heifers sold by Corrunovan Cattle Co of Proston to processors 258.2c, 430kg, $1111
Simmental X steers sold by GH & NG Weldon of Durong to processors 262.2c, 586kg, $1538
Limousin X steers sold by Dalby State School Bunya Campus of Dalby to processors 283.2c, 587kg, $1663
Santa X heifers sold by DHW Hill Family Trust of Taroom to processors 230.2c, 532kg, $1225
Santa steers sold by Hopelands Pastoral Pty Ltd of The Gums to feedlotters 274.2c, 437kg, $1198
Santa bulls sold by The Herbert Bruggemann Family Trust of Taroom to processors 230.2c, 1040kg, $2394
Santa cows sold by The Herbert Bruggemann Family Trust of Taroom to processors 214.2c, 710kg, $1521
Simmental X cows sold by AJ & SJ Smith of St George to processors 212.2c, 669kg, $1419
Angus X heifers sold by MJ Grimes of Durong to feedlotters 235c, 466kg, $1095

Source: NLRS, Grant Daniel Long, Ray White Eastern Rural


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