Roma store 1 Aug 2017: Prices ease on drying weather, grain cost

Beef Central, 02/08/2017

Yarding 6798 Change -1478

Half the yarding was penned with steers with just over 2,000 heifers and around 1,000 cows on offer.

All reliable buyers were present and operating in a market where young light weight cattle were in demand, however feedlot entry weight and backgrounding cattle along with cows were back significantly.

The variables of forthcoming climate indications and grain costs elevating is key to the slide of up to 20c/kg.

Young calves under 200kg made to a top of 366.2c to average 349c/kg. Yearling steers for the backgrounders made to a top of 348.2c to average 311c/kg. Feedlot entry weight steers made to a top of 328.2c to average 310c/kg. 4 to 6 tooth steers over 550kg made to a top of 290c to average 267c/kg. Young bulls made to 348.2c and heavy bulls made to 240c/kg.

Fat cows to slaughter topped at 218c to average 199c and restockers averaged 197c/kg for light cows. Cow with calves at foot topped at $1,070/unit.

Weekly Roma Store press report:

Weaner steers under 220kg topped at 366c/kg and averaged 333c/kg, weaner steers in the 220-280kg range reached 348c/kg and averaged 321c/kg. Steers in the 280- 350kg range reached 348c/kg and averaged 312/kg, and steers in the 350-400kg range reached 336c/kg and averaged 296c/kg. Feeder steers in the 400-550kg range topping at 308c/kg and averaging 287c/kg.
Cows and calves hit $1100/unit.
Inkerman Grazing Co – ‘Inkerman’, Longreach – sold Charbray steers for 350c/kg at 209kg returning $732/head.
H & N Nelder – ‘Khyber’, Augathella – sold Santa steers for 348c/kg at 218kg returning $760/head.
Camberwarra Cattle Co – ‘Camberwarra’, Winton – sold Santa-cross steers for 348c/kg at 211kg returning $734/head. The Santa-cross heifers went for 280c/kg at 235kg returning $659/head.
S & M Russell – ‘Willara’, Augathella – sold Charbray-cross steers for 348c/kg at 289kg returning $1007/head. The Charolais-cross heifers went for 294c/kg at 320kg returning $941/head.
Hurford Trust – ‘Belgaum’, St George – sold Simbrah-cross steers for 348c/kg at 248kg returning $864/head. The Simbrah-cross heifers went for 278c/kg at 205kg returning $570/head.
M & L Huntly – ‘Kilburnie’, Muckadilla – sold EU Accredited Charbray-cross steers for 346c/kg at 299kg returning $1036/head.
Maranoa Downs Grazing Co – ‘Maranoa Downs’, Mitchell – sold Cross-breed steers for 342c/kg at 238kg returning $816/head. The Crossbreed heifers sold for 278c/kg at 169kg returning $471/head.
J & R Howard – ‘Glenleigh’, Taroom – sold Angus-cross steers for 342c/kg at 253kg returning $868/head.
Bass Cattle Co – ‘Muldoon’, Mungallala – sold Santa steers for 340c/kg at 280kg returning $952/head. The Santa heifers went for 290c/kg at 326kg returning $948/head.
Todd Cattle Co Pty Ltd – ‘Sunarise’, Roma – sold Charolais-cross steers for 338c/kg at 311kg returning $1051/head. The Charolais-cross heifers went for 292c/kg at 320kg returning to $935/head.
Bryant Pastoral Company – ‘Wansey Downs’, Charleville – sold EU Accredited Hereford steers for 332c/kg at 311kg returning $1036/head. The Hereford-cross heifers went for 284c/kg at 320kg returning $909/head.
Deracroft Pty Ltd – ‘Tandara Station’, Longreach – sold Charbray steers for 326c/kg at 291kg returning $949/head.
R & I White – ‘Bullering’, Surat – sold Charolais-cross steers for 308/kg at 497kg returning $1534/head.
Nissi Farming – ‘Bobadilla’, Roma – sold Hereford steers for 302c/kg at 530kg returning $1601/head.
West Farming P/L – ‘Lone Pine’, Wallumbilla – sold Hereford steers for 302c/kg at 532kg returning $1610/head.
Longford Partnership – ‘Glenholme’, McKinlay – sold Charbray steers for 296c/kg at 468kg returning $1386/head.
Heifers under 220kg topped at 330c/kg and averaged 276c/kg, while heifers in the 220 – 280kg range topped at 296c/kg and averaged 264c/kg. Heifers in the 280- 350kg range topped at 306c/kg, averaging 273c/kg. Heifers in the 350-450kg range topped at 310c/kg, averaging 261c/kg.
Wondolin P/Co – ‘Wondolin’, Wallumbilla – sold Hereford-cross heifers for 304c/kg at 351kg returning $1070/head.
Cows in the 300-400kg range reached 238c/kg and averaged 176c/kg, while cows in the 400kg-500kg range reached 212c/kg and averaged 186c/kg. Cows over 500kg topped at 218c/kg, averaging 204c/kg.
Bulls under 400kg reached 348c/kg and averaged 283c/kg.

Source: NLRS, Roma Saleyards


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