Grazing BMP survey shows consumers believe in Australian product

Beef Central, 03/09/2014
A survey of visitors to this year’s Ekka by AgForce has identified strong levels of recognition at consumer level that Australian beef producers are delivering a safe, nutritious and high quality product.
The survey, conducted by the Grazing BMP Project, interviewed 274 visitors to Queensland’s biggest event, over 10 days.  Grazing BMP was launched in 2013 and is an industry benchmarking initiative supported by AgForce, the Queensland Government and the Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA).
Although many of those surveyed said they had no direct association with farming, the survey found consumers were still mindful of where they bought their beef, and what type of beef they purchased.
Other key results included:
  • 44pc of respondents said they preferred to purchase locally grown beef, while 33pc preferred grass fed;
  • 25pc bought their meat direct from farmers, and 46pc bought their meat from farmers markets;
  • 82pc said they had no environmental concerns about eating Australian beef;
  • 87pc were confident about the quality and safety of Australian beef;
  • 87pc believe beef is good value for money;
  • 75pc eat beef twice a week or more
  • 98pc believed Australian farmers were delivering safe, nutritious and a high quality product..
The survey also indicated 74pc of consumers surveyed would be willing to pay more for beef to support the Australian beef industry in developing better outcomes for environmental and animal welfare matters.
AgForce Projects Grazing BMP Officer, Michael Taylor, said the program was launched in 2013 to help graziers identify steps to improve the long-term profitability and sustainability of their grazing enterprise.
“The program, which is designed for producers, by producers, helps graziers self-assess and identify opportunities and threats in their current practices in order to become more drought-resilient and sustainable,” Mr Taylor said.
He said Grazing BMP is also the best way for the grazing industry to be demonstrate its good environmental and animal stewardship.
“As consumers increasingly demand produce sourced from sustainable production systems, we are confident the industry can utilise their Grazing BMP tool and capture industry progression, foster and support the ongoing development of a sustainable product, and also deliver the real facts across the whole industry.”
The Grazing BMP Partnership includes the Fitzroy Basin Association, AgForce and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.
Source: AgForce Qld



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  1. Michael Taylor, 09/09/2014

    Thanks for the comment.
    Please contact me if you would like a full description of the survey parameters.


  2. Peter Vincent, 04/09/2014

    No matter how well-meaning, the parameters, dynamics and “optional answers” used in any survey must be published; likewise the respondent profiles. Was the sample taken on a particular day or throughout the EKKA? Was it collected in “sideshow alley” or around the cattle judging rings? Where the responses collected from a particular “age slice” or socio-economic group? Straw polls tend to be “feel-good” exercises for the pollster but are meaningless unless published with a full data set….. much like a PETA survey conducted at a Byron Bay backpacker’s hostel.

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