Aus beef industry leads march to net zero

Guest Author, 12/10/2021

Cattle Council President Markus Rathsmann said if every sector had made the same cuts as the beef industry, “we would have already doubled our targets under the Paris Climate Agreement”.

Cattle Council of Australia president Markus Rathsmann.

“The beef industry has already cut its carbon footprint in half since 2005,” Mr Rathsmann said.

“What’s more, we are progressing our plan to have net zero emissions by 2030.

“We are investing in technology and innovation but not at the expense of our industry’s viability.

“There is no other industry sector in Australia that comes close when cutting carbon emissions.

“It’s important governments engage cattle producers fairly, to help meet the national target.

“Cattle producers understand we are a key part of any discussion on carbon, with most of the nation’s emissions reduction coming from change in land use on cattle properties.

“Cattle producers are carbon recyclers. We draw carbon out of the air through pasture production and can capture carbon in our soils.

“The emissions from cattle are also short-lived, unlike the emissions that come from fossil fuels.

“It’s important that cattle producers are fairly rewarded for offsetting the emissions of the wider community.

“The states are responsible for land use laws and are ultimately responsible for ensuring producers are compensated for the loss of any property rights or detrimental impacts on their business.

“CCA congratulate the Federal Government on its recent plan to pay farmers for maintaining vegetation through the Enhancing Remnant Vegetation Pilot.

“This is a good start, but we also need the states to engage with producers who manage nearly 80% of Australia’s agricultural land.

“The cattle industry has the land resources needed to do the work, but we need the states to come to the party with a sensible dialogue with our industry groups to engage producers.

“We can’t be expected to do this to the detriment of our business which produces clean, grassfed nutrient-dense and sustainable food for a hungry world.

“Cattle producers are taking responsibility for our emissions and every other industry needs to do their part too”

Source: Cattle Council of Australia


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  1. Paul Franks, 12/10/2021

    It is interesting to see the different way the National Party is taking compared to the beef industry.

    The National Party wants to see how emissions reductions will be achieved before setting any target so that regional and rural Australia will not be unfairly disadvantaged.

    The beef industry wants zero emissions by 2030 with no clear plan or what it will even cost beef producers or beef producers who refuse to comply how they will be penalised. Reading an article today a recent consumer poll found out most Australian’s do not want to pay any extra for emission reductions such is their concern for emissions. Where does that leave the beef producer if their own industry says they must increase costs for no benefit because the consumer refuses to pay that extra cost.

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