Aus/US tussle for dominant share of 92,000t Taiwan market: MLA

Beef Central, 10/04/2014

Taiwan imported 92,685 tonnes swt of beef during 2013, a 12pc increase on the previous year and 8pc higher than the five-year average (Directorate General of Customs).

Of this, 75,654 tonnes swt of imports were frozen beef (up 7pc year-on-year), while the remaining 17,032 tonnes swt was chilled beef (up 46pc year-on-year).

Despite the increased annual import volume, Taiwanese intake of Australian product during 2013 was down 7pc year-on-year, totalling 36,031 tonnes swt. The decline (particularly chilled beef) was primarily impacted by a strong presence of the US. Taiwan imported 39% less Australian chilled beef during 2013, at 3,884 tonnes wt, while demand for frozen beef remained firm, at 32,147 tonnes swt.

In contrast, imports from the US were up 84pc year-on-year, to 33,124 tonnes swt, with the volumes of chilled beef increasing substantially (up 201pc year-on-year), to 11,593 tonnes swt. US frozen beef was also imported at greater quantities, at 21,531 tonnes swt (up 52pc year-on-year).

As a result of increased volumes of US product in the market, Australia’s market share fell significantly (8pc), from 47pc in 2012 to 39pc in 2013. The US, however, saw its market share jump 14pc over the same period, from 22pc in 2012 to reach 36pc in 2013.

Taiwan sheepmeat imports reached 15,321 tonnes swt in 2013, up 2pc year-on-year. Australia supplied more than half (53pc) of the sheepmeat imported into Taiwan during 2013, at 8,196 tonnes swt (up 29pc year-on-year). Imports of NZ product totalled 7,125 tonnes swt (down 17pc year-on-year), as more volumes were directed to China.

Source: MLA


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