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Japan’s magnificent Zenkyo Wagyu show, in pictures and words

Jon Condon, 21 September 2017

One of the highlights for participants on the recently-returned Japan Wagyu trade mission organised by the Australian Wagyu Association was the opportunity to visit the All Japan Wagyu Show (Zenkyo) held this year in Sendai, north of Tokyo. Think Brisbane or Sydney show stud beef judging, on steroids. These images capture some of the event’s colour and pagentry.

Wagyu investment surge continues, with large Vic Fullblood herd shifting to Qld

Jon Condon, 14 September 2017

In one of the larger Wagyu cattle deals seen in the past 18 months, Victoria’s respected Goshu Fullblood Wagyu herd is shifting to Queensland, following its purchase by a wealthy Australian-based businessman who is just entering the Wagyu industry.

Japan tariff jump on US beef yet to be reflected in demand from Australia

Guest Author, 06 September 2017

A yawning gap has emerged in tariff levels between Australian and US imported frozen beef in the Japanese market, but demand or price for Australian beef is yet to show any significant rise as a result, Japan Wagyu tour participants were told this week.

AI is big business at Hokkaido’s Tokachi breeding centre

Jon Condon, 06 September 2017

ONE of Japan’s showcase artificial breeding facilities was an eye-opener for Australian industry stakeholders during the opening stages of the 2017 Japan Wagyu study tour.

Wagyu tour: Hokkaido beef plant sets high standards for yield, traceability, food safety

Jon Condon, 02 September 2017

While Japan’s single largest beef processing plant may be modest in size compared with many in Australia, what it lacks in scale it makes up for in attention to detail, precision and heavy focus on traceability and food safety.

Wagyu cattle in the show ring?

James Nason, 14 August 2017

A question was posed at last Friday’s RNA Paddock to Palate competition awards breakfast: Should Wagyu cattle be shown in the main ring alongside all the other breeds?

First Poll Wagyu sells for $65,000

Jon Condon, 05 August 2017

THE first homozygous Poll Wagyu calf ever offered by auction in Australia sold for $65,000 during a special Wagyu Seedstock sale on AuctionsPlus on Friday.

Marketing: US crowd-funder launches high-end Japanese Wagyu project

Beef Central, 11 July 2017

A US-based crowd-funder which has established a niche selling domestic grassfed beef direct to US consumers has expanded its operations to include Japanese Wagyu beef, sourced direct from Japan.

Wagyu prices easing as bigger numbers come forward

James Nason, 30 June 2017

A softening in feeder cattle prices is also being reflected in the market for Wagyu infused cattle. Not long ago any feeder or backgrounder cattle with Wagyu content were attracting buyer competition, but with those premium prices has come a significant increase in Wagyu calf production, meaning buyers are now becoming more selective.

Tasmanian Wagyu properties to become site for giant wind farm + VIDEO

Beef Central, 08 June 2017

One of Tasmania’s best known cattle enterprises is to be the home for one of the largest renewable energy projects in the southern hemisphere, generating up to 1000MW of power from wind energy at an installation cost of up to $1.6 billion.