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Wagga sale 16 July 2018: Rates slip on seasonal uncertainty

Guest Author, 17 July 2018

Prices varied amongst categories with lighter weight secondary cattle bearing the brunt of a price correction.

Wagga sale 10 July 2018: Store cattle up 10-27c

Guest Author, 11 July 2018

Cattle prices continued to vary this week as quality and buyer demand varied over all categories in a smaller yarding of 2,700 at Wagga.

Wagga sale 2 July 2018: Market fluctates as winter bites

Guest Author, 03 July 2018

Cattle prices continue to fluctuate as the industry braces itself against a tough winter following another week of disappointing rainfall.

Wagga sale 25 June 2018: Market lifts on seasonal shortage

Guest Author, 26 June 2018

The seasonal shortage of top quality domestic and export slaughter cattle in the Riverina gave the market an edge this week, with prices improving by up to 10c/kg at Wagga Wagga, NSW on Monday.

Wagga sale 18 June 2018: Marketing hitting winter ceiling

Guest Author, 20 June 2018

Bidding was generally weaker with restockers backing away from the price heights recorded at the beginning of the month, despite rain across the supply area.

Wagga sale 4 June 2018: Buyers unwilling to push rates

Guest Author, 05 June 2018

Bidding generally flat lined for feeder steers 400-500kg with prices easing 3c/kg. The bulk of the steers made from 225-300c with an odd sale to 301c/kg. Lighter weight steers 330-400kg firmed making from 248-301c/kg.

Wagga 28 May 2018: Store categories regain ground

Guest Author, 29 May 2018

Store cattle categories were anything from dearer 7c higher to 40c after last week’s cheaper trend of 30-50c/g.  Agents said the market was somewhat unsettled however buyers seemed to have found a base rate for young weaners.

Wagga sale 21 May 2018: Deteriorating season tests markets

Guest Author, 22 May 2018

The deteriorating season across NSW is testing the cattle market by pushing bigger numbers into sale yards. Supplies jumped at Wagga in the Riverina which sold more than 5700 cattle.

Wagga sale 14 May 2018: Feedlots chase number into winter

Guest Author, 15 May 2018

Prices for young cattle at Wagga have lifted again as feedlots chase numbers heading into winter and after producers receive much needed rain.

Wagga sale 7 May 2018: Restockers wary despite rain

James Nason, 08 May 2018

Despite receiving rain over the weekend that restockers were not prepared for the moment to push prices upwards.