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Wagga sale 18 Sep 2017: Vealers most affected in cheaper market

Guest Author, 19 September 2017

In a similar sized yarding cattle prices continued to ease with bidding from buyers at much lower levels across export and domestic categories.

Wagga sale 11 Sep 2017: Feeder steer rates slip 10-20c

Guest Author, 12 September 2017

Prices varied amongst categories with secondary cattle bearing the brunt of a price correction.

Wagga 4 Sep 2017: Weaker price trends as yarding doubles

Guest Author, 05 September 2017

Cattle markets in the past week have continued to soften and Wagga continues to experience the same weaker price trends, depending on quality and competition. Numbers more than doubled, with 4800 cattle, 2700 more than the previous market.

NVLX Wodonga sale 29 Aug 2017: Weaker trend over most classes

Guest Author, 30 August 2017

In a bigger yarding at NVLX Wodonga rates continued to show weaker trends over most classes. The one highlight of the sale was vealers where well finished calves spurred most domestic buyers which lifted prices notably.

Wagga sale 29 Aug 2017: Price fluctuate in bigger yarding

Guest Author, 29 August 2017

Prices continued to fluctuate in a bigger yarding at Wagga as the market struggled to find a base amid mixed quality, seasonal variations and volatile grain prices.

Wagga sale 21 Aug 2017: Export shortage drives price momentum

Guest Author, 22 August 2017

The dearer trend was obvious at the commencement of the sale with top quality younger lines of heavy grown steers 500 -600kg in limited supply. Amongst the offering was a B-Double load of 100 day grain fed bullocks which ignited the bidding to record a top price of 303c to average 291c/kg.

Wagga 14 Aug 2017: Trade prices lift

Guest Author, 15 August 2017

Trade prices lifted as buyers were more committed on competing for a market share on all the better finished lines. Young cattle suitable for the trade generally experienced a 10-12c rise, although there were times where plainer conditioned stock struggled to attract buyers.

Wagga sale 31 July 2017: Mixed price trends for 2900 head

Guest Author, 01 August 2017

The trade market struggled to find a stable base due to a combination of seasonal variations, a glut of box meat and consumer resistance at the shop front.

Wagga sale 25 July 2017: Erratic trends in smaller yarding

Guest Author, 25 July 2017

Store cattle categories were anything from dearer to 30c/kg cheaper. Agents said the unsettled market made it difficult to value cattle and gave no confidence to some farmers to trade cattle.

Wagga sale 17 July 2017: Feeder and restocker competition falls away

Guest Author, 18 July 2017

Lighter weight weaner cattle in general hit a brick wall as pressure from the ongoing dry weather wiped significant money from all categories.