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Wagga sale 20 Nov 2017: Export processors retreat

Guest Author, 21 November 2017

Export prices continued to soften this week with one major processor buying the bulk of the offering.

Wagga sale 13 Nov 2017: Weaner steers 4-5c dearer

Guest Author, 14 November 2017

In early sales there was a lift in the level of demand for secondary yearlings, inspired by the prediction of more rain mid-week. Northern and southern store orders were plentiful and weaner steers returning to the paddock sold 4-5c dearer.

Wagga sale 6 Nov 2017: Buyers active after widespread rain

Guest Author, 07 November 2017

All buyers were active in a dearer market for secondary yearlings, while domestic and export prices varied depending on quality. High yielding supplementary fed stock were paid premium prices for the better finished lines, with all southern processors having to compete strongly against each other for a market share.

Wagga sale 30 Oct 2017: Heavy export cattle prices strengthen again

Guest Author, 31 October 2017

Heavy export cattle prices strengthened again following on from the dearer trend the previous week. The higher prices offered, caused a larger number of well-finished heavy grown steers and bullocks to enter the market regardless of the favourable spring conditions.

Wagga sale 16 Oct 2017: Export and domestic processor demand ramps up

Guest Author, 16 October 2017

Orders from feedlots and restockers ensured prices pushed considerably higher for all secondary lines, while export and domestic processor demand ramped up notably, on the back of tight supplies. Export prices in general jumped 10c/kg.

Wagga sale 9 Oct 2017: Market lifts 10c/kg

Guest Author, 10 October 2017

Wagga agents mustered just over 4600 cattle after last week’s Labour Day holiday Monday. The market generally posted a rally of 10c/kg across most categories.

Wagga sale 25 Sep 2017: Spring dry starts to bite

Guest Author, 26 September 2017

Secondary cattle prices lost momentum with several categories recording cheaper rates. Weaker feedlot competition across lighter weight categories caused a notable drop in rates. Not all major feedlots were operating, however due to the price levels some feedlots commenced buying midway into the sale

Wagga sale 18 Sep 2017: Vealers most affected in cheaper market

Guest Author, 19 September 2017

In a similar sized yarding cattle prices continued to ease with bidding from buyers at much lower levels across export and domestic categories.

Wagga sale 11 Sep 2017: Feeder steer rates slip 10-20c

Guest Author, 12 September 2017

Prices varied amongst categories with secondary cattle bearing the brunt of a price correction.

Wagga 4 Sep 2017: Weaker price trends as yarding doubles

Guest Author, 05 September 2017

Cattle markets in the past week have continued to soften and Wagga continues to experience the same weaker price trends, depending on quality and competition. Numbers more than doubled, with 4800 cattle, 2700 more than the previous market.