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Masterchef’s Adam Liaw on cooking the perfect steak, value-adding opportunities

Jon Condon, 26 May 2017

Masterchef’s Adam Liaw touched on some of the eternal topics that home cooks agonise over when trying to cook the perfect steak, during a presentation at the Angus Australia national conference in Ballarat last week. He also has some interesting views on value-adding opportunities for beef.

Camerons take beef jerky from paddock to packet

James Nason, 04 February 2016

Central Queensland cattle producers Doug and Rachelle Cameron took a less-trodden path when they embarked on a value-adding journey last year.

MLA: Is adding value vital for the future of the red meat industry?

Guest Author, 29 September 2015

Historically, each segment of the red meat sector, be it producer, transporter, processor, wholesaler, retailer or service provider, has considered itself a link in the industry supply chain. Each link has been a discrete component of the greater process of taking food from the paddock to the dinner table.

Technology: HPP delivers tenderisation results in beef + VIDEO

Jon Condon, 18 March 2015

A novel food safety and preservation enhancement process called High Pressure Processing can also produce significant improvements in meat tenderisation, recent research has shown.

Value-adding: Convenience, packaging keys to Primo award win

Jon Condon, 22 September 2014

Meat processing and value-adding company Primo has picked up a national food industry award for its innovative Primo Hot Roast product, being sold nationally through Coles and Metcash supermarkets.

Value adding: Pulled meats ‘on trend’ in food service, retail markets

Jon Condon, 20 August 2014

It’s been a huge food trend in the US retail and food service markets for years, but pulled meats are now rapidly gaining traction, also, in the Australian domestic market.

What’s behind JBS taking a big stake in Andrews Meat value-adding business?

Jon Condon, 10 July 2014

JBS Australia has greatly strengthened its position in the value-added end of the red meat production chain, with a strategic investment in progressive Sydney-based further processing company, Andrews Meat Industries. What’s behind it?

The stock market: turning bones into a multi-million dollar business

James Nason, 31 May 2013

In a modern factory surrounded by cattle paddocks near Toowoomba, a Korean-owned company is turning beef leg bones into a multi-million dollar export product.