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Cattle Council receives $500,000 to help with grassfed industry restructure

James Nason, 27 October 2017

The Federal Government has announced a $500,000 grant to help the grassfed cattle industry to develop a new directly elected peak industry body, under the working title of Cattle Australia, as recommended by the recent Senate Committee inquiry into the red meat sector.

Government will force reforms if industry doesn’t: Rural senate committee

James Nason, 13 September 2017

After several years of conducting inquiries into various elements of the red meat sector, Senators have communicated in their latest report released overnight that they have lost patience with what they see as a lack of genuine progress by industry to address pricing, market transparency and representational concerns that have been repeatedly voiced by producers.

Agents say call for Standards of Practice not necessary

James Nason, 13 September 2017

Senators have told the Australian Livestock and Property Agents Association it has just three months to lead the development of industry Standards of Practice that cover all commercial livestock transactions.

Industry reaction to Senate Report: RMAC, MLA, CCA, AMIC

James Nason, 13 September 2017

Here’s how various red meat industry councils and organisations have responded to the red meat Senate Inquiry report released overnight.

Senators hand down final red meat inquiry report

James Nason, 12 September 2017

Cattle Council of Australia should be replaced as the grassfed cattle industry’s peak industry council by a new “a transparent and accountable producer-owned body” to be called Cattle Australia, and the Australian Government should provide immediate funding support to help the grassfed cattle sector to do this.

Senators frustrated at lack of grassfed cattle restructure progress

James Nason, 10 August 2017

Senators leading an inquiry into the beef industry have expressed frustration at the lack of progress in long-running efforts to create a single, powerful body to represent levy-paying grassfed cattle producers across Australia.

Senate report into red meat processing postponed again

Beef Central, 15 June 2017

Senators conducting an inquiry into the red meat processing sector have asked for another reporting extension to consider recent reports about the proposed implementation of DEXA carcase-scanning technology in Australian abattoirs.

Vic producers demand pre-sale weighing, ACCC says evidence inconclusive

Beef Central, 11 April 2017

The VFF says producers have been been left dismayed by inaction on the pre-sale weighing issue, while the ACCC says its investigations showed no conclusive evidence in favour of pre-sale or post-sale weighing.

Has the ACCC thrown RMAC a massive hospital pass?

James Nason, 22 March 2017

In the final report from its cattle and beef market study released earlier this month, the Australian Competition Consumer Commission laid responsibility for implementing its 15 recommendations on the shoulders of the Red Meat Advisory Council.

Senate inquiry to probe if livestock genetics should be patented

Beef Central, 17 November 2016

A Senate Inquiry to be introduced to federal parliament next week will consider whether a national interest test should apply to applications to patent livestock genetics.