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Roma store 23 May 2017: Quality boosts market

Beef Central, 24 May 2017

Supply and demand had its way with all buyers present feeling the pinch as prices were driven higher by quality.

Roma store 16 May 2017: Quality and prices lift

Beef Central, 17 May 2017

Quality was superior and the market was stronger than the recent previous weeks. All buyers were present and operating with additional buyers from the south chasing quality feeder cattle who purchased an exceptional run of black EU weaners headed for South Australia to be finished.

Roma Store 9 May 2017: Buyers selective in mixed quality yarding

Beef Central, 10 May 2017

Many pens were painted-out assortments allowing buyers to be selective throughout the process to fill their quotas as they were all present and operating. An example of quality being rewarded was four pens of steers averaging 450kg making to 396.2c to average 355c/kg.

Roma store 2 May 2017: Prices back with holiday disruption

Beef Central, 03 May 2017

All buyers were present and operating. Quality was average to good across the board. Prices generally were back possibly due to the Anzac day holiday.

Roma store 18 Apr 2017: Overall prices slightly back

Beef Central, 19 April 2017

Most of the usual buyers were in attendance and operating. Although overall prices were slightly back. The looming first frost is the motivator for early weaning.

Roma store 11 Apr 2017: Calves to 462.2c

Beef Central, 12 April 2017

The yards were buzzing as buyers anticipated the possible purchase opportunity with the huge yarding of 10,422 head at the Roma Store sale, the final sale prior to Easter.

Roma store 4 Apr 2017: Weaner steers to 451c/kg

Beef Central, 05 April 2017

All buyers were in attendance and operating in a very strong market.

Roma store 28 March 2017: Solid to dearer market for 5865

Beef Central, 29 March 2017

Onlookers were plenty, due to a conference to combat the Pimelea weed today at the Roma Store Sale where numbers were down 275 to yard 5,865 head.

Roma store 21 March 2017: Rain boosts yarding, prices

Beef Central, 22 March 2017

Recent rain must have been the motivator for the buyers at Roma Store sale with a robust yarding of 8136 head, a lift over 3500 head on last week.

Roma store 14 Mar 2017: Big jump to 8136 head

Beef Central, 15 March 2017

Quality was surprisingly solid with the minority showing any signs the effect of the dry summer, however rain has still been patchy throughout the area.