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Roma store 17 July 2018: Second week of 10,000 head-plus yardings

Beef Central, 18 July 2018

The overall quality of the young light weight cattle was not up to the standard of the previous sale and this was reflected in average prices.

Roma store 10 July 2018: Weaners push yarding to 10,200

Beef Central, 11 July 2018

The annual big run of vendor bred weaners lifted total supply to 10,200 head at the Roma store sale.

Roma store 3 July 2018: Prices lift on light rain

Beef Central, 04 July 2018

Light falls of rain in places lifted buyer enthusiasm and prices on light weight yearling steers averaged 6c/kg better.

Roma store 26 June 2018: Kindee steers to 310c

Beef Central, 27 June 2018

The sale highlight was the annual draft of 1500 weaner cattle from the Murray family’s Kindee Pastoral Co, which sold to 310c/kg for steers and 276c for heifers.

Roma store 19 June 2018: Stronger market for feeder steers

Beef Central, 20 June 2018

The largest section of yearling steers to restockers made to 292c while steers to feed made to 276c to average 267c/kg.

Roma store 12 June 2018: Market stronger for heavy feeders

Beef Central, 13 June 2018

Those with feed in the paddock realised prospects to capture a margin as a substantial percentage were drought-affected with room for a turn around.

Roma store 5 June 2018: Market firms in smaller yarding

Beef Central, 06 June 2018

There was a lift in the standard of some classes of yearling steers and prices improved accordingly

Roma store 29 May 2018: Restocker interest in steer calves

Beef Central, 30 May 2018

Despite the dry seasonal outlook across most districts, drought affected steer calves continued to receive strong support from restockers. While most other classes of yearling steers and heifers sold to within a few cents either way of the previous sale.

Roma store 22 May 2018: Market varies with quality

Beef Central, 23 May 2018

Most buyers were in operation in a market varied according to quality. Feedlot entry weight steers, many of which were bought in the heavier specifications, made to 286c to average 280c/kg.

Roma store 15 May 2018: Prices lose ground in 6000 head yarding

Beef Central, 16 May 2018

Quality ranged from very good to poor as some cattle presented were from drought affected areas.