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Dubbo sale 13 July 2017: Cheaper market reflects dry conditions

Guest Author, 14 July 2017

A big percentage of the far western cattle presented in store condition with the very dry season now being experienced over such a large area.

Dubbo sale 6 July 2017: Crop finished cattle boost yarding

Guest Author, 07 July 2017

Not all the regular buyers were in attendance with the absence of both feeder and processor orders. The market commenced on a cheaper note but gained momentum as the sale progressed.

Dubbo sale 29 June 2017: Showers constrain yarding

Guest Author, 30 June 2017

It was a mixed quality yarding with a good selection of cows along with some good pens of well finished grown steers. Ideal trade cattle were in limited supply with a large percentage of the yarding made up of secondary cattle lacking quality.

Dubbo sale 22 June 2017: Season steers market down

Guest Author, 23 June 2017

As the seasonal conditions continue to worsen young cattle to the restockers were 12c to 22c cheaper with the young steers selling from 295c to 376c while the young heifers to the restockers sold from 270c to 315c/kg.

Dubbo sale 15 June 2017: SA Herefords boost yarding

Guest Author, 16 June 2017

The bulk of the cattle were sourced from local districts with only a few from the far west including another consignment of good quality Hereford cattle from South Australia along with cattle from Bourke and White Cliffs.

Dubbo sale 8 June 2017: Dry conditions affect quality

Guest Author, 09 June 2017

A number of the cattle are showing the effects of almost a fortnight of constant frosts and the fact it is getting very dry in most districts.

Dubbo sale 1 June 2017: Plainer quality affects grown steer market

Guest Author, 02 June 2017

Trade cattle were mostly firm, demand for feeders varied with lighter types up to 5c dearer and heavier weights falling by up to 6c; while steers to restockers were firm to 3c cheaper depending on weight and quality. Grown steers were 10c cheaper with the plainer quality available having an effect in the fall.

Dubbo sale 10 May 2017: Market recovers falls from previous week

Guest Author, 12 May 2017

Young cattle were the majority in a pretty good quality yarding at Dubbo this week, with good numbers of trade cattle to suit the processors and feeders. There was also a fair selection of cows along with a limited supply of grown steers. Almost 90% of the yarding was sourced from local districts with only two consignments from Bourke.

Dubbo sale 4 May 2017: Young cattle cheaper

James Nason, 05 May 2017

Young cattle to the trade were up to 15c cheaper and more in places. Steer vealers sold from 330c to 370c with the calves over 330kg averaging 338c while limited numbers of ideal heifer vealers sold to 368c/kg.

Dubbo sale 27 Apr 2017: Young cattle 8c dearer

Guest Author, 28 April 2017

Young cattle to the trade were 8c dearer with strong support coming from a Central tableland processor along with good competition from a Melbourne based processor.