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Dubbo sale 20 Sep 2018: Cows get dearer

Guest Author, 21 September 2018

Cows continue to get dearer however the large numbers of young cattle to the restockers lost considerable ground in a larger yarding.

Dubbo sale 23 Aug 2018: Prices lift as rain forecast slows numbers down

Guest Author, 24 August 2018

The forecast for good rains for the weekend slowed the numbers down considerably with agents yarding 2400 less than the previous sale. The smaller yarding had a very positive effect on the market with most sections enjoying healthy gains.

Dubbo sale 16 Aug 2018: Cows to restockers lift

Guest Author, 17 August 2018

The cow market is certainly the highlight at the moment with plain conditioned cows to the restockers lifting by as much as 25c and the better finished cows to the processors holding their own selling at firm rates.

Dubbo sale 9 Aug 2018: Cows dearer, younger cattle lacking finish cheaper

Guest Author, 10 August 2018

Cows were the highlight with most selling at dearer rates in a smaller yarding however the large number of young cattle lacking finish continues to struggle as restockers fill their orders.

Dubbo sale 2 August July 2018: Qld restocker support lifts market

Guest Author, 03 August 2018

Extra restocker support from Queensland operators created solid competition for the large numbers of young cattle in store condition lifting the market by 10c to 15c and more in places. It is the first rise in the market for these young cattle for some time.

Dubbo sale 26 July 2018: Dry keeps cattle keep rolling in

Guest Author, 27 July 2018

Similar market trends continue with the lighter young cattle getting cheaper as both feeders and restockers are prepared to pay more per kilogram for the heavier weights.

Dubbo sale 19 July 2018: Weight hard to find for buyers

Guest Author, 20 July 2018

The search for weight from both processors and feeders continues as operators struggle to fill requirements with once again a saturation of young weaners.

Dubbo sale 12 July 2018: Young cattle prices lower

Guest Author, 12 July 2018

It was another typical drought yarding with large numbers of cows and young cattle in plain condition in another fairly large yarding of 4870 in a market that saw most sections sell pretty well.

Dubbo sale 6 July 2018: Cows kick in bigger, higher quality yarding

James Nason, 06 July 2018

Along with other major centres the cow market as very strong lifting by as much as 30c in the best quality yarding we have seen in some time.

Dubbo sale 28 June 2018: Rain boosts market

Guest Author, 29 June 2018

Competition was strong with all sections enjoying rises in the much smaller yarding. With the useful fall of rain and the end of the financial year looming, numbers were back by 3800 for a yarding of 2010.