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Dubbo yards 60,000 head so far in 2018

Guest Author, 16 April 2018

The Dubbo Regional Livestock Market is hosting some of the largest cattle sales seen in the centre’s history, reaching almost 8000 head yarded at last week’s prime cattle sale.

Dubbo sale 5 April 2018: Extra restocker support holds market up for 7000

Guest Author, 06 April 2018

Most of the regular buyers were operating along with additional restocker support from Roma and Moree buyers. There were also two additional processor orders along with an extra feeder order from southern operators.

Dubbo sale 22 March 2018: Young cattle lose ground

Guest Author, 22 March 2018

Young cattle to the restockers were 15c to 20c cheaper with steer calves selling from 234c for plain quality Bos Indicus cross calves to 334c for top quality Angus calves.

Dubbo sale 15 March 2018: Numbers rise with dry conditions

Guest Author, 16 March 2018

The larger yarding was sourced from all districts with most experiencing the lack of feed and water due to the dry. A number of growers are now dipping into their core breeders as they find the need to destock.

Dubbo sale 1 Mar: Dearer market for trade cattle

Beef Central, 02 March 2018

The better quality yarding of young trade cattle along with the additional buyer created more competition resulting in an 8c dearer market for the trade cattle.

Dubbo sale 22 Feb 2018: Solid market for better quality yarding

Guest Author, 23 February 2018

With smaller numbers at most major centres throughout the week most operators were keen to secure numbers which created a solid market in all sections.

Dubbo sale 15 Feb 2018: Numbers rise with dry conditions to 5160

Guest Author, 16 February 2018

The quality of the yarding is really showing the effects of the dry conditions with only a limited selection of prime cattle in all sections. Not all the regular buyers were operating with the absence of some feeder buyers

Dubbo sale 1 Feb 2018: Solid competition for restocker steers

James Nason, 02 February 2018

A fair quality yarding with reasonable numbers of young cattle, quality was similar to the previous sale with a number showing the effects of the very hot and dry conditions.

Dubbo 18 Jan 2018: Feeder steers to 316c/kg

Guest Author, 19 January 2018

The bulk of the yarding at Dubbo yesterday were sourced from local districts with very few far western cattle throughout the yarding which is probably due to the very hot conditions which would make it almost impossible to muster. Most of the regular buyers were operating with the exception of some feeder orders and one major export processor has not yet commenced for the year. 

Dubbo sale 14 Dec 2017: Solid support for feeders in final sale of year

Guest Author, 15 December 2017

The last prime cattle sale for the year for Dubbo produced a much smaller yarding with numbers dropping by 1600 for a total of 2560 cattle.