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Dubbo sale 12 July 2018: Young cattle prices lower

Guest Author, 12 July 2018

It was another typical drought yarding with large numbers of cows and young cattle in plain condition in another fairly large yarding of 4870 in a market that saw most sections sell pretty well.

Dubbo sale 6 July 2018: Cows kick in bigger, higher quality yarding

James Nason, 06 July 2018

Along with other major centres the cow market as very strong lifting by as much as 30c in the best quality yarding we have seen in some time.

Dubbo sale 28 June 2018: Rain boosts market

Guest Author, 29 June 2018

Competition was strong with all sections enjoying rises in the much smaller yarding. With the useful fall of rain and the end of the financial year looming, numbers were back by 3800 for a yarding of 2010.

Dubbo sale 21 June 2018: Prices hold ground

Guest Author, 22 June 2018

Number lifted by almost 1000 for a total of 5820. Despite the increase most sections held their ground in a pretty solid market.

Dubbo sale 14 June 2018: Prices strengthen as numbers ease

Guest Author, 15 June 2018

Most sections of the market enjoyed stronger results as numbers decline at most major saleyards throughout the state which is indicating that the numbers may really be starting to run short.

Dubbo sale 7 June 2018: Lotfeeders lift rates in smaller yarding

Guest Author, 08 June 2018

Outstanding quality Angus steers and heifers from the Binnaway district sold to the feedlotters at rates up to 25c/kg dearer in a much smaller yarding.

Dubbo sale 31 May 2018: Young steers to restockers bounce 30c

Guest Author, 31 May 2018

Young steers to the restockers bounce back lifting up to 30c/kg following the very tough market of the previous week.

Dubbo sale 24 May 2018: Weaner selloff saturates market

Guest Author, 25 May 2018

Large numbers of lightweight cattle to the restockers were as much as 50c/kg cheaper with the market becoming saturated with weaner cattle as the selloff continues due to the dry.

Dubbo sale 17 May 2018: Prices lift with processor competition

Guest Author, 18 May 2018

The cow market and the grown steer market both lifted with solid support coming from both northern and southern processors. The cow market enjoyed gains of up to 6c while the grown steers lifted by as much as 12c/kg.

Dubbo sale 10 May 2018: Stronger market for smaller yarding

Guest Author, 11 May 2018

Strong support from the south on the grown steers and cows combined with solid support from the trade buyers and northern restockers resulted in a stronger market for most sections in a much smaller yarding.