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Dubbo sale 15 Nov 2018: Cattle to restockers lose ground

Guest Author, 16 November 2018

As seasonal conditions continue to worsen in most districts the young cattle to the restockers are losing ground though there is still very solid competition on the good quality feeder cattle coming through

Dubbo sale 8 Nov 2018: Numbers drop after rain

Guest Author, 09 November 2018

Following the excellent rains over the past 24 hours numbers were down by almost 2700 for a yarding of 1455. With the much smaller yarding a number of sections struggled to find consistency in price with prime cows falling by 5c/kg.

Dubbo sale 1 Nov 2018: Young cattle to restockers take a hit

Guest Author, 02 November 2018

Another week of very warm dry conditions lifted numbers by almost 1700. The young cattle to the restockers were the biggest losers in the larger yarding falling by 30c to 50c/kg.

Dubbo sale 25 Oct 2018: Most sections register gains

Guest Author, 26 October 2018

Most sections of the market enjoyed gains in a good quality yarding with a number of the cattle showing the benefits of the original falls of rain.

Dubbo sale 18 Oct 2018: Rain lifts restocker spirits

Guest Author, 19 October 2018

Rain has created some healthy growth in the paddocks which has lifted the spirits of restockers with some large lines of cows in this sale selling up to 50c/kg dearer. 

Dubbo sale 11 Oct 2018: Healthy gains in smaller yarding

Guest Author, 12 October 2018

Last weeks fantastic rains combined with some patchy falls throughout this week has certainly given people a little confidence to hold onto their remaining cattle.

Dubbo sale 4 Oct 2018: 20mm rain lifts spirits and prices

Guest Author, 05 October 2018

Approximately 20mm of local rain certainly lifted spirits with young cattle to the restockers lifting another 30c on the previous sales dearer market. Cows were also dearer regaining the previous sales falls.

Dubbo sale 27 Sep 2018: Cows cheaper, young cattle dearer

Guest Author, 28 September 2018

Cows were cheaper but the young cattle to the restockers were dearer in a fluctuating market.

Dubbo sale 20 Sep 2018: Cows get dearer

Guest Author, 21 September 2018

Cows continue to get dearer however the large numbers of young cattle to the restockers lost considerable ground in a larger yarding.

Dubbo sale 23 Aug 2018: Prices lift as rain forecast slows numbers down

Guest Author, 24 August 2018

The forecast for good rains for the weekend slowed the numbers down considerably with agents yarding 2400 less than the previous sale. The smaller yarding had a very positive effect on the market with most sections enjoying healthy gains.